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13th Feb 2009, 08:52
Is there an easy way to raise 50k? (lol)

Basically there is a structured modular course i can do, its like an integrated one, only i don't have to move house/apply for one of a few places with a load of competition etc.

Do banks give you loans for these sort of things now or am i living in dream land?

I'm not a home owner either so raising the money against my house is not an option either.


ford cortina
13th Feb 2009, 09:54
Blackmail, Rob a bank and get away with it, ask the Joker he is quite good. Sell everything you own? There are no easy ways to raise money. 50,000 pounds is a hell of a lot, you can buy a new M3 for that. think about it, its a lot of money, big loan payments

13th Feb 2009, 11:14
If there was an easy way of earning 50k everyone would be doing it - maybe sell yourself?;)

13th Feb 2009, 13:13
I had this problem when I discovered Modular three years ago.

My advice, get the best paid job you can. If you have a degree, use it. Take a Career Development Loan to get the PPL and Groundschool in the bag. Distance learn the ATPL groundschool over a year or so while you hour build out of your wages. I fly every other week for an hour or so as it is all I can afford.

Then, after 2-3 years you will find yourself in the position where you just need to find the pennies for the CPL/IR. Unsecured bank loan or savings there, my friend.

This a very rough outline of how to do it Modular, if your penniless at the start.

No rich/understanding folks = No Integrated training for you M' Laddo.

By the time you've finished your Modular training the job situation should be better, too!

PM if you need to. This was a very rough outline! :ok:

13th Feb 2009, 13:30
Why don't you spread over your training over a period of time? The current job market for pilots isn't looking very good at the moment. Take your time, don't rush things as there's a hell lot of other way more experienced pilots than such as you or I and many other wannabe's. Get a good job as someone else said, and fly when you can, enjoy it. If you're going to be rushing it, you'll get sick of it. That's not the point is it?

I fly once per week as I'm still at college, I work before that, part-time to earn money for flying. It's just enough to get me 4 lessons and my ridacard so I can get to work and college! When I need to buy something for myself.. well there's the problem, I usually don't have the money or when I do.. I think to myself ' Oh my God! That would be an hour in the PA-28 ' :E But honestly, if I was to fly it everyday for few hours to get everything out of the way as soon as possible, I wouldn't love it as much. The training is the best time of your life. At least, that's what few pilots said to me :E So don't rush it, enjoy it, make mistakes because in the future you won't fly when you want to if you're going commercially. It will still be exciting, yes, but you won't be able to make mistakes.. you will either die or get fired.. depends on what you do!

I've got my first lesson on sunday! Was meant to be last week but unfortunately... snooow!

Good luck bud!

14th Feb 2009, 15:42
Hi there from Italy!

It's more than a year since I started my career as a truck driver here in Italy. Currently driving across Europe, mainly Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, The Netherlands... Getting veeeeery envious everytime I drive close to an airfield (today I was loading my truck near Graz airport when a Lauda 737-800 took off...)
It's a long road to save all that money for fATPL + Type Rating and it's tough life also, I sleep on the truck 6 out of 7 days a week. I have a daily budget for food, I'm not going to buy a car to drive to work on the weekends, I prefer to use the bus+train combination which, although often uncomfortable, makes me save money.
Spending 1 day a week at home only, I'm not required to leave my parents any money so most of my pay goes to my deposit account.
Very little time to have fun at the end of the week
I haven't got my own family, not currently engaged so I'm free to handle my life as I want.
3 more years and I should reach my target budget, but I can tell you that I'd have no problems in driving my truck for additional months, better be well covered financially than rushing the beginning of the ATPL.
I'm of course opting for the modular route, but I'm gonna do it full-time so when I decide to start the fATPL I'll quit my driver job.
I passed my Class 1 at Gatwick a couple of years ago, I haven't renewed it so far, it was just to see if I was medical fit for Commercial flying.

In case something goes wrong (you never knows) I always have my driving license in my pocket but of course I'm heading to that beloved RHS!!!!

Just my opinion and the way I've decided to solve the financial problems, my parents too can't help me even though they've spent a fortune on their new house
Whichever you decide to do...


Hot 'n' High
14th Feb 2009, 16:43
mcbenny, clearly someone with Drive, Determination - and a Plan! :D

If you don't go far, H 'n' H will eat his hat! Such a pleasant change to see someone taking charge of their future in such an organised and determined fashion!

Safe Truckin' and good luck when you start that Training. It will be worth it in the end!!! :ok:

14th Feb 2009, 18:00
BCFT at Bournemouth offer a jetline course which takes you right from your ppl to your ATPLtheory/CPL/ME/IR.

I haven't taken this route myself, but will be starting my CPL with them next month. The groundschool for the ATPL exams was superb.

15th Feb 2009, 03:00
If you're from England and have a college degree, you may want to consider teaching English in Korea or Japan. I'm from America and have saved more than $50,000 in four years. I've also traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, a month in Europe and back to America three times. If I hadn't gone on those trips, I'd probably have closer to $65,000.

It hasn't been easy to wait 4 years, but I'm sure it will all be worth it since I won't have to take out a loan

15th Feb 2009, 18:05
The banks used to lend that kind of money for flight training at the major schools, however I doubt they do anymore.

I think Posse's advice is good, start your flight training now part time and get an 'ordinary job' perhaps something around aviation like Flt Operations? Get your PPL, Night, IMC ratings and build 150hrs P1 in time for the economy to sort its self out in a year or so. Intergrated training is arguably no better than modular, what matters is first time passes in the CPL & IR, and flying hrs. You can't go wrong with the UK modular schools, it will save you a fortune and allow you to budget better.

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