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30th Jan 2009, 17:30
You couldn't make it up, could you:

BBC NEWS | Education | Drunken sailors left out of rhyme (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/7860869.stm)

Sir George Cayley
30th Jan 2009, 19:58
What shall we do with the grumpy pilot?
What shall we do with the grumpy pilot?
What shall we do with the grumpy pilot?
Early on his slot time?

Deelay and burn some fuel
Deelay and burn some fuel
Deelay and burn some fuel
Stack hm in the ho-old

Send 'im for a chat with the Boss
Send 'im for a chat with the Boss
Send 'im for a chat with the Boss
Earlies now till summer!

All together now.....

Sir George Cayley

30th Jan 2009, 20:05
I'm really bloody annoyed now!

When and how are we going to make stand against this corrosive idiocy? After all, they can't arrest everybody; can they?

tony draper
30th Jan 2009, 20:30
Would the last person to leave the UK please switch orf the lights.
Global warming and all that.

30th Jan 2009, 22:33
...such as "Tickle him till he starts to giggle, Early in the morning."

Jesus wept!

31st Jan 2009, 00:03
So, will we be having "Little Red Riding Hood" become "A Not Over Height, Non Gender Specific Person with a Neutral Coloured Head Covering"? After all, we do not want to offend small children (female), communists and criminals. What about the wolf, will it become a "no specific animal". Wolves are an endangered species and could take offence at being cast as the baddy in the story.

The rot started in the early seventies when Billy Bunter was banned as it might offend fat kids.

31st Jan 2009, 00:38
There really are a bunch of people around who are educated beyond their intelligence and consequently have nothing better to to do than come up with this sort of garbage.
Too many are going for an "Arts Degree" which IMHO is an oxymoron.

Tyres O'Flaherty
31st Jan 2009, 00:44
''Too many are going for an "Arts Degree" which IMHO is an oxymoron.''




31st Jan 2009, 00:51
Yet 'children' are using stronger and more foul language . . .

Howard Hughes
31st Jan 2009, 07:56
The rot started in the early seventies when Billy Bunter was banned as it might offend fat kids.
The rot started when Gollies went out of favour...:{

31st Jan 2009, 10:29
I've still me full set of Robinson's Gollies:ok: Ain't no shag awful, huggy fluffy, feckwit, numpty, heamoroidal prat is ever gonna get mine away from me, so there:ok::O:O Jeez I feel better for that :E:E:E:E

Fg Off Max Stout
31st Jan 2009, 10:35
Given the state of piracy on the high seas off the Horn of Africa:

Board his boat with SBS,
Board his boat with SBS,
Board his boat with SBS,
and shoot him in the head.

Maybe the PC fluffist would prefer that to 'drunken sailors'.:mad:

31st Jan 2009, 14:37
The rot started when Gollies went out of favour...

I believe that was around the same time as the Bully Bunter fiasco.

31st Jan 2009, 15:53
But they still allow,

''Hooray and up she rises''
''Early in the morning''

:E snigger, snigger...

31st Jan 2009, 16:26
merlinxx, how delightfully metrosexual.
An Ops chap collecting dollies. :p
Hereīs another perspective on your dolls.

As a black child growing up in the 70's in the UK the golliwog was a source of shame. It seemed to be an axe that was held over my head constantly by white children and adults. If I acted too smart , if I said anything they didnt like I could easily be whipped into place by being called a golly , golliwog or wog. One of my white friends even told me she had a golliwog and named it after me.
Ruth Ainsworths rufty tufty was a popular book when I was growing up and in the book it cites that the Golliwogs loved to hear stories about children with their white skin, rosey cheeks , fair hair and blue eyes. So those of us who didnt look like that were not human at all but golliwogs. In. the same story rufty tufty tries to pass himself off as a human by smearing cold cream on his face and talcum powder. He sticks a hat over his head to hide his fuzzy hair and covers his black hands with gloves. in order to pretend he is a human ( white)

I found it was alot to take on board as a child and now as an adult, that a race of people had created a character to lampoon me and then told me to fit in with the white majority, who would be oblivious to not only my opinions , but also my experiences and reality.

Enid Blytons gollies were called Golly, woggie and n**ger and had an aunt coal black. Golly Smith another famous children's character who was part human and part golly put a turban on his head to disguise himself as an indian mahout , it fell off. He ended up being put in the zoo where the crowds threw bananas at "his black head"

If it is part of white culture to have them so be it, but I ask myself why you need to be like this. I had white dolls and black dolls as child , I certainly didnt have any creature lampooning the white race and I am a supposed to be the racial inferior.

Perspective is everything, isnīt it?

cockney steve
31st Jan 2009, 17:22
I think too many "coloured" people are being a bit precious about this "rascism"......ANYONE who is a bit different,tends to be "earmarked" by that distinguishing feature.

Hence, at various stages of my childhood, I was known variously as "four eyes" "Jonah" (comic sailor- character with protruding buck-teeth who was a walking disaster) "prof" (studious nature-trivia and non-formal subjects)

Later i moved North and became a "bloody cockney" "cockney cnut" etc. (even though I was born about 100 miles from Bow Bells)
Also "Oily Dwarf"....as Hon Boatswain maintaining Club rescue-boats
What the hell! did i get upset? As a kid, very occasionally, -but then I realised that I was individual, EVERY member of school staff knew me- I wasn't just one of the anonymous grey mass of humanity.

Likewise in adulthood.....play the downtrodden"pity me" victim?
not bloody likely......whilst I can't put myself in the position of reaal victims of rascist actions, I'm minded of a Folk-Singer, one
Johnny Silvo.....singing "Clementine", he'd get to the bit where she "sank beneath the foaming Brine", stopped, gave a huge grin and in his best pseudo carribean accent , he'd holler "man, if she had lips like mine, she wouldn,t have drownded"

Yup, he was black, bought the house down,understood the "difference" and didn't allow it to build a barrier....a great bloke.

The worst excesses of our Colonial past ould die away naturally in their own time..other anachronisms would also run their course and die

Kids were quite happy with Gollywogs and loved them as much as a favourite Rabbit,monkey,tortoise or whatever toy....there was no evil intent....likewise I always thought of the Robertson's golly as presenting the produce as exotic and special and coming from far-off mysterious tropical lands.

When the PC lot banned it, I felt insulted that I could have been considered rascist for accepting that traditional symbol.

Equally warped are the PC shower who made me think before taking snaps of my small children playing whilst naked.

innocence destroyed,happiness supressed.

perhaps i should have posted on the rant thread instead!

Standard Noise
31st Jan 2009, 17:42
Noisy jnr has one gollywog badge and I've told him to keep it forever cos he ain't never gonna get another one.

There's just too many people with **** all about them worth the time of day who want to make a name for themselves, so they invent reasons to make themselves special. And that includes the sort of tree hugging, narcissistic, arty farty media types with a penchant for doing down and smearing those who disagree with them that this nation appears to be filling up with.

Political correctness = w4nky fectwitism. Birch 'em all, the cnuts.

Standard Noise
31st Jan 2009, 17:52
And another thing, if we can't take the p!ss out of people who are a different race, colour, creed or religion then neither can they.
Next time I hear a black guy make a joke about white people I'll shout him down as a 'non specifically tinted lady garden.'

So there. Ye can stick that in yer smokeless pipe and suck it!

31st Jan 2009, 18:13
Yes, it is a matter of perspective. If someone wants to feel offended, they will be offended.

My family history is mixed European (English, Scottish, Irish and French). My parents adopted my sister when she was two years old. Her natural parents were a black American father and a white English mother. When she was a child she had typical jet black curly hair. It was she who collected the Robertson's Golly badges, not me. She was very upset when they stopped making them. Her attitude was that she did not want to take offence where none was meant.

I was born in Yorkshire, but lived for a good part of my childhood in the south of England. When there I the subject of jokes about Northerners keeping coal in the bath, only having outside lavatories, etc.I never took offence as it was not meant to offend, usually, it was just the normal banter of children.

Offence is in the eye of the beholder.

Howard Hughes
31st Jan 2009, 20:57
My Mum (almost 70) has a little online business selling knitting patterns for childrens toys, among her best sellers (to people from all over the World) are her series of 6 Gollies!:eek:

Metrosexual? What you mean we can't call a poof, a poof anymore?;)