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6th Feb 2009, 10:01
Looks like the aviation community is trying to be done over by the government once again, stating that they are looking at allowing only one return flight per year per person?

Can you imagine the amount of jobs that would be lost through manufacturing, ramp, crew etc?

Where I appreciate that the planet needs to be thought of have they considered (as one example)the carbon footprint seat for seat for someone driving to the south of Spain etc.....

Lots to think about, is it a workable idea... I hope not.


6th Feb 2009, 10:05
I haven't seen this. Have you got a link?

The idea is utter cods of course and won't come in.

6th Feb 2009, 10:07
YYZ - I know there's an article on this in today's Daily Mail, but this is not always the calmest or most restrained of UK newspapers. The Mail gives a very clear opinion as to its thoughts on this !

Ration holiday flights to cut pollution, says Brown's adviser | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1137204/Ration-holiday-flights-cut-pollution-says-Browns-adviser.html)

6th Feb 2009, 10:29
IIRC Lord Turner also came out with putting a limit on the number of children a family can have because of the damage to the environment:ugh:


6th Feb 2009, 10:34
I think they should also consider limiting the number of nutters in the House of Lords to less than 50%.

6th Feb 2009, 10:37
That story must have been released accidently, taint 01 April:ugh::ugh::ugh:

nitro rig driver
6th Feb 2009, 10:44
To solve the problem is easy.

Just take all of our salarys at source and then just give everyone a swipe card tobe used at every street/road/airport/car/bus door entrance..

When you have exceeded your allowance then that's it-you walk


6th Feb 2009, 10:58
I used to live in a communist country, but I must admit, that even the communist government would not come up with such an idea.
That guy must have read Orwell and misunderstood.

6th Feb 2009, 11:50
Another idiot who doesn't understand about the necessity for business travel.

And although most of my travel is in Europe, thee xtra time involved going by train just isn't on, especially since there aren't that many overnight sleeper services. Who wants to change trains in Milan at 0230!

6th Feb 2009, 12:13
radeng - Changing in Milan at 0230 local? I've done just that in my inter-railing days!

You're right. Not to be recommended. :(

6th Feb 2009, 12:23
There are plenty on shelves at WH Smith's . . . or did I misunderstand the thread title?


6th Feb 2009, 12:49
they are looking at allowing only one return flight per year per person?

That's a bit silly. I'd be happy to work once a month.

6th Feb 2009, 12:57
It's a great idea. All the MPs would actually have to live & work in London instead of flying business class to/from Edinburgh/Glasgow/Manchester &c once a week at our expense. Tw&ts.

6th Feb 2009, 14:45
Don't be silly Magnus, MPs would not be included in the rationing because all their flights are so important they would exempt themselves.It would be just another example if this government and its "don't do as I do, do as I say" mentality. Like claiming false expenses, fiddling mortgages, sending your children halfway across London in a gas guzzling people carrier so they can attend a 'state' school etc.

Paradise Lost
6th Feb 2009, 15:49
Well at least if they pass it as law, there should be plenty of parking at LHR...............................on the disused 3rd runway!

6th Feb 2009, 17:21
This may or may not happen. Eventual limits for private/leisure mileage in cars I feel, will: in the name of the environment as ever, and followed by the ramping up (again) of petrol prices under the same excuse, as the unit cost game continues.

Perhaps this is a first step in loosely introducing the concept into consciousness?

Lon More
6th Feb 2009, 17:32
The Mail's banner should include the words, "All the news that fits, we print."

To be taken with a large pinch of salt (where available)

Standard Noise
6th Feb 2009, 17:35
If it applies to the tiny flying machines and the laalaas that fly them, then I'm all for it! I could quite enjoy me Sunday mornings at work then.

Captain Stable
6th Feb 2009, 18:35
'Tis easy - ration flights for chavs to nil per year... :rolleyes:

6th Feb 2009, 19:35
Ration air to politicaians to one litre per year. That would cut their CO2 emissions!