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Future Jet Pilot
17th Feb 2009, 20:48
I know it's a very broad question but I've decided that this is the career for me. I know a very small amount about what is required and the costs but a lot of the info I have researched and received does seem to contradict. I know the first step is to gain a PPL and I know that the 'modular' route is the path I would prefer to take as I can fit it around my current job. Outside of my very small understanding of how to get to my goal I really am clueless. Are there any websites/books etc that can guide me in the right direction because most of the stuff I have read wouldn't even come close to obtaining a crystal mark for clear English! Anyway any help that would aid me through the muddle would be greatly appreciated.

17th Feb 2009, 20:58
As may have said before, think hard and carefully, now is not the ideal time to be a wannabe - that said I am!!:ok:

With reference to you question, I suggest you using the search facility - loads of info on this forum already available, I’m sure that assist you answer you question!

In essence, I would….

Hour Build
Hour Build
Multi Crew Licence


Some now finance their own TR (not I though at £25-30,000):eek:

Frankly Mr Shankly
17th Feb 2009, 21:18
Pretty much as Rugby said.

The way I did it was PPL, ATPL exams, get them out the way, then off I toddled to Florida for a few weeks to hour build, it was nice to get the exams out the way before hour building. Then back to the UK to start the CPL/IR at Stapleford, then Bob's your uncle, job's a good 'un.

Oh yeah, the MCC just afterwards.

Plenty of info/opinions on here as to where to do your various components, as far as I'm aware, they're all pretty good (be wary of people on here saying this place is better than that etc, many private agendas.....), go where suits you.

Personally I went to Bristol for the ATPLs, and Stapleford for the flying, and all good.

Ring up the various schools, go and visit, chat to the instructors, get a flavour for it etc.

Good luck, and say Tara to the social life for a while. :)

17th Feb 2009, 22:57
Ah yes, I to would complete ATPLs prior to hour building - was indeed a typo!!!:)

17th Feb 2009, 23:03
A good book I found was: "To Be an Airline Pilot" by Andrew Cook.
It's basic enough to understand, but also contains a good amount of useful info. The book basically describes his own experiences, with the first 4 chapters describing all your options before hand, then the remaining chapters explaining exactly what goes on during ground school, flying and right through to the job offer.

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