View Full Version : Best way to sell scrap gold.

7th Feb 2009, 19:11
Hi all, my wife has about 22grams of gold broken rings ect,

What would be the best way to sell it.


Loose rivets
7th Feb 2009, 19:17
Divide it into krt value groups.

Do not sell it to Cash for Gold type people.

I'll ask my pal, he buys a lot of it for making things.

7th Feb 2009, 19:35
Ok many thanks.


7th Feb 2009, 20:00
Don't sell it. Find an artisan/craftsman jeweller and get her to take it to him to melt it down and make something with it more to her taste and style. My wife did that with some old family gold and she now has two lovely pendants.

7th Feb 2009, 20:06
forget the trinkets, sell it for cash, and buy something you really want, but for gawd sakes don't tell the missus

7th Feb 2009, 20:50
Some of the "cash for gold" firms are paying very good money at the moment.

I've just tried this one
Cash For Your Gold - Home (http://www.cashforyourgold.co.uk/)

And if you put down that you have 31 grams (troy ounce) of 24ct gold , they say that they will pay 586, which considering the spot price for gold is currently 616, doesn't seem too bad a deal.

Loose rivets
7th Feb 2009, 22:01
Extraordinarily good. I'll eat my words if this is 'solid'. :hmm: