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avionic type
23rd Feb 2009, 00:13
As an old aeroplane mech of many years standing but long retired will someone out there please tell me what the total fuel capacity of the A380 is and what the fuel gauges are in ie litres, kilos,and lastly do the fuel bowers still deliver in litres ? as in the early days of the 60s,70s, we had the dip sticks in gallons the gauges in kilos and the bowser gave us litres, fuel uplifts were worked out on old bits of paper before entering in the Tech log but of course up until when I retired in the middle 90s it was kilos and litres.:bored::bored::bored:

23rd Feb 2009, 09:05
Hi try this link for A380 Spec: Airbus Aircraft Family - A380 Family - A380 specifications (http://www.airbus.com/en/aircraftfamilies/a380/a380/specifications.html)

It Gives a capacity of 310000 litres, All European Airports & most other countries I have been to the bowsers deliver in Litres except the USA which uses US Gallons. Not Sure about the gauges but would suspect that they are in Kilos.

23rd Feb 2009, 09:10
The A380 can hold 310,000 litres, see link below, but all fuel bowsers deliver in litres or gallons, depending on where you are. Gauges can be either lbs or kgs, depending on operator requirement. The dipsicks are usually marked in inches, with the fuel manual supplying the relevant figures depending on aircraft attitude.
Airbus Aircraft Family - A380 Family - A380 specifications (http://www.airbus.com/en/aircraftfamilies/a380/a380/specifications.html)

avionic type
23rd Feb 2009, 16:44
Many thanks lads for the info and the thread now to covert the litres into Imp galls and kilos[ where is that pile of scrap paper and the Abacus] we are not into the metric system THAT well, but we will find out if we have lost the knack of doing it.

jettison valve
23rd Feb 2009, 16:57

Yep, pax version 310.000l / around 260t - this is with an empty centre wing box.
The freighter version - if it ever will appear - may have a centre tank with about 60t capacity, if I remember correctly.

The kg / lbs / USG saga is correct. BTW: We have run through conversion exercises on Airbusses which is no fun (i. e. lbs to kg).

Final comment: The A380 will have neither drip sticks nor Magnetic Level Indicators. On the one hand, this rules out a number of sources for leaks. On the other hand, I am not overly confident with the Parker FQIS (see the numerous problems on the A3456!), and you also lose a simple mechanical way to check fuel quantities for instance in an aircraft recovery.


avionic type
23rd Feb 2009, 17:16
ARE well there is always the Ash stick ala the model T Ford assuming there is an overwing fuel cap [ONLY JOKING]

jettison valve
23rd Feb 2009, 20:07
No overwing refuel cap either I seem to remember. We had quite a few discussions with Airbooze how to bring biocide into the tank...

Cheers, J. V.

23rd Feb 2009, 22:53
and the company i am at has dash 8's with cockpit guages in different aircraft in lbs and kilos, bowsers in Australia deliver in litres

avionic type
24th Feb 2009, 00:40
My heartfelt sympathy do you have to take into account the S.G.of the fuel on our shorhaul a/c we used a standard figure but on longhaul the sg of the fuel being delivered had to be taken into account oh joy!!!!!

25th Feb 2009, 21:03
To give you the exact figures...

The aircraft has eleven fuel tanks, two surge tanks and three vent tanks. Five tanks in each wing (outer, outboard feed, inner, mid and inboard feed) and one tank in the horizontal stabilizer, named the ‘Trim Tank’. In each feed tank is a dedicated engine feed collector cell.

Each wing also contains a surge tank and a vent tank. A vent/surge tank is located in the right hand side of the horizontal stabilizer.

The center tank installation is optional for the A380-800F and standard for the A380-900. (Yes they will be built !)

When the center tank is not installed the total usable fuel volume is 315,354 liters. With the center tank installed the total usable fuel volume is 357,054 liters.

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