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3rd Feb 2009, 01:23
this more or less for the vikings...scandinavians. A blunt (girly)flight to the land of 'don't frick us..you'll regret it' plp...
.Dailymotion - Flight to Afghanistan.., a video from fhegner. woman, flight, smallplane, Afghanistan (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/kiW4MhCWM4Xzal66hy)

3rd Feb 2009, 02:28
fhegner, interesting video. My Danish is terribly rusty.... was she forced to courier her aircraft back by the Danish government?

That flight from Copenhagen to Kabul must have been incredible.

3rd Feb 2009, 07:50
Trying to translate some of it.

After the US something in Doha Qatar says they need to get approval from different authorities,
she says: "Whats the possibility for us, that they will scramble and intercept us?, lets try it anyway"

Man: "We arent on any lists that we will arrive, and they have AWACS in the air, but we hope they will think twice before launchin missiles, But what im most afraid of is the ground troops, because they also dont know of our presence.

Interwiever, to woman: "Are you afraid?"
Woman: "no but im thirsty" - "I think its an interresting situation im in" .
woman in airplane ready to depart: "okay it's going to be VFR from somwhere to somewhere in afghanistan, without the USAF approval" - "Flight time, 2h15m"

Airborne: "Now we are flying illegally into a war zone, without approval from the USAF, the radar airplane is going to spot us. There will be three possibilities, 1. They will scramble some fighters which will force us to turn back to Iran. 2. They will shoot us down. 3. We will make it all the way to Herat in Afghanistan. My strategi will be to transmit in the blind, like im here legally.
When the AWACS responds, I'll pretend that i cant hear them, my hope is then the confusion will be so great that I will have time to land in Herat before action is taken."

Radio comm in english.

Woman: "Thats the AWACS, but it's not for me.

Radio comm in english presumably the AWACS.

Man: "thats you hes calling.
Woman: "Yes, There you can see the border. This R on the tranponder shows, that the Radar is locked on to us, normally this R turns on and off, because the radar only looks at you once in a while, but its illumination continously so they are locked on to us. Im gonna make a call now.
Now we are getting closer, there you have Herat. There is the airport, we are flying over Herat City now."
Man: "Here we are complete illegal. completely crazy" shaking hands.
Woman: "switching to Herat Tower"
On the ground:
Woman: "there seems to be a person walking around in there, watch out he a soldier, hide the camera"

some commotion going on in the airport, all in english.

Woman in town: "the gas looks very dark, not very clean, but the can itself is okay :ok:"

Upon staring up: "Now the battery is almost out, it sounds very strange, like the starter is still engaged, The oil is completely stiff, its cold :ooh:, im thinking about draining the oil, heating it up and pouring it back into the engine"

Talking to the lokals.

Man: "are you nervous?"
Woman: "Yes im nervous about the flight, I think the aircraft is to heavy, just taking off from here, at 7xxxFt its so high i dont even have any performance charts in the POH covering these altitudes. I hope that during the day, the wind will turn, so its out of the west which will help us getting over the mountain :ok:, then the wind will Push the aircraft over the mountain.
Dusting off the wing: "ups, just need to fix this with some tape :\, It's so cold the the wings are cracking.

Airborne: "just on the other side of this mountain is Kabul, looking forward to landing, we have been airborn for 30m and are now at this 30mile mark, in front of us there is a rock bump, which im a bit worried about, im not bringin a lot of fuel, and the right side fuel tank is almost empty, I've been flying for ½h on the right fuel tank, and the left i should have minimum 2h.
It's not that there is a lot of emergencie landing areas around here, bla bla bla, im pretty concentrated flying in these mountain (the highest point in Denmark is around 400'MSL :}) blablabla, ooops, now we ran out of fuel :eek:, now I have to switch fuel tank, blablablabla, 10.500feet to clear the mountain. jubiiii we made it over the mountain :D, 11.800feet in this old piece of junk, blablabla Im landed at Kabul, ive managed to fly from CPH to Kabul.

Talking after the flight with the girl: "blablabla, it might be crazy for me to do this, it might be a wish of having a freind while in school or something else blablabla"

a lot of just letting out warm air, I didnt think i would get this far, and have not plans for how to get out of here again, the possibility for me to fly home is none existant, "you can **** the US military once, but not twice"

and here i was thinking that this little girl would be the first woman pilot in afghanistan, but it seems that there is already to girls flying heli's for the military.

the plane got shipped back to Denmark 8 months after leaving Denmark.

Pilot was Simone AAberg Kaern

did my best to translate it, good luck with reading it :O

And she wasnt forced by the Danish gorvernment, but the US army, since they didnt want her to fly around the afghan airspace anymore :hmm:

3rd Feb 2009, 11:19
Very interesting video fhegner. Really enjoyed watching it.
Mind boggling at the end, where the Danish pilot who has flown all the way from Denmark in this tiny airplane gets the helicopter flight set up for the Afghan girl who doesn´t attend because her uncle is sick and tells her not to. :confused:

Sobering end to a fantastic journey.

Say again s l o w l y
3rd Feb 2009, 11:36
This was shown in a documentary here a couple of years ago. I think on Channel 4. Very interesting stuff.

3rd Feb 2009, 17:20
Thanks for the translation Stoey.

It's been over 8 years since my 'Laer taeler Dansk' ;-)

4th Feb 2009, 16:53
Thanks Stoey for the translation....As Sas pointed out, this trip was done a few (4-5?) years ago. I don't think is healthy, female or not, doing it nowadays. Btw: I had the pleasure to follow the same route overland in the '70ties...took 3 weeks though and yes, our oil/diesel went stiff as well! The Turks/Afghans have a simple resolution : make a SMALL fire under the engine...trucks/cars and motorbikes only! (eh...when you see a burning vehicle wintertime in the Hindukush, is't often not a bomb...)

4th Feb 2009, 17:18
Hi BD...
Yes danish it not that easy...maybe thats why only 5 millions speaks it:
Let my take the chance to refress you lessons: 'Lærer at tale Dansk' almost got it right:ok:[thats learn(ing) to speak Dansk... in danish, to rest of the 5,995,000,000 plp]

4th Feb 2009, 18:37
Thanks fhegner, now I remember! :ok:

I made it a condition of a contract many moons ago that they had to give me Danish lessons. Two hours, twice per week, cost of lessons and time paid for. What a deal!

Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to spend an evening speaking solely Danish, it was my leaving drinks at the end of my (short) contract, and that was over 7 years ago. Such a shame, but it was a great experience, and Copenhagen in the summer.... :E

I still remember a few good phrases, but none appropriate to post on PPRuNe. :p

4th Feb 2009, 19:49
I note that one caption, in English, says she is flying a 'privet' plane. She must have been hedging her bets!:O

Good film, however. Thanks fhegner

4th Feb 2009, 22:38
Brrdd....One of the paradocs here in the 'not so high north', is that just as pleasant the summers are ... the winters are not ! (guess thats why being a pilot in Scandinavia is specially attractive).

Birrddog...I can't see any problem with the not so common danish phases here on pprune...I mean, as long as they were used in the cockpit..and not to offend the male/female cabincrew :}!

TB...I saw my misspell but forgot all about it. Privet...I did'nt know that word so i had some difficulties making sence of you post...until (thx google translate) I had the danish (and latin) meaning of the word: liguster.
But eh...not many liguster hedges in Kabul though...(last I think, is in Erzerum, Turkey).

Thx all of you for nice comments btw...

4th Feb 2009, 23:10
fhegner, the one phrase would be particularly suited in a cockpit, though has a 50/50 chance of offending the cabin crew, depending on whether or not the line is successful or not :E

I'll pm and you can tell me ;-)

6th Feb 2009, 12:01
I bet you:confused: the Russians with your "PRIVET" plane.
I'll leave it some clever person to explain.:ok: