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10th Feb 2009, 17:41
Hi all! I would like to know more about this school. I will go to SA soon to do a TR and also validate my JAR license to a SACAA. Would you recommend me a school? Please tell me more about SA aviation training and about conversions from JAA to SACAA. Thanks!!!

11th Feb 2009, 12:50
Hey, did a bit of shopping around for flight schools in 2007.
Without doubt every single place I went to acknowledged that the 43 air school based out of Port Alfred was the best one..

They also have an advanced training place at Lanseria in Jo'burg.


11th Feb 2009, 12:53
There are many other schools in SA hot on the heels of 43 Air School. A lot has happened in the last two years. FTS, SAFTA, Progress and a few others are well worth considering.

23rd Feb 2009, 08:13
43rd is the way to go, while others will try and tell you that they compare, they pale in comparison

23rd Feb 2009, 13:28
43 is a good school, but there is a lot of other schools that is equally as good! Well certainly from the research that I have done!
Crime is also a BIG problem in Johannesburg, so be very carefull, heard just the other day about people that was held up at gun point and assualted, etc!:confused:
Be carefull!

23rd Feb 2009, 16:06
Crime is an everyday occurence in Johannesburg and I have heard that SAFTA will push any student through if he has enough money, or at least milk him dry. They signed a student solo then solo to the flying training area then on his solo navigation excercise. Then told him that he was not psychologically fit to hold a PPL. I think I might have developed a twitch after paying for a 100hrs and being told that :E

Go to 43, they are not trying to recover the costs of setting up a brand new school

Alternate Law
9th Mar 2009, 10:35
There's another operation at Lanseria worth looking at - Skyhawk Aviation, run by a Grade one DE airline pilot.

Takes an active interest in the training job being done properly, I believe.

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