View Full Version : Latin Flyers....

31st Jan 2009, 20:46
Old timers around here will know what I'm on about......

Anyone know if it's still around....? The links that come up in old PPRuNe threads are invalid, and a search of MSN groups comes up with nowt.... and I've lost my bookmark and login details.... :(

Suspect it may have been nuked unless anyone is any the wiser....

31st Jan 2009, 20:50
Latin Flyers?

Don't tell me that the Romans gave us the aeroplane too.

It wasn't on the list that the People's Front of Judea read out....... or was it the Judean People's Front?

31st Jan 2009, 21:25
Thunk it has been expungerated. :(

31st Jan 2009, 21:50
Yeah, I think so Tinny.... shame.

(btw... how come your join date shows 2005? You've been around at least as long as me...)

31st Jan 2009, 22:12
I was a politically incorrect prisoner :rolleyes: :(