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3rd Feb 2009, 22:36
Thatcher barred from top BBC show (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7868401.stm)

Whilst not being a particular fan of Carol Thatcher I do think this is PC gone mad - after all this was a private conversation. (And I don't condone use of the word which she used). Surely the world has gone mad. The BBC cannot allow an appeal for Gaza to be broadcast yet they take this sort of action. I just don't believe it!

tony draper
3rd Feb 2009, 22:39
Jezus,now we have the G word.:uhoh:

3rd Feb 2009, 22:52
Who was the tennis-player involved?

I can only presume that Ms Thatcher was seriously disliked . . .

3rd Feb 2009, 23:21
She is just as she appears on TV - brusque, over confident, loud, doesn't care who she offends. Father's daughter good and proper!

She held court in various bars on the QE2 last autumn and you either love or hate her - nothing in between.

She obviously scares the huggies at the Beeb half to death!

3rd Feb 2009, 23:33
Listen to the Beeb spokesman commenting on the issue in the attached Vid.

His statement was that 'anyone using that sort of discriminatory language should be sacked, whether it's someone as exalted as Carol Thatcher or as lowly as a toilet cleaner'

Surely, by those rules, he also should be sacked.....OOps, by just saying that, I should be sacked.

Hat and coat....

4th Feb 2009, 00:23
Regardless of ones' opinion of C.T. this is crazy, anyone should be able to comment amongst friends, without being spied on - where's the sense of humour gone from life ?

World's gone mad.

4th Feb 2009, 00:59
BBC 'journalists' (ie news-readers) are freely using the G-word whilst reporting this incident (ie publicising what should be a private conversation).
Would they be broadcasting liberally the ni**er word if, indeed, that had been Ms Thatcher's choice of expression?
Surely they (the BBC) are inflaming the situation rather than ameliorating or subduing it?
It's akin to a teacher repeating a swear word repetitively to the whole class whilst suggesting that the word is unacceptable and shouldn't be used.
At best the BBC personnel are guilty of stupid ignorance, at worst mindlessly persuing a policy whereby it is unacceptable to use the expression in private yet (obviously) sanctioned during a scripted (Nationwide) current affairs broadcast. :ugh:

Loose rivets
4th Feb 2009, 05:18
One of the funniest sketches in 'The Extras' was the one about the black guy that the girl - she's the funniest of the lot IMO - really fancied. There was a Golly on her shelves. He was fine about it, but she kept trying to hide it. Had me in tears.

4th Feb 2009, 06:42
Did anyone else notice the lawyer trotted out on Beeb News to complain - the one with a hairstyle like a . . . . . toy I had as a small boy in a more innocent age?

Kelly Hopper
4th Feb 2009, 06:44
PCness doesn't seem to have reached ebay yet. Loads of Gollies for sale there.
Who are these idiots? Robertsons was part of my childhood and I resent being told by some faceless obscure, what exactly?, that I can't use a word that has nothing to do with racism. It is the poisoned mind of politicians not mine!

4th Feb 2009, 07:27
Wouls some brain mind telling me the difference between Gollywog (and I agree with Kelly Hopper) and that digustingly rude and offensive Ross? He gets away with the F word and worse. Double standards yet again from the leftist BBC.

4th Feb 2009, 10:14
I've read quite a few books by various show biz people, who worked for the BBC, and just about every one said the place was full of back stabbing b*stards. This wasn't about using non pc words, it was about 'getting' Carol Thatcher. I agree about the double standard re. [email protected] Woss

4th Feb 2009, 10:17
After reading the few posts in this thread, and watching the coverage of this story on Newsnight, I'm sorry to say that i'm kinda ashamed with how this situation has been recieved. The apology from miss Thatcher was pathetic and excuses laughable. Some of the comparisons been made hold no substance and just to clear a few things up; the comment was made between 'friends' it was between a large group of co-presenters and producers who thought it right to report her, The tennis player in question was most likley Serena Williams(i can never tell the difference) having just won her 10th grand slam at the time.

and please can we ban the phrase "politcal correctnes gone mad" from all future threads, i'm mean come on!

btw, I agree with Loose Rivets in regards to the sketch from extras being among the funniest, but its context of the situation, Does anyone hear really believe the Thather didnt mean to cause offence and ridicule with her comments.

4th Feb 2009, 10:18
Who was the tennis-player involved?

Andy Murray according to Today this morning. She was referring to his hair. The world's gone mad.

Curious Pax
4th Feb 2009, 10:22
It's a reflection of changing times in terms of what is acceptable and what isn't. My grandfather tended to refer to Asians as Pakis - not in a derogatory way, but because that was just the way they were referred to in the 50s and 60s. However that wouldn't make it acceptable now, and hopefully most people here would agree with that.

One point that was being made on the radio this morning was that because it wasn't (apparently) used in a derogatory way then it wasn't offensive - I don't subscribe to that. If it is offensive to people who heard it then that should be sufficient - the same point was made by the esteemed former owner of this site in the context of the Prince Harry Nazi uniform fuss a couple of years back.

What seems to have been a significant problem for the Beeb in this is that she made the remark among a group of work colleagues (not necessarily friends) which caused offence and was commented on. I think most people in that situation would have apologised for causing offence (even if they didn't particularly think that it was valid), and the conversation would have moved on. However she seems to have felt that there was nothing to apologise for, and so refused which led to the ending of her contract.

I have sympathy with the Beeb on this, as you would hope that most people they allow on air would have some regard to the boundaries, and she appeared not to. Just because Jonathan Ross wasn't sacked (and I think he should have been) doesn't make what Carol Thatcher said OK.

I wonder if the thread would have gone the same way if she had a different surname?

4th Feb 2009, 10:35
I thought the player referred to was a North African-Frenchman.

Disagree totally with dazpoo23 and curious pax. (And it is PC gone mad).

Scumbag O'Riley
4th Feb 2009, 10:41
Is there an official list of offensive words out there? If we are at risk of losing our jobs over this sort of thing I think we should know in advance what we can and cannot say.

(Also can it not be compiled using taxpayer's money as I think we have better things to fund right now)

4th Feb 2009, 11:05

I agree. When did golliwog make it onto this unpublished list? and why? and why wasn't I told?

It's obviously a generational thing. When I was a kid a golliwog was a much-loved soft toy. In fact, looking back, what must be one of my earliest memories is the recollection of cuddling my golliwog, the only solace I can recall during what modern social workers would call a chaotic childhood.

Mention "golliwog" and I get a warm feeling. How can that be racist?

4th Feb 2009, 11:35

..that's wot I say!!

Captain Speedbird
4th Feb 2009, 11:44

Personally I'm outraged...... :rolleyes:

Look at that white honkywog.

4th Feb 2009, 11:46
For all the harrumphing of the ‘PC gone mad’ brigade, I actually think it’s of relevance whether she made the comment about Andy Murray or an African player. To say that Andy Murray has hair like a golliwog (or to say that he looks like a golliwog when specifically referring to his hair) should be insulting to neither Mr Murray nor to persons of African descent. Maybe golliwogs might take offence.

To say that a black player resembles a golliwog would most certainly be insulting.

In general, my hackles rise at what I call ‘casual’ or passive racism, offhand remarks by generally well-educated people which are not overtly offensive but which clearly indicate an inherent prejudice on the part of the speaker. “Of course I mean no harm, I know lots of perfectly delightful Jews/Arabs/Black/Polish people”. That sort of thing (amplified through certain parts of the print media) feeds down to the bottom of the pond where racism is neither casual nor passive.

4th Feb 2009, 11:56
Went shopping with the wife t'other day and came across a soft furnishings shop selling a range of Golliwogs in various styles the label even included the name/word quite clearly.

Banned offensive word list:confused: where?

4th Feb 2009, 12:19
From the BBC, talking about a female squaddie, who is entering the Miss England competition.
When she joined the army five years ago, she turned up sporting blonde hair and a pink suitcase, which led to the nickname 'Combat Barbie'.

On a Channel 4 website, refering to Pamela Anderson.
Her perfect barbie doll figure has since appeared in numerous films

The Telegraph, refering to Zoe Salmon
Blue Peter has come a long way since Valerie Singleton, but do we really need a full-size Barbie doll presenting

So I assume that the people who wrote those articles will now be sacked.
After all, what is the difference between a golliwog and a barbie doll. (apart from the colour that is)

4th Feb 2009, 12:50
Golliwog, Golliwog, Golliwog, Golliwog, Golliwog.

There! Ban me if you like I don't care.

How on earth can a Golliwog be racially insulting? Its a children's doll for heaven's sake!

And anyone who thinks I'm a racist can visit me at home for a practical demonstration of racial integration.

Schools closing & buses kept in their garages because of a couple of inches of snow, people being sacked for saying Golliwog, questions in The House about a pale faced Upsy-Daisy when she ought to be brown, people going down from the office into the hangar required to wear a Hi-Viz vest. The whole world is going mad.

Rant, Rant, Golliwog, Rant!

4th Feb 2009, 12:54
Blacksheep? Baaa Baaa is all I can say to that!! :ok:

4th Feb 2009, 14:07
Bring back Margaret Thatcher!

4th Feb 2009, 14:08
NO!!! Let sleeping dogs lie!!!!

4th Feb 2009, 14:11
what a golly, I mean jolly, good idea

4th Feb 2009, 14:26
PCness doesn't seem to have reached ebay yet. Loads of Gollies for sale there.

Not just EBay my friend. I was in Southend (blast, I'm outed) just before Christmas and there was a shop selling them and they were doing a brisk trade.

tony draper
4th Feb 2009, 14:40
Wasn't there a story knocking about the media a while back of the Police visiting a shop and telling the owner to remove Gollies from the window?

4th Feb 2009, 14:42
More more Gollies please, I've got me set of the little ones, but I want Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana etc back:ok: As for the 'Windies' well we can send our Navy, but which one of the three we've got left ?:mad:

Hell, I'm in a good mood today, joy to the Commonwealth, bring all the **** aid payments back for US:mad::mad::mad::mad:

4th Feb 2009, 15:57
Thirty years ago - in the days of Starskie and Hutch for those who remember the vocabulary and - was it Huggy? - in that series, we had a Ghanain working in the office.

His regular daily party trick was to burst in and shout "Mornin' white trash!" Our response - was "Hi honky"

He complained to the management!

This really is a storm only because certain people are making it that way - and we are pandering to them.

and yes - I live near Droylsden - the home of the Robertsons Golly for generations, and where jam making only ceased in the last few months. It offended no-one except those who were determined to be offended after it had been around for almost a hundred years.

4th Feb 2009, 16:05
Golliwogs were a much loved and cherished toy of many a child and how many of us insisted our Mums got the marmalade so we could have our metal golly badges.
That was of course until the PC brigade told us we were all racist because we loved our little black toys :rolleyes:

4th Feb 2009, 16:56
Tucked away in my roof cupboard I have a metal golliwog money box where the man feeds himself (old) pennies.

Told it's worth quite a bit these days.

4th Feb 2009, 17:12
Its value is probably a bit like that of grade A cocaine.

Worth a lot of money to the right people, but if you try selling it you'll probably get locked up!

4th Feb 2009, 17:23
The story goes that many years ago Idi Amin wrote to the Queen complaining that he had not been invited to any of her garden parties and was retalliating by removing her image from Ugandan postage stamps. The Foreign office allegedly replied that 'they regretted Mr Amin's actions and would request that his image be removed from Robertson's jam jars'.
I still think it's funny - I'm not PC and never will be. Respect should be earned, not enforced. If someone, black or white looks like a golliwog, then I see nothing wrong with someone saying so. If this gets me banned, so be it! Am I bovvered? I ain't bovvered.

2 sheds
4th Feb 2009, 17:52
So these people with whom CT was chatting were offended, were they? Really? Why were they offended? Did they go home feeling a deep sense of personal offence? Pull the other one.

Alleged offence by proxy, more like, otherwise known as let's get one over on CT.

And if it is so offensive, why is the BBC taking every opportunity to repeat the "offensive" word? Hardly logical.

4th Feb 2009, 19:19
I would hardly describe 'The One Show' as 'top BBC show', more like 'Crass BBC show'

My vote goes to bring back CT.:ok:

Sir George Cayley
4th Feb 2009, 19:21
Jehovah ! Jehovah ! Jehovah !

You'll only make it worse :*

How can being stoned to death be made worse?

I think Ms C Thatcher is a pompous arse with a big arse, but any reference to historical figures cannot be denied in an open society.

Otherwise, we go down the root of disfiguring images of previous leaders/gods/pop stars/ bimbettes who have fallen from grace.

Teddy Bears stem from one Edward Roosevelt who liked to kill them. Should we ban them?

Andy Pandy slept with Loobie Loo and Teddy in a wicker basket :eek: Peedo or what. Hammy, Ratty et al were forced to sit in various boatlettes whilst their exploits were anthromorphoperiseds or summat loike that. Banned?

I was onced admonished for using the phrase "nitty gritty" in a meeting. It was explained that black people were offended by the words due to their slave -rape connotations. I was mortified. Afterwards one of my black collegues approached me and said "News to me!" The day after the PM uttered the same phrase on TV.

I find the phrase "Taxable income" highly offensive and have suffered many sleepless nights as a result of hearing this from government employees. Maybe those of us affected should seek retribution? Starting with that **** Darling/ Sorry did I say ****? No offence.

Sir George Cayley

4th Feb 2009, 20:13
Did anyone else notice the lawyer trotted out on Beeb News to complain - the one with a hairstyle like a . . . . . toy I had as a small boy in a more innocent age?

Did we ever!! Not laughed so much for ages; the missus almost wet herself. :D

I think he was an employment lawyer. They must have found him deliberately. For those who didn't see him, he was white, round faced and had a certain hairstyle that stuck out a mile.

A colleague of mine of African parentage was very strongly against the removal of the golliwog toys from the shops. He wanted one for his kids and claimed he was being discriminated against by having to buy them a white skinned doll with straight hair.

4th Feb 2009, 20:15
No I'm not a paragon of political corectness, I'm just an ordinary bloke who can see the bleedin' obvious and find it disheartening that so many others completely fail to.

The golliwog is an outdated caricature of the black man as a slightly ridiculous, not-quite-human figure of fun. If I were black I would be very uncomfortable with it. Like the Black & White Minstrel Show, or those Black Sambo moneyboxes that tipped a penny into the n1gger's mouth - they are insulting. If you can't distinguish between a golliwog and a teddy bear or a Barbie doll you're a little bit short in the grasp department.

It doesn't matter in the slightest that you cuddled one when you were a kid or harrassed your Ma for the labels so you could get a badge. The world has grown up a bit since then and maybe you should too.

The (European) city I live in, when I first visited it in my 20s, had street-corner bars with big signs on the door 'No Blacks'. The echoes of that sort of prejudice are still very much in evidence, and so is the narrow-mindedness that feeds that prejudice.

4th Feb 2009, 20:23
Perhaps a doll of Mr Punch should be banned for having a big nose and carrying a stick. Or Barbie, for having a slim figure, making all girls think anorexic and for ruining their innocence. Or Action Man for glamourising war. Or Sooty and Sweep for making fun of speech impediments. Or Postman Pat for being ginger.

4th Feb 2009, 20:26
See what I mean?

4th Feb 2009, 20:38
No, that connection is in your mind, but not everyone's.

amber 1
4th Feb 2009, 21:15
Heard that it was Jo Brand who was offended by CT's golliwog remark?

4th Feb 2009, 21:16
I think alot of this comes from generational differences. Tough there are a few unashamably ignorant remarks in this thread, to most 'gollywog' seems to signfy a plesant childhood doll., and like a previous respondent posted; if the remark was in simply in reference to the hair of andy murray, then ican sympathise with the confusion. However, Seeing as most posters appear to be two or three times my age, please provide some understanding when i say that to me your endearing term of petulant past is the same phrase taunted at my parents as they made their daily 'run' to and from school, an incivility that i still see they resent.
Serously how hard is it to comprehend that just because you personally dont take offence to a situation, doesnt mean in situation is inoffensive.

4th Feb 2009, 21:30
Heard that it was Jo Brand who was offended by CT's golliwog remark?

Why was it a f*t lefty opinionated GW?

4th Feb 2009, 22:00
Jo Brand is herself being investigated over comments she recently made. Any connection or other agenda, I wonder?

Adrian Chiles - also in the news about a relationship matter.

I don't condone any of them, or CT for that matter.

Is this because her name is THATCHER? Comments made about her mother by a BBC radio presenter this morning suggest there is some sort of vendetta within those walls. Surely that's discrimination?

4th Feb 2009, 22:06
Heard that it was Jo Brand who was offended by CT's golliwog remark?
Possibly the only group of 'abused' people that she doesn't belong to is she isn't black . . .

Warning! (may offend):- YouTube - Little Black Sambo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSfGvptL_TY)

4th Feb 2009, 22:56
The world has grown up a bit since then and maybe you should too.

Total tosh I'm afraid. The world may well have advanced scientifically, economically and technically over the last fifty years but in common sense and behavioural terms it has gone backwards at a rapid rate.

5th Feb 2009, 08:59
He complained to the management!

During the war - don't ask - WAAF erk brought a radio in for repair, Sgt. asked what was wrong with it, WAAF said " it's f***ed " Sgt. said - " Well, put the little bastard over there "

WAAF reported the Sgt. for using bad language.

World's always been mad.

Flap 5
5th Feb 2009, 09:06
Jo Brand is a comedian. She uses a fair amount of risky material herself. Nothing wrong with that but it does bring to mind the phrase pot calling kettle black - or would that offend because of the word 'black'?

It seems that we are all having to atone for the sins of the past when ethnically challenged people were treated badly.

5th Feb 2009, 09:11
Bring back the black and white minstrels, I demand it. :ok:

Effluent Man
5th Feb 2009, 10:50
The civil rights guy wheeled out to comment was a wonderful touch,wild curly hair in an afro mop.He looked really mad.

I don't think that the fact it was CT was relevant,the PC brigade would have gone crazy whoever had said it.

I understand their arguments absolutely,I just don't accept them.I will laugh as much as anyone at the stuff they label racist and I readily admit to Islamaphobia, although whether phobic is the right word when the exponents are openly declaring that they want to wage religious war on you.

Nevetheless whenever I come into contact with someone who is not of my own race I am extremely careful to be as friendly and considerate as I would be to a white person.I guess this is probably the case with the vast majority of those who share a similarly relaxed view of this particular issue.

tony draper
5th Feb 2009, 10:54
But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

5th Feb 2009, 11:23
All reference to her has been expunged from the One Show website ... Carol Who? However, let's see how long it takes for her image to be air-brushed out of the group photograph!

I await her early appearance on The Wright Stuff, on which she is also a regular.

tony draper
5th Feb 2009, 11:29
Of course the Ministry of Truth will make her a Unperson.:)

5th Feb 2009, 11:49
Andy Pandy slept with Loobie Loo and Teddy in a wicker basket No! Andy and Teddy slept in the basket, Looby Loo slept in the cupboard. When Andy was locked in the cupboard with Looby Loo one week, one member (Lady Astor?) was so deeply offended, she raised the matter in Parliament. The relationship between Andy and Teddy attracted no comment at the time. Such things weren't mentioned: what they got up to in private was their own business and was only illegal if they performed any untoward acts in a public place. And Muffin the Mule was (and still is of course), illegal.

But we digress. I've spent many years being called by insulting names - gweilo (foreign devil) round-eye (self explanatory) orang puteh (white man or honky) and worst of all - 'Johhny' on a daily basis. It is one of those things one puts up with when living as a minority among a prejudiced majority. I never complained, what's the point?

But what if granddaughter No.1 wishes to play with her Golliwog in public? How many real people do you see walking the streets in a yellow waistcoat, bright blue jacket and candy-striped trousers? (outside the USA I mean :suspect: )

And if a dark complexioned toy has somehow become offensive, how long before Upsy Daisy is banned? I can think of several female sports stars that she might resemble.

5th Feb 2009, 12:27
Even the gift shop on the Sandringham Estate makes politically incorrect mistakes.
BBC NEWS | UK | Queen's shop removes golliwog toy (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7871193.stm)

5th Feb 2009, 14:10
If these toys are getting scarce, there must be a black market for them!

5th Feb 2009, 14:20
I guess for the "anti - PC" crowd any action again offensive or clearly racist words is "PC" as long as the targets are non - whites. Its just "humour" :rolleyes:

Gee ... I wonder how they might react if they might put themselves in the shoes of a black or other "ethnic" person. I doubt they would find too much humor.

However I do agree that sometimes like Prince Harry's "paki" use to by all accounts a friend training with him , the media has nothing else to do but create controversy over nothing.

Flap 5
5th Feb 2009, 15:49
I've spent many years being called by insulting names - gweilo (foreign devil) round-eye (self explanatory) orang puteh (white man or honky) and worst of all - 'Johhny' on a daily basis. It is one of those things one puts up with when living as a minority among a prejudiced majority. I never complained, what's the point?

Indeed many out there (flankerpilot) think it's just non whites who get called names. In fact in Hong Kong you have to be of ethnic chinese origin to to be able to get a Permanent ID card. That is officially sanctioned racism and would be against the law in Britain. Oh how they must laugh at the goings-on in Britain! It is quite common in Africa and Asia to call each other and foreigners much worse things than golliwog, or some other such innocuous name. Yes it is innocuous to me and is intended to be so if used.

Captain Stable
5th Feb 2009, 15:53
Yes it is innocuous to me and is intended to be so if used.The question then arises, Flap, as to whether you are non-white? If you are white, then it matters not one whit how you perceive the word. It also matters not much less whether offence is intended to be caused. What matters is whether or not offence is caused to non-whites.

Flap 5
5th Feb 2009, 15:58
Most intelligent, sensible non whites will say that it is the intention of the person saying a name or word that counts. There are others who take advantage of a perceived racism which just isn't there. That is it becomes an excuse.

B Sousa
5th Feb 2009, 16:07
If you are white, then it matters not one whit how you perceive the word

Seems to be in fashion that only whites can insult non-whites. The reverse is just deserved comments....:ugh:
I certainly dont feel guilty about being white and for some reason I have been called a long list of various "racist" names, but for some reason that does not bother me....... Throw one the other way and wow, check the reaction.........

5th Feb 2009, 16:35
I don't recall any action being taken against Anne Robinson when she made disparaging remarks about the Welsh.

5th Feb 2009, 16:55
Because they deserve it?

5th Feb 2009, 17:20
Thanks Norm, that seems quite a reasonable explaination

5th Feb 2009, 17:28
If the UK had to appoint a "Great Offender" or "Offender Laureate", then surely Jo Brand would be a suitable candidate.

5th Feb 2009, 19:03
A great nomination.
She's well versed in dealing with the lame of brain.

5th Feb 2009, 20:05
I've got two Sambo cast iron money boxes.

I suppose the PC squad would like them melted down.:ugh:

tony draper
5th Feb 2009, 20:42
Interesting report re Newcastle United Footy club on the local news tonight,the fans are not happy with the manager who apparently hails from Londinium,they interviewed two fans with
emblazoned in large letters on their tee shirts.
How come this is not insulting to a minority ie cockneys? :E

5th Feb 2009, 20:55
"I certainly dont feel guilty about being white and for some reason I have been called a long list of various "racist" names, but for some reason that does not bother me."

And what/who called you the long list of racist names ? No offence but I am curious.

Its 99% of the time , the other way around.

Case in point , take a look at the number of white supremacist/neo nazi/KKK organisations or internet forums (who almost always advocate a mass extermination/genocide of jews and other "subhuman" non whites) to any "non-white" organisation who actually call for ethnic cleansing of white people or have similar ideas like white supremacists or neo nazis.

Standard Noise
5th Feb 2009, 22:31
How come this is not insulting to a minority ie cockneys?

How could it be offensive? Ashley is white. Yer allowed to offend whiteys. The PC brigade says so.

5th Feb 2009, 22:33
We're talking about Golliwogs, not ethnic cleansing rahul... :rolleyes:

Mrs BS used to be called "Golliwog" by her cousin. She found it amusing and still does. Especially since the cousin in question has curly hair and she doesn't. Anti-racism seems to have become an industrial offshoot of tree-huggery and 'Elf n Safetyism in UK. The same applies in the case of making fun of fat people, thin people, tall people, short people, people with big noses, people with big ears and people with ginger hair.

Proud to be Round-eye, Gweilo, Orang-Puteh White-Trash, Johnny not in the least bit offended Blacksheep.

Standard Noise
5th Feb 2009, 22:41
Wifey tells me that the local National Trust shop still sells 'em.
Common sense prevails in a much loved institution.

6th Feb 2009, 00:02
But probably not for much longer Standard; the gift shop at Sandringham withdrew Gollies for sale today.



6th Feb 2009, 04:45
Met CT a couple of years ago. She did a balloon flight with us here. We ended up having brekkers with her:) A pleasant time was had by all...However if it had been mumsie, things would have turned out differently:*- The proximity of the hotel pool would have been too tempting...

As to names for whiteys, we're known as Nangachattas here- It apparently means 'Big Noses' ;)

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Feb 2009, 04:50
Most Pythonesque.

"Oi! Big Nose....!":}

6th Feb 2009, 09:54
Dear Jeremy is curently being castigated by some berk of a Labour MP for calling Gormless Gordon a "one-eyed, Scottish lier".

Let us apply the rules of libel here.

One-eyed ? Sadly, yes he is.

Scottish ? I believe also.

A lier ? Reasonably accurate statement.

No case to answer Jeremy ! Keep telling it like it is. Just don't call him a Scottywog or the BBC will be up in arms.

Flap 5
6th Feb 2009, 10:14
Well, the scots call the english a fair number of names. There was a poor woman who was assaulted recently just for being english.

It's also nothing compared to what the Rangers and Celtic fans call each other.

I thought that MP's had thicker skins. Oh, hang on, they do have thick skins, this is just the MP making a point for media consumption.

Beatriz Fontana
6th Feb 2009, 11:42
Wait for the backlash. This is the same PM that was allegedly complaining about cartoonists making him look fat...!

Once again, it's all out of context. Clarkson's act is his controversy. He was at a live gig in Australia, where I would presume - having many Aussie mates - any gags taking the pish out of the Brits would go down well. I've just seen the clip and it's rather funny.

Scottish Labour should concentrate on looking after their constituents and not waste time getting upset about a comment at the other side of the world.

6th Feb 2009, 11:56
As I read the article he called Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot", the lying bit came later.

I do not see what all the fuss is about, Clarkson just told the truth as he, and many other people, see it.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Clarkson PM insult 'unforgivable' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7873624.stm)

icarus sun
6th Feb 2009, 12:09
Clarkson told the truth,about time people tell it as it is. If PM thinks its untrue sue. Not very likely as he would have to give evidence under oath.

6th Feb 2009, 12:09
Slight thread creep but is it true that the person who 'fingered' Carole Thatcher for saying some tennis player looked like her favourite gollywog was none other than Adrian Chiles, the presenter of the show Carole Thatcher had just been on. Green Room chat is not broadcast.

Anyway Jeremy Clarkson was not telling lies. And he was in Australia.

6th Feb 2009, 12:13
aviate - no. It was Jo Brand.

tony draper
6th Feb 2009, 12:29
Clarkson has upset some Greek bloke as well.

Right Way Up
6th Feb 2009, 12:49
I reckon liar was a little far fetched from Jeremy. Surely it takes a modicum of intelligence to be able to lie!

6th Feb 2009, 13:25
Strikes me that Clarkson ought to stand as an Independent MP in the next (English) by-election.

He'd get my vote.

6th Feb 2009, 13:37
Clarkson? I'd rather vote for a rabid dog than vote for
that self opinionated tosser!
If he had a brain he'd be bloody dangerous!! W*nker.

6th Feb 2009, 13:42
Get back to your crochet Storminnorm.

6th Feb 2009, 13:45
Sir Jeremy Clarkson.....any bets?

Not only is Brown....like wot Clarkson said, Brown also hates the English. :}

6th Feb 2009, 13:47
I'll take that bet! DEPORTED Clarkson would be better!

How did you know about my hobby Silsoe? :confused:

Brown MAY hate the English, but it's mutual, so it's OK!!!

Len Ganley
6th Feb 2009, 14:10
Flap 5
Well, the scots call the english a fair number of names. There was a poor woman who was assaulted recently just for being english.

It's not all one way traffic. I and a number of colleagues have been verbally abused (and in one case seriously assaulted) for the heinous crime of daring to be Scottish in England.

As long as people in the public eye like Clarkson keep using nationality as a form of abuse it gives it a level of legitimacy to the knuckle-draggers on both sides.

6th Feb 2009, 14:19
I do have a serious confession to make.
I used to play the drum in a Pipe Band.
I can only plead a form of insanity at the time.
I was only 18. :ugh:

Burnt Fishtrousers
6th Feb 2009, 14:23
I would suggest an optically challenged C**t who is economic with the truth...of course you could insert the "un" or the "el" depending on your viewpoint...

6th Feb 2009, 14:24
It's the RNIB that has a problem with JC, not the scotch.

I'm sure he has said the same remark on TG, we just happen to be in a time of anti-celebrity at the moment, with the press so scared to comment sensibly or just ignore it as the non story that it is.

Sky has just shown the JC remark even during an article about the French PM, who said that Browns interest rate cuts would not be a mistake he would be making.

"As funny as a toothache", Kay Burley says.

As funny as a C-17 coming into Birmingham airport on Wednesday evening with a fleet of 8+ ambulances waiting for it perhaps....but that isn't worthy of news is it? :mad:

6th Feb 2009, 14:27
As funny as a C-17 coming into Birmingham airport on Wednesday evening with a fleet of 8+ ambulances waiting for it perhaps....but that isn't worthy of news is it?

Well said Sid. The things we get all bent out of shape over in this place are strange indeed.

6th Feb 2009, 14:33
Well, as a statement of facts, what he said was spot on.

6th Feb 2009, 14:48
Kay Burley over on Sky News really seems to enjoy repeating JCs remark.

Perhaps I should rewind Sky+ and complain about the number of times she has said it. JC only said it once and has already apologised.

6th Feb 2009, 14:55
I used to play the drum in a Pipe Band.

That was exceedingly brave of you Norm to admit to that.
As it happens I love the Pipes so we're still mates, can't vouch for the rest though.
Agree totally with you re. Clarkson

6th Feb 2009, 15:10
Thank you goudie, I'm sure there are many others that
think the same about JC.
Not many others that will 'fess up to the pipe band bit tho'.

6th Feb 2009, 15:27
I note the BBC aren't letting people "Have your say" on this particular piece of non-news, I wonder why... :ok:

Standard Noise
6th Feb 2009, 15:44
Cos they're lefty tree hugging Noo Labour w4nkers, that's why!

6th Feb 2009, 16:00
Indeed, well observed about have-your-say!

I read the article.

I didn't, of course, have to. They should have a little subtitle at the top which says

"Story produced by BBC auto-story-generator 2009"

The operating directives of that particular program being to

a) Seek a recent amusing quote from anyone vaguely famous.

b) Find a special interest group which might, conceivably be offended. Start at the most directly relevant (i.e. Campaign for the advancement of one-eyed Scots) and work backward.

c) Call said group's spokesperson and suggest that quote-from-famous-person is likely a symptom of underlying institutional something-or-other and prime justification for the need for the existence of special interest groups. Perhaps they'd like to go on record as finding this awfully offensive and calling for famous-person to be sacked?

d) If this fails, try an MP; they always need to justify themselves.

e) Quote special interest group response, an MP, or both, and post story to BBC website.

6th Feb 2009, 16:13
Personally, I much prefer this report on the incident .
CLARKSON FACTUALLY CORRECT - The Daily Mash (http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/clarkson-factually-correct-200902061562/)

I know what name I shall be using when referring to Mr Brown from now on!

Lon More
6th Feb 2009, 16:23
I would hesitate to call Clarkson two faced, if he was he wouldn't be wearing the one he does, but to praise any car that is fast and noisy on the one hand and to advocate stringing wire across a road at neck height to catch out unwary bikers who dare disturb his Sunday hangover is unacceptable http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/sheep.gif

Top Gear used to be a good programmer, now sunk below the level of puerile schoolboy humour.
If the http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/masturbate.gif likes Australia I hope he stays there; good bait for box jellyfish

6th Feb 2009, 16:30
I think I'd like to second that!!!

Standard Noise
6th Feb 2009, 16:31
I quite liked the amalgamation of two names on The Mash - 'Winky McF*cknut, the kilted Shitwit' sounds as good as Clarkson's suggestion.

6th Feb 2009, 16:44
I think I'd like to second that!!!

Me too
Clarkson really is way up his own @rsehole,
and his hair reminds me of a golliwog

Lon More
6th Feb 2009, 16:51
his hair reminds me of a golliwog

For the PC brigade maybe a "Woolly Gog" is better?


6th Feb 2009, 16:54
Woops!!! JC has just apologised! Someone must have explained the meaning of the word slander and the possibility of a phone call to the DG re a possible failure to renew a contract.

Jimmy Macintosh
6th Feb 2009, 17:30
Love it...

"Or if he had wandered around the stage with one eye shut, bumping into things while sticking his tongue inside his bottom lip and banging the backs of his hands together while screaming 'och aye the noo, I'm Gordon the spazzy', then yes, that is perhaps going a bit too far."

6th Feb 2009, 17:45
For all the problems Broon has caused, I defy anyone to trace either of them back to either his nationality or his eyesight. I don't blame the English for Clarkson either: he'd be a Dick if he was born in Dubai, I think.

Besides, Broon still has both his eyes, physically speaking: one of them can't get through to the switchboard. :ouch:

6th Feb 2009, 17:47
JC has just apologised! Someone must have explained the meaning of the word slander

mmm, I don't think so. JC apologised about his comments about Broons appearance; nothing more and nothing less.

Also slander -
dictionary definition - a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report

so let's look at what was said:

"one-eyed..." well that's true so that can't be slander.
"scottish..." mmm, that's true as well.
"idiot..." subjective statement so its' truth is a personal opinion.

Not slander by my definition, more like an accurate statement of fact.


6th Feb 2009, 18:11
you just cant buy this amount of publicity ;)

6th Feb 2009, 18:48
I REALLY wouldn't want to buy that ammount of publicity.

6th Feb 2009, 18:55
Now wee Gordie is trying do his best .. But at the end of the day all Politicians are liars ... Remember the man in the gray flannel suit .. Major! He had a gray face and gray hair .. aren't they all just driech! pmsl .. Clarkson! Your welcome to my party anytime .. Keep up the good work .. x

Doors to Automatic
6th Feb 2009, 19:16
id⋅i⋅ot   /ˈɪdiət/ [id-ee-uht]

–noun 1. an utterly foolish or senseless person.

2. Psychology. a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.

That sounds like our favourite unelected control freak. :ok:

On the 6pm BBC News Fiona Bruce was struggling to keep a straight face as she said the words "one-eyed Scottish idiot" :p

Beatriz Fontana
6th Feb 2009, 19:24
Here's a question, surely anyone who wasn't blind would've noticed that the Union Flag was upside down on a desk in front of you...? Cue diplomatic incident. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7866938.stm)

That's idiotic.

And our PM is Scottish.


Ivor Fynn
6th Feb 2009, 19:32
Perhaps if JC had just refered to him as Cyclops as most of HM Forces do he would have been alright!!


6th Feb 2009, 20:44
Clarkson you should know,
"In the land of the blind,the one eyed man is the king"

6th Feb 2009, 20:49
clarkson does have a first class wit you have to admit .. lols x

6th Feb 2009, 21:44

The RNIB and the Scottish have demanded an apology for being associated with D'our Gordon.

Poor barsteward.... nobody wants to their name linked with his....

6th Feb 2009, 21:48
The RNIB and the Scottish have demanded an apology for being associated with D'our Gordon.
What about us idiots?

6th Feb 2009, 21:53
I used to like Clarkson in his early days when Top Gear was a real motorists show.

Now, for me, he's down there with Woss and Brand in the pillock club.

Pappa Smurf
6th Feb 2009, 22:39
Good on him i say.
I reckon more people like him than dont.

Whats happening to the British these days,losing their sense of humour,taking things too seriously.

Whats the world coming to.

6th Feb 2009, 22:48
Tonight, I have read an item that accuses Brown of being an oxygen thief, I think that is unfair considering the effort he expends in obtaining his oxygen.

6th Feb 2009, 23:48
I've had enough of listening to people forced to say sorry for off the cuff remarks (mostly that I find funny).
Numerous individuals are being castigated in the UK media for saying quite humerous remarks that may upset the sensibilitys of jumped up twats. To think that we pride ourselves on being the birthplace of free speach!
Hopefully Clarkson won't appologise particularily to the over sensitive representative of the blind FFS.

Edit to say Bankers and Gordon Brown should start saying sorry!

7th Feb 2009, 16:12
The Daily Mash: CLARKSON FACTUALLY CORRECT (http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/clarkson-factually-correct-200902061562/) :} :O:O


7th Feb 2009, 19:49
Going back to the BBC and CT- I have just watched a video- BBC all over the box so I guess they have something to do with it where a character called the Major talks of taking someone to see India- at the Oval and the words "Niggers"and "Wogs" are freely used to differenciate between Indians and West Indians. NO ONE TOOK OFFENCE THEN- It's in an episode of Fawlty Towers!:ok: