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1st Feb 2009, 23:07
Anyone been to one? Used to look forward to them visiting NYC, novel idea, mostly all gone these days.


1st Feb 2009, 23:16
I did not have a clue what an "automat" was until I bought a book called "Things That Aren't Here Anymore."

I love the art deco design in that photo. If I remember the book correctly, there is only one remaining automat in NYC.

Too bad they have vanished. Certainly a better option to vending machines and fast food.

Lon More
2nd Feb 2009, 01:17
Still quite common here in NL in Fritures. A selection of hot snacks for those who don't want to wait.

Also quite big in Japan
Used schoolgirls' knickers

2nd Feb 2009, 01:59
Used schoolgirls' knickers
Perhaps you mean schoolgirls' used knickers?

They had automats in the mid 80s in Denmark for porn videos (so I'm told).

They also had note-operated petrol-pumps (24 hour service, even out in the sticks).

galaxy flyer
2nd Feb 2009, 02:58
As a kid, went to the Automat all the time. The Baked Beans were wonderful to 10 year-old. All gone now and have been for a long while.


2nd Feb 2009, 03:37
The automat's advantage was that each piece was handmade/different and gave the purchaser the option of waiting for something better in the next empty window.

Today's consumer is the automat themselves having been converted into a purchasing machine by mass transit ticket machine purchases requiring knowledge beforehand of exactly which button to push in order to avoid being crushed by the line behind.

2nd Feb 2009, 09:18
Still have them selling various things here in Belgium, from food to wine, from beer to condoms and vibrators (and that's just one place I know!!)