View Full Version : Aviation-Themed Superbowl Opening

1st Feb 2009, 23:30
Was a nice touch to have hero Captain Sullenberger and his under noticed F/O and FAs there to kick-off the big game.

I also liked the fly by from the Pensacola AFB.

Now, if they could only keep this up, I might even watch the game.

1st Feb 2009, 23:41
Oops! Fly-by wasn't just for show. They mean business!

Link won't post, but the airspace above Tampa has been declared "restricted" during the game, and will be patrolled by air force fighter jets.

1st Feb 2009, 23:51
Linky doesn't work.

You're back, I note. Suitably chastened:=

(I hope not)

1st Feb 2009, 23:54
corsair, hi! Good to see you again!

Sorry about link. Try G**gling "Air Force fighters to fly patrols supporting Super Bowl XLIII (http://mt-milcom.*************/2009/01/air-force-fighters-to-fly-patrols.html)"

Um... lifting...
2nd Feb 2009, 00:34
Pensacola? Decidedly not. The Thunderbirds are based at Nellis AFB... Nevada. In fact, there IS no AFB in P-cola...
The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels typically alternate years. The Blues did it last year.

2nd Feb 2009, 08:43
Pepsicola is a Naval Air Station (NAS).:zzz:

2nd Feb 2009, 08:54
It is also the name of a really bad TV series (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0128889/) about Marine Pilots, but one I watched religiously in my "younger" days ;)

Well, anything for watching airyplanes fly...

2nd Feb 2009, 09:48
Superbowl? Is it something to do with that strange american padded rugby thing?

2nd Feb 2009, 17:17
Pepsicola? lol! "It's the Pensacola generation!"

I know I should have researched this before making an assumption.
Oh well. The worldly all-knowing members of Pprune are always there to correct any slip-up.

BTW, I vaguely remember "Pensacola - Wings of Gold." Fluff.

"Call to Glory" was a better series. A very unique show dealing with AF pilots and their families during the Cold War, with some great flying sequences to boot.

What made the series so unsual is the fact that it was not all "hawk." One memorable episode featured the chief character, war hero (Raynor Sarnac) who is ordered to do an investigation as to whether or not military action in Vietnam should be increased, as President Kennedy was questioning his chief military advisor. Before he can submit his report, the president is assassinated. Sarnac's report recommends that the U.S. not increase military involvement in Vietnam. Was a pretty chilling episode,
loaded with the "if only" factor.


2nd Feb 2009, 17:53
Is that the 'World Series' that, er, isn't played anywhere but the USA?

2nd Feb 2009, 18:36
Nope, the World Series is Baseball, I believe. :rolleyes: Not that winners of the SuperBowl don't also claim to be world champions...