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Captain Stable
8th Feb 2009, 18:45
A mate of mine has an iPod Touch and I'm amazed at how good it appears.

However, I don't particularly want an MP3 player since I'm not particularly into music on the move. I want a phone, with Internet access, GPS, and, basically, a pocket computer.

Does the iPhone have all the Apps available that the iPod Touch does?

8th Feb 2009, 19:13
All the apps are available to each device. I took delivery of an (awesome) ipod touch yesterday.

Highly recommend the ipint! :ok:

8th Feb 2009, 19:26
The iphone can accept more apps than the touch can. The touch can accept the majority, but a few aren't compatible due to it not having wireless internet (e.g. not just wi-fi)

Get an iphone if your not interested in the music!

8th Feb 2009, 19:26
iPint is brilliant fun. Especially when on standby :D

Aeroweather is really good too as is the Pilot Toolbox.

Loads of really useful and silly apps available on iTunes Apps Store.
Most are free, some you'll have to pay a little bit for.

When my phone contract runs out, I am going to get an iPhone. (I have an iTouch iPod at the moment.)

Beatriz Fontana
8th Feb 2009, 19:51
I have had a love-hate relationship with the i-phone, but all in all I love it.

I-pint is wonderful, as is the latest update of the lightsabre... :8

8th Feb 2009, 20:22
but a few aren't compatible due to it not having wireless internet (e.g. not just wi-fi)

That seems misleading. The touch and iphone are equally wireless internet capable. There are though a handful of apps that make use of the 'telephone feature' of the iphone and most of these are around the dialling and call receive 'experiences'.

9th Feb 2009, 02:27
But the iPhone can access the Interweb via 3g - it doesn't need to be wi-fi. I think that is what Put was trying to get at. Makes the iPhone much better. And I should know, I'm a humble iTouch user, but what a bit of kit - I'd kill for the iPhone if I could get it on Orange...

9th Feb 2009, 02:57
iphone is a great bit of gear - very useful, and a great phone...... the GPS is useless in a plane though. It relies on Assisted GPS via WiFi/3G to initialise location, which means inflight it can't seem to ever get a fix on satellites. (Might be ok in a lighty tho). Also there is no GPS satellite acquisition / strength indicator - at times this is very annoying.