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Loose rivets
4th Feb 2009, 10:56
It's deserved. Well, in some ways...I have tried to save a bob or two by doing everything myself. Can't delegate, never have. It's leading me on the road to ruin.

I purchased three supposedly fine sets of bookshelves on Sunday...looked like oak and were certainly heavy. 6' tall and 4' wide. I'd set them into the walls and make them part of the house.

$60 to have them delivered. Not bad, but my neighbor owed me a favor for looking after his dog, so we head off in his truck. But first I took our battleship to my son's house to borrow a dolly.

Three of us take and hour and a half. Bad economics that...but what else were we going to do...watch super-bowl Bowl? Ball? That big game with nancy padded blokes running around. Anyway the shelves made it home.

Then the Rivetess heads out in the gas-guzzler. There was an expensive noise from the garage. The garage is huuuuuuuuuge, but then, so is the car...and there is a two brick wide pillar in the middle of the two doors. I hate that.

Since 1970, she's never put a mark on a car. Not a teenzy speck. Now, one of the $500 mirrors was lying on the floor in bits. I said 'Bother'...or something like that. She said that she couldn't remember leaving the car slewed round like that. I didn't remind her that I'd used it to get the dolly. :E

Today, either e-bay and the local used parts place has a mirror. $60. It's just that $60. How did the universe know that it had to be exactly $60 just to poke me in the eye? Karma...that's what it was. I'm to follow Oscar Wilde into abject poverty, and there's nothing...nothing at all, that I can do about it.

Roger Sofarover
4th Feb 2009, 11:55
But look on the bright side loose, it means that the mirror has cost you nothing! It's not too bad, I thought reading the story I was about to hear that your wife backed in to the bookshelves you had left in the garage:eek: The favour your friend owed you will still be there I am sure, should the need arise, and the mirror is only $60, it could have been $500!

4th Feb 2009, 12:37
I feel your pain. You've got to laugh, though. If you don't you'd cry.

We scrimped and saved on the way up to Christmas as things are very tight with trying to afford training and things. We did well, managed to buy a few small presents for our nearest family, and could afford to travel to see them all! Then, we crashed the car into an open door on Christmas Day. It was our fault I guess. £250 excess to pay and lost 2 years no claims so we'll be getting stung for years yet. Most expensive Christmas ever. :{ lol.

What goes around comes around, though...

4th Feb 2009, 12:45
It's just that $60. How did the universe know that it had to be exactly $60 just to poke me in the eye?

I sympathize. That one has happened to me so many times, from pennies to thousands. Always in my case though, the extra "Karma " cost that springs up is fractionally less than the bonus, leaving me with a useless tiny bit of change. This is even more annoying.

Also for me, the two events are often seconds apart, so I get no time even to feel smug.

4th Feb 2009, 13:00
Went out in the sales a couple of weeks ago, to a hi-class men’s outfitters that I can only afford to visit at sale time. Picked up three shirts deluxe at half price. On the way out I thought ‘such nice shirts could do with a decent tie’ – they had a sign saying 10% off all their ties.

Me and the Mrs, and a friend we took along, must have looked at 30 ties before settling on two of them. We considered them from every angle … except the price angle. It was only after I paid that I checked the bill – each tie had cost me more than any of the big-name shirts.

First time I wore one of the ties I spilled yoghourt down it. The dry cleaner charged me exactly the same as my 10% discount.