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8th Feb 2009, 12:42
I am currently in the middle of a move to a new country and find that shipping my collection of books, DVDs and such will cost a fairly hefty sum. I was hoping to keep them for posterity but the price of shipping is somewhat prohibitive.

I have the complete set of OATS training manuals and will be more than happy to post them on to anybody who is in need. If you want any of the books and can send a little bit of money in my direction for postage and value they are yours.

Most of the books have a few notations, highlights and scribbles in the margin, but these will probably prove quite useful as I got over 90% in all of the exams, so I guess they will come in handy for the next pilot.

I will send individually or as a set as required. I also have a few other bits and pieces which I am looking to send on:

Jepp's Student Airways manual;
Assorted 737 & 757/767 type manuals &
CAA/OATS Met course book/DVD
Keith Williams' "1000 questions - Answers and Explanations" (these are mostly feedback questions, with explanations described at the back of the book.)

Price is mostly irrelevant, I would rather send these books on cheaply than see them consigned to a skip.

No eBay, no bidding; first sensible offer and I will send.

Thanks and best of luck with the exams.

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VFR Transit
8th Feb 2009, 13:34

Please check your PMs


Daft Wader
8th Feb 2009, 19:19
Is it ok to offer stuff to a sensible home on pprune , if so I can offer a similar package as above also due to impending overseas move ....

may the farce be with you

daft wader


8th Feb 2009, 20:16
Check PM :)


8th Feb 2009, 21:27
This is not the place to advertise wares.

This has had a satisfactory outcome and the thread is closed


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