View Full Version : What's with all the banner adverts asking if 'we are dreaming of a bigger pen*s'?

Roger Sofarover
1st Feb 2009, 01:16
I Thought I had come on to a porn site as the banners started opening! "Try Vimax Pills and get a bigger Penis"! All across the top of the page and down the side. Are they genuine or has the site been spammed? I have tried loading the site many times but it's the same banner adverts. The Professional Penis Resizing Network:}:}

1st Feb 2009, 01:39
Interesting. I just started getting penis reduction ads. They seem to be targetting users very closely now.

Seriously, since it's unlikely PPRuNe's ad partners carry such ads, there's a chance you've been botted. Er, downloaded any free software recently, especially video editing software?

You should check out Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool, run Trend's Housecall, Malwarebytes and/or SUPERAntiSpyware (the product is way better than the name). They will find something like a DNS changer Trojan.

If you don't find anything with the first product you try, keep going :-)

1st Feb 2009, 01:53
Roger Sofarover,

I had precisely the same issue! Do they also appear on other sites, particularly message boards or 'ad sites'?

I didn't think much of them to begin with. Although as time went on, I disliked seeing them there, but I couldn't be bothered downloading any more software in an attempt to remedy the problem.

And as the months rolled on, I grew to hate those adverts, the annoying way they alternated between text and pictures of grinning men and shocked women, yes I hated them indeed.

It pushed me to the point where I ended up rebooting my entire system off the master CD (the computer needed 'cleaning up' anyway).

Now, thank the lord, I may surf the net once again in peace, but I shall never forget the brief period in my life spent scrolling around the internet, watched silently by those well endowed men and sore women...


1st Feb 2009, 01:54
From what I sensed is that the PPrune ads mimic the content of the page that the reader is scanning.

Thus if you are reading a thread about cats in JB don't be surprised that one of the ads is for pussies galore mouthwash for men or something like that.

Roger Sofarover
1st Feb 2009, 02:00
Bushfiva, Reluctant737

Thanks, I thought at first is it the laptop or the site. The adverts appear in the same place and same size as all the normal banners on PPRuNe. I have not downloaded any form of software and I am only getting the adverts here (I think!! I will check some other chat boards). The last thing is, I run a Mac, which I was always told does not pick up this sort of stuff, viruses etc. MOD's maybe this could be moved to the computer/Tech forum.


Thats a good point, but it is not the tiny 'Google Ads', it is the main banners that are normally the Flight Schools, Recruitment Agencies etc"

1st Feb 2009, 02:07
Oh, OK. You may want to read up on OSX.RSPlug.A and consider running "DNSChanger Removal Tool" on the off-chance the DNS caches of your ISP or PPrune haven't been poisoned.

Thinks: ah, I'm not seeing the ads so Pprune's cache is OK. :}

Re Macs, if you do get trojaned, it is typically the Vimax one.

Roger Sofarover
1st Feb 2009, 02:32

Thanks, it is starting to make sense from what you say. It is only Prune it is happening on, I have checked 5 other chat forums, all are running at normal speed as well, but this site has slowed down to a snail pace. I will try

You may want to read up on OSX.RSPlug.A and consider running "DNSChanger Removal Tool" on the off-chance the DNS caches of your ISP or PPrune haven't been poisoned.

What you said:ok:

Further, everyday is a school day. I didn't even know that Macs could get trojaned. Thanks

1st Feb 2009, 02:37
Further, everyday is a school day. I didn't even know that Macs could get trojaned

Macs are the new Winblows. As more people buy them because the are pretty/don't get malware, the VX'ers start writing malware for them (They've been left alone until recent times because the user base was so small).

After all, if they were so safe and secure Apple would not release security patches for them periodically, would they!

Just be careful out there, especially with strange emails.

Roger Sofarover
1st Feb 2009, 02:59


It gets more interesting. I cleared all cookies, cleared the caches. When I came back to Prune without logging on, all was well, back to the normal banners. As soon as I logged on with my user name, back to the Penis enlargement adverts from Vimax. I don't have enough knowledge, any ideas now?

1st Feb 2009, 03:21
Did you check for a trojan? Did you restart after using it? Who is your ISP? If you're comfortable messing with your computer, you could try Open System Preferences > Network > Configure > TCP/IP (or similar) and paste these two DNS server addresses in:

(Remember the old settings, though, to reverse the procedure)

1st Feb 2009, 04:16
Roger Sofarover,

Perhaps I spoke too soon! I have just noticed, amongst all the text, advertisements, smileys etc - that under one of your posts here is a Google Ad.

Ok, all the normal stuff, specifically 'Commercial Pilots', 'Light Aircraft', 'Aviation Courses'...

And then I saw it, at the very top, 'Get Bigger'...


I'm going to be thinking about that all over Europe today... Guys, if a 737 goes down somewhere near the Alps or out Slovakia way today, the cause is probably 'Pilot distraction. Re. penis enlargement advertising'... perhaps that could see the end of it!

I'll be careful...

1st Feb 2009, 04:31
Now be honest. You clicked on the "Gay Car" site didn't you? Was it your subconscious that drove you to it (pun intended)?:}

1st Feb 2009, 04:44
'Get Bigger'

Well that's the trojan theory gone.

Lon More
1st Feb 2009, 06:01
You clicked on the "Gay Car" site didn't you?

I get a banner ad for B73 pilots so there must be a correlation:eek:

Bo Nalls
1st Feb 2009, 06:12
What Ads? Try using IE7Pro (http://www.ie7pro.com/) (if using IE as your browser). It's free and includes an excellent ad blocker. Speeds up considerably the time taken to display pages :ok: Lots of Gucci features for IE are also included :D

Peter Fanelli
1st Feb 2009, 11:18
Ads? What ads?


1st Feb 2009, 11:53
What puzzles me about all the 'bigger penis' spam is - how do they know?

1st Feb 2009, 14:06
Am I the only one getting the penis reduction pop up?

Captain Stable
1st Feb 2009, 14:07
Two words for you - Firefox & AdBlockPlus.

No ads on any site. Brill. All that money people waste on ads is dosh down the drain, and I get to see websites where I can actually read what I want to instead of flashing, fancy ads with sound, popups, fancy graphics distracting from the wisdom of my fellow posters.

1st Feb 2009, 14:12
What Ads? Try using IE7Pro (http://www.ie7pro.com/) (if using IE as your browser). It's free and includes an excellent ad blocker. Speeds up considerably the time taken to display pages http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/thumbs.gif Lots of Gucci features for IE are also included

To be sure, 'tis a nifty lttle addon to IE

1st Feb 2009, 14:55
To AdBlock Plus I would also add NoScript, since many ads are served by 3rd-party scripts, which include tracking mechanisms. Every PPRuNe page uses two of these, DoubleClick (a known evil) and something called IBPXL.

I've see IBPXL on my NoScript popup a few times, so I try to find out a bit more about them: there's almost nothing on the web. Their home page is blank, except for a stock Google Analytics script. Their domain name was registered by a proxy service. If I look at the IBPXL script I see a deliberate attempt at obfuscation - to try to get around ad blockers. For example, they try to hide the word "script" by breaking it in two: pxlScriptStart = '%3Cscr' + 'ipt ... not hard to see through, so I downloaded the script (https://pxlssl.ibpxl.com/pprune.org.js) and took a look inside.

What I saw horrified me. It's a single script that calls several other ad serving and tracking services,
- advertising.com
- RevSci (Revenue Science)
- Tacoda
- Google Analytics
- QuantCast
- CIE Studios / Postrelease
and runs them all in a hidden "IFrame". This is nasty stuff. Anyone who has not blocked these scripts has been tracked and monitored up the wazoo, for goodness knows how long. :bored:

Yes, I know PPRuNe needs to cover its operating costs, but there are limits, and acceptable ways of doing that. Just including some ad company's script in your web pages, and letting them track all your users for their own purposes, is not what I would call "acceptable". You may ask "so what?", but this is how they "personalise" advertising: by knowing where you've been and when. So, unless there is a Trojan on the OP's computer... just what other sites have you been visiting? All those other trackers know, and have been watching you.

PPRuNe is not alone in its negligence regarding ad and tracking scripts. So, I block all 3rd-party scripts, all the time, only allowing exceptions where they are necessary for a specific site to function. You can configure NoScript to do this (Options / General / Temporarily allow top-level sites by default).

Roger Sofarover
1st Feb 2009, 23:34
Some sound advice there. After bushfiva's advice i delved a little deeper and to my horror did infact find a trojan. It was a relatively easy fix (I hope!) on the Mac and I am now looking for some good software to prevent further mishaps. I got the trojan from a video clip about the forthcoming Superbowl (well it was forthcoming two days ago), it said I needed an addition to quicktime to run it , so I said yes:ugh::ugh: And welcomed onto my computer a shire sized trojan horse. I learned about computer security from that!!

2nd Feb 2009, 00:21
So it was a trojan. Reluctant737's going to be distressed when he gets back from wherever he's gone :}

2nd Feb 2009, 00:23
So I loaded IE7Pro and it seems to have made bugger all difference. :ugh:

Roger Sofarover
2nd Feb 2009, 00:43
well bugger me! I have installed Firefox, adblockplus and noscript and now have a page totally clear of crap! Thankyou brit, thankyou bushfiva!!:D:D

Buster Hyman
2nd Feb 2009, 03:58
well bugger me! I have installed Firefox, adblockplus and noscript and now have a page totally clear of crap!
...but a small penis still!:}:ouch::suspect:

henry crun
2nd Feb 2009, 05:55
It must be a crushing disappointment Buster, but that's life, win some, lose some. :)

Bo Nalls
2nd Feb 2009, 06:51
sisemen, right click the icon that looks like a 3/4 pie bottom right of the IE window and select 'Enable AD Blocker'. Close and then reopen the IE window.

Lots of other features in that menu as well.

Loose rivets
2nd Feb 2009, 07:56
I find that Adblock plus stops me seeing a lot of links. 'This video not available' etc.. Am I doing summit wrong?

2nd Feb 2009, 19:04
Well, ad and script blocking is not an exact science, and you can usually click on embedded things to launch them. For example, if a page has a YouTube embedded video, that's by a script, so NoScript will block that by default - but then you can say "Allow" and it won't happen again.

You can also install an AdBlock blacklist updater called "Filterset.G", which adds new ad specifications to block.

2nd Feb 2009, 19:19
Physiologically, of course, it's quite difficult to actually increase the size of the penis, although the test tube and rubber bung devices on sale on the back page of my brothers magazine do have a short term effect.

Most men (and some women) are more concerned with the quality to erect, and maintain erection , rather than the dimensions of the actual end result.

Modern treatments are life changing for couples. I'd suggest a chat with your friendly GP/Nurse if anyone wandered onto this thread wondering about ham, rather than spam.:)

Loose rivets
3rd Feb 2009, 03:12
I've become totally confused as to what this thread's about:ooh:

Oh, and if willies can't be made bigger, how come they're allowed to get smaller? Go on, answer me that.

3rd Feb 2009, 09:06
It's about huge pens - you know, like this (http://www.gadgetvenue.com/huge-pen-06110645/):


I dunno... how much can you really get done with an instrument that size?

3rd Feb 2009, 09:20
how much can you really get done with an instrument that size?

Quite a lot if you stick a motor in it......