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31st Jan 2009, 12:53
I posted "Practice ditching in the simulator" as a new thread in Flight Deck News - Rumours & News as I was interested in airline procedures the world over and also input from some military aviators as well.
Suddenly it has been moved to the Hudson River A320 accident thread.
Although this accident is relative to my thread, the thread was in no-way meant to be exclusive to THAT accident. There are many more ditchings that have been carried out and that input and experience was what I was trying to gain from many pilots around the world.
I believe it is a time when all pilots should gain more knowledge in this area.
Mods - I think you made a wrong call this time. :=

31st Jan 2009, 13:05
And posting in the Funny Farm Forum rather than sending a PM to the Rumours & News forum moderators is going to help how?

PPRuNe Radar
31st Jan 2009, 13:33
It has been split and placed in the Questions Forum.

Clearly your 'question' is neither Rumours nor News. Nor indeed JetBlast :ok: