View Full Version : Bulldog Spirit?

8th Feb 2009, 11:26
I watched the England/Italy Rugby match and the brief glimpse of the Windies/England Cricket (I will not even use the word 'match' for that spectacle) yesterday.
Watching such sporting events plus others over the last few years, apart from brief glimpses of good performances, why do I get the feeling that a large percentage of Englishmen selected for their National Teams seem to feel that being selected means that they have 'made it' and no further effort is required.
The British Olympic Team was exactly that, a British Team, what I struggle with is the 'English' aspect. What has gone wrong? Where is that Bulldog Spirit? Why do I find myself cringing at yet another 'average' or even 'below average' performance?
Why is this proud Englishman embarassed at the way in which his countrymen take representing their country so lightly? Why is it seen by many as wrong to be patriotic (take that flag down, it is causing an offence)?
If I could see signs of improvement, then I would be satisfied, but the performances go from bad to worse.