View Full Version : UK plc "shutdown"....and the 2009 BAFTA contenders !

Krystal n chips
1st Feb 2009, 07:14
Well if nothing else the television News broadcasts should be entertaining for the next few days as the "fearless, brave and intrepid ( "did you get my best profile in that last shot?" ) news "reporters" ":rolleyes: duly compete for this years BAFTA awards due to, shock!, horror!, snow in the UK and their ability to state the obvious to viewers as they report this rare occurence. Not that one should take the proverbial out of such heroic souls of course. :E

For overseas readers, UK plc will now be shutting down for a few days....you may be confused here as to why, but the answer is we are Brits, so we like to make life as difficult as possible and thus battle through the adversity...or, more pertinently, we just can't cope with a few cms of snow.

Please note also, the headline...."Southern Britain"....the rest of the UK being duly ignored here. :rolleyes:

BBC NEWS | UK | Southern Britain braces for snow (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7863374.stm)

I liked the bit about "as bad as 2003" and "motorists trapped on the M11"....erm, one minor detail that was not mentioned however. This concerns the clinically brain dead denizens of The Highways Agency,who sort of ignored the weather warnings..there was a programme about the event a couple of years ago and one of the "managers":mad: admitted as much....and found it oh, so, amusing.....so a reprise will no doubt be in order .

1st Feb 2009, 07:41
The last three Radio 4 weather forecasts this morning have used the terminology 'snow event'- and not ironically either.