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5th Feb 2009, 19:16
Can anyone tell me the title of the following short film that scared the living **** out of me when I was a kid?

Scenario - Woman in prison, wants to get out of said prison. Befriends undertaker (who is going blind), and agrees to pay for sight op if he helps her. Hatch plan to escpae by woman getting into coffin with next poor sod to die in the prison - undertaker will then dig her up outside of prison walls and hey presto.

All goes wrong when undertaker is next chap to keel over, and she finds herself buried for all eternity with her would-be rescuer. Cue screams from her and endless sleepless nights for me.

I think it was either an episode of "Amazing Stories" or "Tales of the Unexpected" or suchlike.

Thanks in advance


PS - in the same vein, was BBC's "Maelstrom" really as scarey as I remember it to be?

5th Feb 2009, 19:39
This might help:

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

"Final Escape"

1964 version had a man as the prisoner and the 1985 version had a woman.

Episode was titled "Final Escape" (http://askville.amazon.com/Episode-titled-Final-Escape/AnswerDetails.do?requestId=3006153&responseId=3094944)

5th Feb 2009, 20:52
eticket - Perfect, many thanks:)


mr fish
5th Feb 2009, 21:23
you should also check out "HOUSE OF WHIPCORD" directed by PETER WALKER.
although a bit of a low budget 70s film the story could be described as very modern.
ahem, young woman is hauled before "old fashioned" judge and is sent to what can best be described as a "house of correction".
cue much "women in prison" hijinks and a bungled escape attempt.
half the fun is watching out for the once famous faces who crop up all over the shop!!!
lots of hitting the pause followed by "ohh, was he not in blah blah" etc:ok:
p.s, also look out for THE FLESH AND BLOOD SHOW by the same director starring RAY BROOKS and ROBIN ASKWITH playing "out of work actors" in a abandoned seaside pier.
they don't make em like this anymore:(