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Alloa Akbar
5th Feb 2009, 19:56
I work for a complete and utter tit.

Am I alone?:ugh:

(AA is having a particularly frustrating day at the hands of Aerospace Directors with no aerospace experience, other than that gained from reading flight magazines)

5th Feb 2009, 20:13
No, you and your employer makes at least 2 people. You are not alone.

5th Feb 2009, 20:26
I work for a great boss; however, we both work for a parent company whose only requirement of its employees qualifications are that they are complete pillocks. Their incomptency knows no bounds.

DirectorsIt's a crap pint of beer as well :}



5th Feb 2009, 20:33
Well that must make me a pair of tits. :ouch:

Beatriz Fontana
5th Feb 2009, 21:01
Superfluous nipple. I work with one of those. They think they're something special but do f:mad:k all. My sympathies, AA.

I work with a few rear ends, too.


5th Feb 2009, 21:13
It's a crap pint of beer as well

Ah great minds think alike. I was going to say my present alternative to Directors was called John Smith.

Cheers indeed. :ok:

(AA is having a particularly frustrating day at the hands of Aerospace Directors with no aerospace experience, other than that gained from reading flight magazines)

AA, they would possibly fit in well here! :ok:

B Fraser
5th Feb 2009, 21:24
A lot of directors think they are Winkle Brown while a lot of pilots think they are Warren Buffett. Unsurprisingly, neither group stops to consider that if they were actually any good then they would be doing that job.

5th Feb 2009, 21:28
Winkle Brown

Now what a good name for a pilot's beer that would be! :)

Especially if he were a navy pilot.... :oh:

Standard Noise
5th Feb 2009, 22:23
It's a crap pint of beer as well.

I used to call it Decorators, few pints and it made me redesign the bathroom.

5th Feb 2009, 22:44
Ms mini had an unusual job once, Sales Manager in a company where the four "Sales Consultants" were the directors of the Co. Her job, amongst others, was to direct & control her bosses?

? :confused:

Didn't end well... :{

6th Feb 2009, 00:45
Where I worked a few years back, my boss (who was generally disliked because he was competent technically but not at managing technology on a large scale) retired. As there was no one senior enough to take up his role, they decided to head hunt, and eventually settled on enticing an Indian settled in Canada to come back and take over the department.

The new guy had impressive resume: B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD, Post-Doctorate, Teaching experience...

....and not one year working in the industry. :ugh:

There are so many stories of mis-management in those six months I spent working under him, I could hijack this thread single-handedly. I *still* lose my cool thinking about it.

6th Feb 2009, 00:53
AA...been there, done that...have the scars on my forehead from beating head against wall. I sympathize. I could suggest an image of him, out of one of your play books, that might help you when your stress level gets too high. :};)

Thank God, I work for a great guy now. Funnier than anyone I know. Down side is right now, he can't afford me. :sad:

6th Feb 2009, 02:04
Actually had my unfair share of bad directors. Had one who had a propensity for hiring outside for higher positions in my department. They mosly knew nothing about commercial aviation or progressive business practices.

I had a sit down with him and discussed his already in-place senior staff - I was fairly junior. To overcome stagnation and utter boredom, I said, his people needed to feel there was a way forward in the organization.

Soon, staff were being promoted as appropriate.

Here's to you Ray Cook.

6th Feb 2009, 02:10
RT...did that include you? :)

6th Feb 2009, 02:19

Storeman to Senior Storeman (skipped lead storeman) to Expeditor, to supervisor Expedite, to Supervisor Mtce, to a manager in Technical Services.

6th Feb 2009, 02:57
Tres bien! :ok:

B Fraser
6th Feb 2009, 06:58
they decided to head hunt, and eventually settled on enticing an Indian settled in Canada to come back and take over the department.

........ maybe they should Sioux :}

hat, coat, door, de-ice, taxi, run-up, line up, depart

6th Feb 2009, 08:36
Yep; too many business school graduates with irrelevant degrees, and absolutely no experience of the industry.

And a fine pint of Abbot beets Directors hands down! :ok:

6th Feb 2009, 08:59
First Rule of Superior Inferiority

Do not let your superiors know that you are better than they are.

6th Feb 2009, 11:05
University degrees

BS = Bulls**t
MS = More of the Same
PhD = Piled Higher and Deeper
MBA = Much Bigger Assh**e

After 38 years in the electronics industry with mostly crap management, I got 'lent' for three days to another group. Headed by an Australian, I've worked for competent management who understand a lot of the technicalities for the last few years, Very refreshing - is it something to do with Australians?

Since joining my present employer in 30 years ago, I've had 14 managers. One is in post. Two left. The rest got canned - one lasting an enormous amount of time after gaining a conviction for gross indecency with two other men in a public lavatory, followed 18 months later with drunk driving conviction.

So cheer up, things could be worse.....

Beatriz Fontana
6th Feb 2009, 11:32
How about DBA, radeng? :}

Don't get me started on UK Civil Service Fast Streamers....

6th Feb 2009, 14:20
Well, my boss is great. Wonderful personality, technically brilliant and a superb man-manager. He'll always buy me a drink in the bar and even overlooks my occasional lateness or absence if I get over-relaxed the previous evening. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather work for.

(Self-employed since 2001 :})

6th Feb 2009, 14:34
There is a simple reason that so many "Managers" are so
useless. They tend to get promoted from a position where
they were "Hands-on" and useless, to a position where they
can see what's going on, but are NOT allowed to touch anything.
This allows the people that ARE useful to get on with the job
without worrying just WHAT they're up to. :ok:

This is particularly useful when dealing with aircraft.

The former M/D at IAS was a Fabulous bloke!

The Real Slim Shady
6th Feb 2009, 18:00
Was invited to join a start up as a head honcho.

Worked 7 days a week 18 hrs a day for months and got the airline off the ground.

Was never part of the inner circle, as they only needed my technical expertise. My immediate boss was / is a really nice guy but no backbone.

Turns out the BP we were told existed was a masquerade for their real intentions.

Good experience, but much wiser now.