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5th Feb 2009, 10:36
Hi, Im going to Florida in April for 10 weeks to get a PPL and 100 hours.

Can anyone tell me of any insurers, as I think ill be needing extra cover other than just travel insurance?

Any help will be much appreciated

p.s what is the visa interview like in London? Dress formally? Is it easy to get hold of the M1 or do I have to push out all the stops to get one!? Also does anyone know where I can get my picture taken for the visa specs?

Thank you


6th Feb 2009, 23:22
Anyone?? ??

7th Feb 2009, 10:03
Flying insurance? Try Traffords, do a google search.

Visa process: Sit amongst hundreds for hours on end until your number is called, present yourself to the appropriate desk, hand over all the forms, wait again for a few hours, answer a couple of questions, hand them your passport and leave. My high street chemist were able to take the M1 VISA photograph.

Expect the usual warm welcome when you arrive at US Customs and Border patrol...:E

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