View Full Version : A Freudian Slip?

Ken Borough
9th Feb 2009, 08:14
Last week TV watchers were advised that the program "Find my Family" is "Proudly sponsored by Jetstar".

Is this a tacit admission that the program sponsor is a ba$tard child? :E:E:E

9th Feb 2009, 09:30
Yeh, a bastard child of Di卐on and WorkChoices!

9th Feb 2009, 14:17
blown (and others)

sometimes you just look too deep!

I'm O/S so no idea of what's going locally, personally - best read and laugh for a long, long................time.

Ken Borough
7th Oct 2009, 23:24
Here's another one.

Last night during Hey Hey It's Saturday on Ch, 9, there was a resurrected segment known as "Red Faces" (QF used to show one hour episodes in their in-flight entertainment). Anyway, at the end of the segment there was a verbal message along the lines that 'Red Face contestants are proudly flown by Jetstar'.

How appropriate!