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tony draper
7th Feb 2009, 12:20
Rumaging around looking for summat last night and stumbled upon a 20 Frank Gold Piece I have,got me to pondering,int olden days there must have been millions of gold coins in circulation in this county,when we changed over to paper money what happened to them all?
Are they still out there somewhere?

7th Feb 2009, 12:34
Gold coins were removed from circulation as and when bank notes were issued by the treasury, with no particular haste. Gold coins were removed from circulation as policy at the declaration of war in WW1, with the Treasury issuing large numbers of ten bob notes and pound notes (though pound notes had existed earlier). The gold was melted down to bullion, in anticipation of its need for international trade during the war. Gold coins continue to be minted but now, of course, the value of the metal is higher than value of the coin. With respect to this last point, the UK and other countries have had similar problems with pure silver and copper coins.

Sir Lee Bīstard
7th Feb 2009, 17:29
Without wishing to start a new hamster wheel debate, you might googling Bullionvault interesting or have a look at itulip. These gold bugs have a view on fiat or paper money that is worth a thought or two.

7th Feb 2009, 18:13
Let me know if you happen to find one of these coins during your rummaging.

CoinInvestDirect.com (http://www.coininvestdirect.com/main.php?a=11&id=213&country_id=225)

tony draper
7th Feb 2009, 18:27
Hmmm, could have been tons of them slipped through the net,think I shall buy a metal detector,I likes Gold Coins. :E

Loose rivets
7th Feb 2009, 20:07
It should say, Add to kart.:8

Daft buggers, the coins would fall through a shopping trolly's mesh.

7th Feb 2009, 20:44
It would have to be a blerdy big cart to hold them. (A mere 100KG each)

tony draper
7th Feb 2009, 20:56
A cubic foot of Gold weighs 1200 llbs,not many people know that.
Tiz not the heaviest metal of course.

7th Feb 2009, 21:33
A golf ball sized sphere of pure gold would weigh 1 Kilogram or 2.2 pounds

A standard 400 oz bullion bar like they throw around in the movies is 12 Kilograms or 26.4 pounds. Try throwing or running with a 25 pound bag of potatoes.

Gold has a specific gravity of 19.3, meaning that it is 19.3 times heavier than water.

mr fish
7th Feb 2009, 22:26
OSMIUM is the heaviest naturally occuring metal at about(not sure exactly) 22gcm3.
ain't got a clue what its used for,
i'll nip down to B&Q and buy a block:}

7th Feb 2009, 22:56
The total amount of gold on Earth would make a cube the sizee of Trafalgar square. Even fewer people know that.No idea how much that would weigh though.

tony draper
7th Feb 2009, 23:00
Bloody useless stuff anyway, they dig it out of holes in the ground refine cast it into ingots then put it back in holes in the ground.

7th Feb 2009, 23:02
Ah, one remembers Spender's dodgy pal. Where's me gelt???

Met him once Admiral, in a boozer down the quayside. Having a pint with the wee felly off Auf Wiedersehen he was. One understands he is no longer with us.

tony draper
7th Feb 2009, 23:09
Hmmm, one would imagine a Trafalgar Square sized cube of Gold would be so heavy it would just sink right through the Earths crust melt and be lost in the molten lower mantle, the feckers who cast it would be hopping mad I bet.
Bet there are billions of tons of it just floating round down there.
Hmmm,let me think lets say Trafagar Square is 500 foot on a side that would make it err,oops someone on the phone back later.

7th Feb 2009, 23:14
A dream one had years back stays with one. Stood at the quayside, looking at one of these supertankers;. Only this one is made of solid gold. Poof! it disappears & is reformed at my feet as a 1cm cube of gold. Only with the same mass. One boggles at this cube wondering why it is not off to the penal colony at knots.

One may have beeen eating cheese on toast while watching Horizon or Tomorrow's World prior to that dream.:confused:

tony draper
7th Feb 2009, 23:20
I read somewhere that a cubic inch of Gold can be beaten out to a piece of Gold Leaf a hundred yards square,err or was in a half mile square.:confused:

7th Feb 2009, 23:36
1 cubic inch of pure gold weighs 316.598 grams; 10.17886 troy oz; or 11.16767 imperial ounces.

Load Toad
8th Feb 2009, 01:52
Women never ever have enough of it.

Loose rivets
8th Feb 2009, 05:35
I've found that if you polish good brass with jeweler's rouge, it looks like gold...for about ten minutes.

Impress to inflate
8th Feb 2009, 06:01
So if all the chavs in UK went to Trafalgar Square, you could fill it with cheap 9 carat gold !!