View Full Version : God bless the UK education system.....

5th Feb 2009, 17:50
HERE (http://www.bitterwallet.com/30000-idiots-sign-up-for-nonsensical-online-tanning-service/7382)

God help us all :ugh::ugh:

5th Feb 2009, 18:49
It's already too late.

5th Feb 2009, 20:32
Sufficent of the UK population actually believed what NuLabour were telling them to reelect them twice.

And you are surprised at a little thing like this??

5th Feb 2009, 21:44
What sort of clown thinks that black text on a dark grey background is a good idea?

A A Gruntpuddock
5th Feb 2009, 21:48
I think you are being rather unfair.

It is well known that monitors include functions which are not normally available but can be activated by those familiar with the technology.


5th Feb 2009, 22:04
Surely a goodly proportion of people signed up to see how the joke would progress knowing that the basic premise was impossible but wanting to know the "punchline"; I would have :ok:

Curiousity should not imply ignorance.



5th Feb 2009, 22:08
Still, that didnít stop 30,000 people signing up for a free trail ...

A free trail? I'll have the Appalachian, please. :rolleyes:

Standard Noise
5th Feb 2009, 22:18
Had to check me daily paper. S'not April 1st yet.