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8th Feb 2009, 09:21
Captain Sullenberger lands in the Hudson River to universal acclaim and the next thing you know, some Aussie plunks his Navajo into the water!

Come on, guys! Just because one guy does this and gets the keys to the city for that does not mean that now we should all try it!

Try Jack Brown's Seaplane Base in Florida if you really must play in the water. At least you can use the airplane for more than one water landing there.

Loose rivets
8th Feb 2009, 09:27
Then there was that Citation ?? that landed downwind and went into the river...only to have the pilot try to squirt it over to shallow water. That on. Don't for get that. Well you can if you like, but I'm not going to.

Lon More
8th Feb 2009, 10:05
Loose Rivets The Citation - A Collosal CF

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8th Feb 2009, 15:04
OY-VEY would have been more appropriate for that Citation. :p

8th Feb 2009, 15:57
Believe the owner replaced it with OY-WET...