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Loose rivets
4th Feb 2009, 15:25
Well, this doesn't have to go in the Karma thread...I'd insured the darn thing. When the man came today I thought that he'd clean me bulb, bollock me for the dust (we have a carpet. That's rare here) and be on his merry way.

It was all to do with Ppruners talking about the black levels of their tellies. Mine was [email protected] Fantastic picture, but no real blackness.

After getting a call at O7:sparrow's fart...(who made that up?) he turns up and seems to agree with me that there is residual light. He phones a friend and exchanges endless numbers re contracts etc., before saying. The screen has a blue tint.

I rather like the blue tint, but it's not supposed to be there. After taking advice, he informs me that it needs a new Light Engine. WTF:confused:

In my day, we had to dust the rotating disc and forty watt lamp. Now they're sending a light engine. I know that it's coming in a big box, and I'm not to open it. OMG!!!! It'll be like being a child before Christmas. An exciting box and forbidden to look inside. Maybe just a little hole and a fiber-optic camera.

I want to know what a light engine looks like. Will it have pistons and a carb? Will it need topping up with oil? One waits with baited breath.

Oh dear! One is not so sure it's funny now.

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4th Feb 2009, 16:01
After getting a call at O7:sparrow's fart..

I always understood that it was "Crack of Sparrers"....:confused:

Lon More
4th Feb 2009, 16:12
about 30 minutes after 0 dark hundred

4th Feb 2009, 16:52
Probably a fancy name for a fancy fluorescent light.

4th Feb 2009, 18:42
'Crack of Sparrers' is too much of a name for a tube of glass filled with gas.:confused:

4th Feb 2009, 19:22
I want to know what a light engine looks like. Will it have pistons and a carb?

Dunno what it looks like but it can't weigh very much

Loose rivets
4th Feb 2009, 19:27
What I want to know is, why if it's a light engine, is it going to take 3 weeks to get here.:}

4th Feb 2009, 19:53
00 darkness is crack-o-sparras me ole cock sparra. Hope yer light engine gets to yers afore me dark engine:E

west lakes
4th Feb 2009, 20:00
A Light engine is a railway locomotive on it's own that has no wagons or carriages behind it.

Though how this makes a TV work I don't know!!


I know that it's coming in a big box,

That would be true

why if it's a light engine, is it going to take 3 weeks to get here.

Wrong sort of snow/leaves/weather too hot!!

4th Feb 2009, 20:05
How much does a light engine weigh? I'm thinking postage costs here...

If you open the box and it's not switched on, how can you see it?

4th Feb 2009, 20:10
Scottie I need more power..

I'm doing all I can Captain but I just can't get any more out of our 'light engine'

Scottie I need Warp factor 10 and I need it now!..

Aye Captain:ok:

And what did Mr Spock find in the toilet.... The Captains Log:)

Actually thinking about it didn't the Reliant Robin have an extremely 'light Engine'? I seem to recall it could be lifted from the vehicle without mechanical aids!

Loose Rivets. Please take a photo of the 'light engine' when it arrives and post for all to see.

4th Feb 2009, 20:28
Actually thinking about it didn't the Reliant Robin have an extremely 'light Engine'? I seem to recall it could be lifted from the vehicle without mechanical aids!

Yes, it's all alloy and the average driver weighs more than the engine and gearbox. Having said that, it's easier to lift the car off the engine.

4th Feb 2009, 20:45
You are exactly right, soon as I posted I wondered if anyone would recall that it was easier to lift the car off the engine. Did it once with a Reliant Regal nifty wee thing with a 75occ all alloy engine. Propped the car body up with a bit of 2by4 and carried the engine and gearbox into the spare bedroom where I did a rebuild on the engine!
I had one of the first CB radios available in the UK fitted to it with a six foot whip antennal on the 'boot' lid flippin thing looked like a dodgem car! great fun but an absolute bugga in a cross wind:)

4th Feb 2009, 22:00
If I owned a Reliant I wouldnt tell anyone :oh:

4th Feb 2009, 22:02
Why, do you own a Reliant?

4th Feb 2009, 22:50
I did provide half the lifting power once to remove an engine and gearbox from a car, the other half of the lift being my mate, the car owner, on the other end of the bit of wood (bit of 4X4 timber and a couple of towropes was the lifting tackle).

That was a Rover 3.5 engine and box though.

And definitely wouldn't want to do it again.

4th Feb 2009, 23:28
I once saw a burned-out Reliant.
One wheel rim (no tyre) with a few suspension bits then just the crankshaft and con-rods then the gears from the gearbox (including the gearshift rods), prop-shaft, pinion and crown-wheel, differential, half-shafts and two suspension springs and two wheel-rims.

Steering box, column and steering-wheel, seat frames and that was about it - the rest had been reduced to ash . . . nothing higher than the wheels, the rest laid flat on the ground along with the exhaust pipe of course.

I looked like an 'exploded view' drawing from Motor or Autocar magazine.

4th Feb 2009, 23:53
TinPis wrote
If I owned a Reliant I wouldnt tell anyone

hey Tin

The Scimitar was a pretty good beast, why wouldn't you tell anyone about that ?


4th Feb 2009, 23:56
Hmm. If what was wrong with your screen was the lack of black, how would a light engine help? Seems to me it generates light, and you already have too much of it.

OTOH do not, under any circumstance, open the box as all the generated light will escape and you will need to have a new one shipped.

5th Feb 2009, 00:06
Not that one, this naff thing.


5th Feb 2009, 00:07
Have to replace the light engine on my DLP - Crutchfield Community (http://community.crutchfield.com/forums/thread/589.aspx)

Loose rivets
5th Feb 2009, 01:02
Spot on again G-C, thanks.

The bonus was one line from customer posts.

The day after I said something to the wife the line turned black and grew in size from 1/2" wide to a full 1" wide.

After being set off giggling by the previous posts, this one had me collapsed.

More wine should help me fathom out the connection between a television and a Reliant Robin. :}

5th Feb 2009, 01:19
I've heard of the Light programme, the light infantry and the light fantastic, but never a light engine. Sounds like something you would say to a customer who thinks he knows what's wrong with the product and insists on sticking his oar in when you are trying to fix it. "Oh yes, Mr Smith, I see what you mean but what we really need here is a new light engine...."

And as for crackofsparrers, I always thought that was a couple of hours after 04:farksake, depending on the season

5th Feb 2009, 02:30
LR, when the guy comes to swap out the light engine, you should ask him to check the old one and tell you whether he thinks the problem is simply that it's full of crap, and whether building a filter into the air path would have been a nifty design feature.

There's a concept in Japan called the Sony Timer, which varies from product to product but is in general (warranty period +1) days.

Ooh, good link in #21!

Loose rivets
5th Feb 2009, 08:36
I'm hoping to hang on to the old one, but my guess is that they'll want to rebuild it themselves. Mind you, if the optics have become misaligned, that can be very difficult to get right.

My neighbor's gardener in Essex used to always have a Reliant Robin. Sometimes he would find it on its side. The Essexonians can be nasty sometimes.

5th Feb 2009, 08:57
Sometimes he would find it on it's side?
Even a good old Reliant needs a rest now
and then you know!

5th Feb 2009, 22:10
I've heard of the Light programme, the light infantry and the light fantastic, but never a light engine.

I have, the railways use the term to describe a locomotive thats going from A to B, without a train, an equivalent of a positioning sector, or a training flight with just the crew on board.

Perhaps, LR is going to end up with a great big noisy dirty smelly locomotive in his living room:suspect:, (there are more plausible ways to sneak a train set into the house matey), the reason for the three week delay of course is that there's snow on the line ...

Loose rivets
6th Feb 2009, 03:36
An acquaintance in north London, has got a light engine in his living room! Mind you, when the steam is up, One has to be careful not to scald One's knees on the boiler.

7th Feb 2009, 08:55
Hey! TP don't knock the old 'shopping trolley' they were great fun, could be driven on a motorcycle licence, road TAX was for nought and did about 1,000,000 miles to the gallon (with a tail wind). I could get mine to wheelie and if taking a left hander at speed I'd get my passenger to hang out of the window sidecar style to keep all three wheels on the road:ok: Thing was a bugga in snow and ice though, once got the front wheel stuck in a rut and couldn't change lanes, had to stop and lift the front wheel out, laughed so hard I almost p:mad:d myself.. great fun:)

Wow! what was that flash? I think me light engines just expired!

7th Feb 2009, 13:39
this naff thing
TP aren't you being a little bit unfair? I mean duffle coats were popular for youngsters in those days and he obviously had no say in the matter...:E

Loose rivets
13th Feb 2009, 17:44
Well, the box arrived and shortly after so did the nice young man from Sears.

He moved the telly with a confidence that I don't have. Surprisingly light.

Fortunately I'd not redecorated yet, cos the telly is destined to be set into the wall with book cases either side. I suppose I would have to provide a table in the future.

Doesn't look too bad. But getting the chassis and optical cluster was a chore. telly had to be turned round again and fascia-strip removed, to locate hidden screws. There must have been at least 50 screws in all, and sooooooooooooo many little plugs. Our engineer was colour coding them as he popped them apart.


The bulb, beside my pilot's licence.


Well here it is. The box is about 18" long. The optics are very, very complicated starting at the other end with a multi-faceted erm, light defuser? That round lense looks like a serious bit of glass.

Inside there seemed to be blocks of glass in line with the beam. The modulation system must be quite exotic.


Fairly ordinary chassis, with the one fan and the pluggery on the back. Lots of pluggery.


The worst bit was just getting the complex plastic forms in and out. I really didn't envy him doing this job.

Two hours and $1,598 later, the picture was back - with unprecedented blackness.

I tell you what, I would not like to be a telly engineer in this day and age. Mind you, his fee to Sony was $243. I wonder what he earns...I used to get One pound two and six a week when I started, and about nine quid when I finished at age 19ish.

tony draper
13th Feb 2009, 18:20
Projector sets are not new yer know some of the first tellies were projectors:uhoh:
Cant say I ever been into the back of one though,been into the back of my Sony Wega CRT job absolutely buggah all to adjust not a single bloody trimmer.

13th Feb 2009, 18:44
about 30 minutes after 0 dark hundred

Just after oh-four-f**k's-sake.

14th Feb 2009, 08:37
Modulator might well be this:

Light-thingie (from Austin,TX, prbly) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DLP)

Peter Fanelli
14th Feb 2009, 11:52
Not that one, this naff thing.


Loose rivets
14th Feb 2009, 17:32
Supposed to be the loudest noise created by man. Continuous noise, I suppose that means. After all, the bang from an atomic bomb must be quite loud.

The Light-thingie is interesting. I hadn't thought of time-sharing the colour outputs...this would be able to work fast enough to have the time I would have thought.

I used to work on the old three lens machines. Advent, etc. Never did much but clean the things. I would guess each lens was 2 to 3 inches across. Terrible picture.

Mr D mentions
Sony Wega CRT job absolutely buggah all to adjust not a single bloody trimmer.

I have calculated (guessed really - while drunk.) that One would need an I.Q. of 347, to set the convergence on an old telly, if you hadn't got the sequence sheet. Spent ages trying, then messing it all up with what I thought was going to be the last little tweak.:(

Loose rivets
26th Feb 2009, 17:48
Ooooh PANTS!

To the more sadistic among you, this will raise a smile.

The new light engine is crap. The Sears guy knows it, but says it's just about within spec. I told him I'd purchased the best picture in the world and wasn't about to accept compromise.

Sears are digging their heels in, and I'm preparing for battle. Just what I need, right now...another time-wasting issue that will cost me, whatever I do.

I went to the store to make comparisons, and found that they don't sell them any more! There were about 30% of this technology in stock when I got it.

Sad this, looks like being a serious loss whatever I do.

I've been thinking back to how much Sony stuff I've had over the years, and it's been a huge quantity - including two BVP200 British broadcasting quality cameras and a control unit. Could have brought a house for what they cost.

I was about to cut a huge hole in the wall to inset the t/v and have a Heppa filtered cooling air going to it. Now I don't know what size to make the hole, cos I probably can't trust this technology to be ongoing.:(

I really feel let down by Sony...there was a later model than mine sitting on the floor of Sears showroom. $799 CLOSEOUT. It was covered in dirt and grime yet had a better picture than mine. Pants and double pants!

Still, this is the only set I've ever seen that truly makes a deep image picture at 1080p with no sign of pixels. Flat screens simply cannot do that.

Maybe Sony will pull something out of the bag and support the thousands that are out there. Maybe pigs will fly.

The class action law suit may or may not be ongoing. I rather hope that steady negotiation will suffice. Sadly, I got a Sears card MC to pay for it on some interest free deal. Don't know why, never used credit before for anything, but this time I did...sod it, cos now I can't go to my bank and ask them to put pressure on vie the Visa rules. Still, it's under warranty, and Sony are compensating for the light engines and the cost of fitting so the battle will commence based on the opponent, the retailer, not standing to lose their shirt on the deal.

John Marsh
26th Feb 2009, 19:03
LR: "I have calculated (guessed really - while drunk.) that One would need an I.Q. of 347, to set the convergence on an old telly, if you hadn't got the sequence sheet. Spent ages trying, then messing it all up with what I thought was going to be the last little tweak."Yes indeed. I had lots of fun chasing adjustments around the convergence boards of two Korting sets, about 25 years ago.:ugh: Never got them right, but it didn't matter much, as they were for long-distance reception on the Continental VHF bands.

28th Feb 2009, 02:07
Samsung's 7 series projector TVs are nice. They use coloured LEDs instead of a light + projector wheel. The LEDs are supposed to last at least 60,000 hrs so no bulb to replace, and the lack of a colour wheel eliminates any rainbow effect and gives deep blacks. I'd love the 61" model.

The Circuit City chain is having a closing down sale & had one in Orlando but they still wanted $1350 for it before it sold. Still more than I'd like to pay. There was a chain in Texas had them on special for $999 in January. For that price I'd bloody drive from Florida to get it with my trailer - except I only heard about it two weeks ago. :{

28th Feb 2009, 03:42
Projector sets are not new yer know some of the first tellies were projectors
Cant say I ever been into the back of one though,been into the back of my Sony Wega CRT job absolutely buggah all to adjust not a single bloody trimmer.

I recall our old tube television had more knobs on the front than the new set's entire chassis holds. Master Draper, one can fiddle with the works by using a combination of remote control presses, all within one second of each other.

[PWR OFF] - [DISP], [5], [VOL+], [PWR ON]
[PWR OFF] - [DISP], [5], [PWR ON]

The TV will turn on in service mode and the screen will look something like this: SERVICE MODE

[1] = Moves to Previous Menu Item
[4] = Moves to Next Menu Item
[3] = Adjusts Value Up
[6] = Adjusts Value Down
[MTS] = Toggles Stereo/Mono Audio

[MUTE] followed by [ENTER] = stores NEW service mode settings to NVRAM

[8] followed by [ENTER] = Restores All *USER* settings to factory defaults

[0] followed by [ENTER] = Read Default service mode value from stored settings. (service mode reset)

[PWR OFF] = Leave Service Mode any settings not written will be in effect until TV is unplugged or a Reset is performed.

o BEFORE storing NEW settings - unplug TV from wall, wait a few seconds, then plug back in, turn TV set on - All settings not written will have been lost.

o AFTER storing NEW settings - restore original value from list you made of original values before adjustments and store in NVRAM.

Loose rivets
28th Feb 2009, 04:22
That's interesting. Do you know who the manufacturer is for that sequence?

I know that there's a service menu that's available from my remote, but haven't found the key...yet.

Anyway, they are sending a new bulb. It seems that a Sears employee has suffered the poor focus after a light-engine replacement. They put a bulb in and adjusted some of the deep menu. It was fine.

One will be pleased to have this right again as it's so subjective. Lots of folk would say it's a good picture, but I know it isn't. They have to give me some credit for staring at it for 2.5 years. Well, less the time I'm home, so 1.25 years. Also, apart from starting life as a t/v tekkie, I'm keen on photography, and I would reject every photograph with this focus error.

The big cameras that I mentioned, didn't have any form of auto-focus, just a huge lens that one could get one's mit round. The brain is good at focusing, so I hate being told that fuzzy is okay.

After several calls this morning, I feel a little happier about the backup I'm getting. Time will tell. :ouch:

28th Feb 2009, 06:40
The keys to the digital kingdom were for a Sony. Unless they changed the sequence for projector sets, these might work for yours.

Good Luck getting it sorted. :ok:

If you bought the thing with a credit card, you may be entitled to a full refund of your purchase price. A quick call to the card's service center will start the process rolling.