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5th Feb 2009, 10:53
Priceless, last night. Everton v Liverpool, FA Cup Replay. After nearly two hours of gritty but not particularly exciting football, with three minutes of extra time to go before a penalty shootout, ITV inexplicably cuts to adverts. After a couple of minutes, switch back to football - just in time to view Everton players celebrating the only (winning) goal!

Clearly a major cockup, but I also remember numerous exciting moments (I know there aren't many!) missed during advert breaks by ITV's F1 coverage over the last few years (thankfully now gone back to BBC). Perhaps ITV should stick to sports where the breaks exceed playing time eg US 'Football'.

Buster Hyman
5th Feb 2009, 11:57
That score again....

EVERTON 1 - Red Shite 0


5th Feb 2009, 12:04
Okay Buster, and I'm guessing here, but would you be a blue nose??!!

My wife sat through the entire game yesterday, glad to say I did something useful like emptying the dishwasher.

She was furious with the ITV balls up.

Flap 5
5th Feb 2009, 12:10
Yes. Indeed a major cockup. Is it not possible to have a grown up in charge at ITV?

Someone must have pressed the wrong button by mistake. Good job they are not pilots or they would end up crashing the plane! In the old days when you were allowed to have small children visit the cockpit you would tell them not to touch anything.

5th Feb 2009, 12:24
This isn't the first time they have cocked up with football.

Back in the days of Gerry Loftus commentating and black and white pictures, they managed to edit out England's winning goal in an international, in a highlites program. :ugh:

bar fly
5th Feb 2009, 12:34
Ha ha ha ha ha!

A very much deserved victory to the Mighty Blues!

Best bits: Jagielka making Torres look like a championship striker, liverpool 'parking a bus' in front of their goal (hypocrites), and Gosling scoring the winner!!!

Worst bits: Kopite gobshites throwing stuff onto the pitch, Rafa being as ungracious as ever in defeat.

'Well it's a grand old team to play for.....':ok:

barry lloyd
5th Feb 2009, 13:58
ITV coverage of football (in particular) is rubbish anyway. The overall commentary is poor, they invariably forget to tell you how much extra time is to be played, and they never show the guy with the board. Also, as last night, they don't always show players warming up, or mention it until they're running onto the pitch.
Michael Grade says he's sorry, and he was watching it himself. According to Mr Grade, the system is set up automatically to go to the adverts at a certain time. However, I imagine a human being of some sort must set the timing in the first place - a point which was ignored in his apology, but no doubt there'll be a meeting without coffee for the programme director this morning.
In Granadaland there was chaos for about ten seconds, followed by a blank screen, followed by a return to the match just in time to see the goal.

5th Feb 2009, 15:30
ITV coverage is better than Setanta, and you have to pay extra for that (I'm about to cancel though). What's the betting the technician with finger trouble last night is a 'plant' working for Sky, who are determined their expensive minority interest TV system will get a monopoly on everything sporting? What do Sky have, 3 million subscribers? How many of us still use free analogue or Freeview? A lot more I'll bet.

5th Feb 2009, 15:44
I watched it on ITV via Sky channel 103.

Liverpool had the ball. Cut to ads - a volkswagon and some tic tacs - then back to the footie to see a pile of jubilant Everton players and some Liverpool players moaning at the ref.

A heartstopping moment or two to see if the ref was gonna dissallow the goal I hadn't seen, then jubilation as he pointed to the centre.

Angry? Not even slightly -I was dancing round the living room :D

Standard Noise
5th Feb 2009, 15:52
Button was prolly pressed by a disgruntled technician who loved being on the ITV Formula 1 team and was p!ssed off at being moved over to the footie!

Still at least F1 won't have ad breaks in the future.