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2nd Feb 2009, 20:52
Ok here's my project.

Draining the garden path.


Unfortunately, the path is out of action for at least 3months of the year. (When it's dark, women are witch like, and a man needs his shed most).


Now, the right thing to do would be to sink a load of drains, cover 'em with stone, and divert them to the bottom corner of the neighbour's garden.

But that sounds a little unfair, and tapping into drains is a little bit too complicated for me.

So, the idea is to get is to dig a bloomin big trench, lay as much hardcore (rubble, not porn), as I can get from Freecycle, and finish with a layer of "Crazy paving."

Of course it's only in the planning stage at this moment.

Any thought's, and descriptions of ones own projects to assist in shaking off the winter blues, most appreciated.


2nd Feb 2009, 21:02
Looks like a four pallet job. Bring , place, walk on.

2nd Feb 2009, 21:06
Thanks RT, the equivalent in here parts is to spend a shed load of on decking from B+Q, but must admit, more of a bricks and mortar man me'self:)

Wears a bit better.

Howard Hughes
3rd Feb 2009, 01:37
Move to Oz, sorted...:ok:

On a serious note, have you thought about diverting that water into a pond/frog habitat?

unstable load
3rd Feb 2009, 01:53
Good luck, ginger! Quite a task you have ahead of you. Dig the trench wider than the final path so you can slope the edges to prevent collapse of the sides. I would go down 2 feet and use builders rubble to build it up to about 4 inches below finished level and a layer of crushed stone on top of that up to the level of the concrete topping. Remember to compact it all nicely or it will sag.The ground water level is pretty high there! Do you have any rising damp problems?

5th Apr 2009, 08:29
Cheers chaps, took a bit of digging....ended up going a bit deeper than this.


'bout a spade and a half in the end but not 2 foot...


Filled with 5 trailer fulls of rubble off "Freecycle"

Few ton of road plannings aquired from a skip...


Even a lit path, courtesy of Joe the landscape gardener. (Pilots beware, the runway's a bit further up.)


Off today to borrow "Mick the Bricks" whacker plate.

Cost so far.

Rubble= 0
Lights= 1 curry
Plainnings=3 pints of bitter
Mick the Brick=10
Halogens 3 for a quid (B+Q)

As Hannibal (The A-team) says-

I love it when a plan comes together.:p

PS. Anyone know why my skin tingles and I get chest pain when I get in the swimming pool?

5th Apr 2009, 08:39
Looks posh. Now put a fireplace in the shed.

5th Apr 2009, 08:43

If that's yer dunny, it could do with some walls.

5th Apr 2009, 08:57
What's a dunny?

5th Apr 2009, 10:27
A dunny is how I feel right now. My spring project was to hack away at next door's Ivy that has grown over the dividing path & into my garden. Half an hour & job done.

Four days later, I look like thing from the fantastic four, my hands & wrists resemble the alps, my face has blown up so Ilook more like Mr. Blobby than normal & I've just come back from a pleasant morning in A&E and a nice Hydrocortisone injection washed down with a Piriton chaser.

Gardening eh? :uhoh:

5th Apr 2009, 20:12
Ah well, beer o'clock:cool:

5th Apr 2009, 20:32
Not for me thanks Gingernut, I'm on the Piriton:{ Bloody diy.

5th Apr 2009, 20:34
My project is dodging any suggestions by Mrs OFSO that I go down to our lower 45 (so called because it is 45 to the horizontal) and clear away fallen branches from our cork-oaks, repair the barbed-wire fence, build a new path, fix the gate, pacify Gomes's pregnant 15-year-old-daughter, and fight the dragon living in the cave by the riure (a stream running deep in a gully) because it always grows back anyway. The dragon, not the stream, although.....

Instead I propose remaining on our terrace high above it all, drinking pastis, stroking Buster Baggins the Cat, and occasionally looking down and going "tsk tsk tsk" between closed lips, in a disapproving manner.

5th Apr 2009, 20:48
Not for me thanks Gingernut, I'm on the Piritonhttp://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/boohoo.gif Bloody diy.

from Appendix 1: Interactions. The British National Formulary.

Note: Sedative interactions apply to a lesser extent to the non-sedating antihistamines.

Oh sorry mate, you're on the sedating ones.

Good health:)

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Apr 2009, 21:41
Getting the wings built for my aircraft. Engine arrived in three boxes and requires assembly pretty much from the ground up so that also needs doing. Waiting for the rest of the instruments to arrive.

Itching to have at it....:ok:

tony draper
5th Apr 2009, 21:55
Being a lateral thinker one has come up with another option,move the shed closer to the house say about one yard away from the back door thus obviating the need to construct a path to same.

5th Apr 2009, 22:39
Hmmm..... I disagree Mr Draper sire. Shirley the shed should be well out of reach from a slippered missus banging her mop handle on yer shed door? :uhoh: IMHO the shed should be at the furthest point possible from the hooose - only then can a man find peace of mind, no? :hmm:

Ginger? Halogen lights?! :ooh:
I think you've been a tad influenced by Diarmuid Gavin (http://www.pprune.org/diarmuid gavin)... :rolleyes:

5th Apr 2009, 23:55
I think the writing was on the wall (so to speak) before you commenced the construction of your retreat. IIRC your thread that you started (can't find it though) showed significant surface flooding before you dug the foundations.
Is there the remains of some stream flowing through your land?

BTW, what did you do with the spoil from the trench that you dug?

6th Apr 2009, 01:49
If that's yer dunny, it could do with some walls.

Thanks Hobo. I damn near fell off me Prunin' chair on that one. :D:D:D

Yamagata ken
6th Apr 2009, 02:05

That looks mighty like a Narfolk(ish) boulder clay soil to me. The problem is, these soils are so impermeable they simply won't drain.

Yesterday's project was to swap the fleet from winter to summer tyres. Today's is to clean the windows.

6th Apr 2009, 09:25
Aha, G-C, how very perceptive, there was indeed a stream running through the bottom of the garden about 60 years ago.


Shed seems ok though, made the base a 'bit proud.

6th Apr 2009, 10:50
Get my vintage Beesa on the road and registered...............................