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5th Feb 2009, 23:38
Hello everyone!!

Im interested in the program that offer Aviator or EFT (both offer the same program as both school work together). I am interested in doing the FAA+JAA Global pilot program (60.000 dollards). Before going I would like to get some references of the school.

Does anyone have first hand experience with any of those pilot school?

many thanks...


6th Feb 2009, 07:58
There are multiple threads on this subject! I suggest you do a search! here is the link to the main eft thread:



Matthew Adams
16th Feb 2009, 23:28
They do not include the same hours, the global programme includes the
JAA PPL conversion + test fees
JAA Flight Instructor

The above easily totals the extra cost between the two courses!

19th Feb 2009, 21:34
I used ARI BEN AVIATOR back in 2001/02 and got fleeced, my advice is avoid them if you can.. but if you want ot find out more go to ilsapproach.com (http://www.ilsapproach.com) and do a search you will get the low down on them...

Good luck

23rd Feb 2009, 11:30
The J1 Visa is being phased out in the USA and I believe that you will not be able to instruct at Ari-Ben. So, there is no real point going there to be honest. Sure, you can do your FAA training there but you will need to convert and that is very costly! Take it from me, don't budget the minimum cost for conversions. Stay in Europe and get your training done there, it will probably cost less in the long run.

23rd Feb 2009, 12:38
As per J1 rules, one cannot change sponsor for the J1 as the school issuing DS form is your sponsor for the duration of the stay.

The difference is, once finished training - presume at least CPL, likely with CFI as well as that's the point of doing J1 visa, one could find instructing job with another school (that has vacancies and/or pays better)

There have been some negative experiences voiced as to Ari Ben's willingness to organise graduate's transfer between schools - no wonder if the guys make business out of paying international students less than US citizens. It's not just this school that has lower rates for graduates instructing, but.. Read for yourself on other AB/EFT threads.

Good point regarding 'safety pilot', good for Europe if you're the one under hood, teaming up with local student happy to be safety pilot. No point having 50/50 share of time.

The J1 visa forms could be issued until NYE this year, so no point scaremongeing. If (why?) a school doesn't want to issue them earlier, OK. BUt won't be able AFTER Dec 31 2009. I wish it weren't happening, but..

With the changes in job market in the US (and elsewhere) there's less CFI jobs around in the US. I've been watching JSfirm and some heli (SSH influence in rotary CFI job market as well) websites and there is definitely less fresh CFI jobs advertised. Meaning? More CVs flooding the schools or instructors staying longer. If your objective is to rack up the hours, J1 is definitely worth it (provided one has a CFI job). There are few more J1 schools for fixed wing in the US, but only FAA stuff.

23rd Feb 2009, 13:30
Just never pay anything upfront. I know quite a lot of people, who went to JAA schools in florida, where they paid upfront large amounts of money and have been really ripped off!! Once they had paid, the school didn't seem to care about them anymore: they had to wait for ages to get flights scheduled, then there were huge hidden costs like fuel surcharge, insurance.... It seemed that other guys who didn't pay upfront had priority for plane rentals.....Plus the instructors were unexperienced FAA pilots. I met someone who actually almost got killed by his instructor while doing his PPL..... I don't want to mention the schools names because some of them are paying pprune for advertising......
So be extra careful if u want to do "JAA" training in the US: Have a look at the school first, talk to students, ask them about all extra costs, fuel surcharge, insurance, price changes. And very important ask about refunds if u quit training with them for whatever reason. And get something written, that states that your money will be refunded if u quit!!!! Some schools won't even give u back what's left of your payment.....! And never ever pay more than 5k upfront!

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