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30th Jan 2009, 16:11
... this BBC news report (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7860556.stm) sort of jogged my self-conscious and prompted me to start this thread.

In the 'early days' after first registering here, about 2003 or so, I made a point of specifically employing a more or less subtle subterfuge, disguising what and who I was in real life so far as possible. Whilst never ever, to the best of my knowledge, claiming to be a pilot who wears a big watch, I've probably admitted to at least once owning a big (and expensive) watch; portraying myself as richer than I was or even (less improbably though), poorer than I really was. I might have lead some people to believe that I was alternatively an important cog in the wheels of Airbus or even Dassault. Life was different in those days. Everything was almost a game, I'd still to experience my first close personal losses. And the future looked bright. Imagining co-writing a new Fawlty Towers series was fun. Roll-on a few years and my outlook has completely changed, together with my online character I guess.

Whatever, somewhat like those ramblers in Switzerland who will surely face stiffer penalties next summer, are most PPRuNeRs for or against basically letting it all hang loose out here in JB? For better or worse as it were, 'til death do us part...?! :confused:

off centre
30th Jan 2009, 16:14
You Have Been Sat To Long Here For Any Good You Have Been Doing. Depart, I Say, And Let Us Have Done With You. In The Name Of God, Go!.

Oliver Cromwell

30th Jan 2009, 17:02
“You drew me here to accept the place I now stand in. There is ne’er a man within these walls that can say, Sir, you sought it, nay, not a man nor woman treading upon English ground.”

Cromwell’s speech to parliament, 4 February 1658. ;) :uhoh:

Lon More
30th Jan 2009, 17:15
Ferk off!

me, 2009

30th Jan 2009, 17:23
Whatever floats your boat (or your virtual round-the-world challenger), I say.

Loose rivets
30th Jan 2009, 19:35
Funny thing wanting to waddle about naked. Probably my second worst nightmare is to be caught in the middle of a crowd whilst in the nuddy.

As for releasing One's personality on Pprune...thems of us with multiple personalities would need a lot of threads. :rolleyes:

30th Jan 2009, 19:38
Probably my second worst nightmare is to be caught in the middle of a crowd whilst in the nuddy.

Rivets old chap, I doubt that would be many others' dream:uhoh:

Sir George Cayley
30th Jan 2009, 19:42
I'm much more comfy at home wearing nothing or next to nothing:eek:


on here I'm a rather coy type of poster who enjoys the anonimity cyber space affords one. In any case would you want to see a 300 yr old bloke nude?

I agree though that peeps on here long time do mature and some of the angry young posters have mellowed over the years.

Sr George Cayley

30th Jan 2009, 20:37
Rivets old chap, I doubt that would be many others' dream:uhoh: Seconded :ok:

On the topic of multiple usernames: I'm not convinced that those possessing multiple usernames (or once possessed them in the past) demonstrates any deviant or multiple personality disorder/s. IIRC, back in those days, the average and debatedly over-enthusiastic PPRuNeR could expect to be regularly banned for a day, or even a week or month or more, for the most banale of reasons...?! :uhoh: Hence the advantage of multiple usernames which were/are not necessarily representative of those with multiple personalities. (I'm beginning to lose track of the subject I fear (blame William & Lawsons) but I'm doing my best.

What I mean to express is that by this time, my peers ought to know pretty much who or at least what I am: If I owned an airplane, it would have to be a Gulfstream V. I would not fly it personally but would employ Reddo to do so. Like many Brits, I apparently share the (perhaps undeserved) reputation of favouring the underdog in most conflicts. I also like cats, which puts me firmly into a category of all those who are also indifferent to them, but most importantly, pits me against those who vociferously express their vehemence aginst these admirable and very useful creatures. From an early age, I always admired the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Even after I was old enough to be able to seperate fiction from fact. I once imagined discovering the USA on horseback - resources and an Obama-free regime kept me away (before that it was, well, I stopped reading those cowboy novels). :sad:

Dear God, if (or when) I come back in the latter half of the 21st century: Please don't let me be a bear -grizzly, black, brown or polar. Nor as a Bengal tiger (don't want to spend all my life in a zoo - did that ca. 1960-2030). I think I deserve a break from it all - PPRuNe, work and taxes etc. Please let me come back as a simple butterfly or something - and ensure that there are still 'airships' who slow down when they see us flying across the autoroutes...?!

PS. My head's turning (nothing to do with being caught up in some vortex on a motorway), the blame lies entirely with William & Lawsons, PPRuNe, life and everything...?!

31st Jan 2009, 06:50
Partially, anyway. You wanna be a simple butterfly, you are already halfway there. Here, have an emoticon: :)

31st Jan 2009, 08:44
wtf are you talking about ?

If you were in NZ, I'd say you were on P - a big druggy thing here - but maybe you are just taking the P ?

31st Jan 2009, 13:29
Airship said:

Please let me come back as a simple butterfly or somethingWish granted...

Loose rivets
31st Jan 2009, 17:28
Mmm...thinks. Coming back - I often think about that.

Having totally cocked up this life, I often long for another go. Do it right this time, be more relaxed...etc., etc..

Coming back...now there's a problem with that.

I listened to a broadcaster on the Beeb a while back. He said words to the effect that being born white, British or American was - or at least had been until recently - a huge advantage. I kind of filed that away.

Just how many things did I have that I'd probably not be given again? I sat on the sea-front in Essex looking at the holiday-makers.

Thank God that it doesn't make that much difference what colour One is these days...thank God and Obama. Oh, and MLK and hoards of other saints. Doesn't make that much difference, but broadcaster still claimed that it was an advantage. So, as a direct descendant of Pete Bog (some ginger whiskers in me beard) it seems I was ahead of the game. Oh, and I was born in Brighton. Frinton would have been better, but Brighton it was.;)

The bedraggled people were on their trail back from the beach. All shapes and sizes. All kinds of physical problems. A limp here, a wobble there...not all tickety-boo by any means. I was ahead of the game there...well, at least until I was old. A pair of fat old ladies...no, wait a minute, they're not old. Just fat, and care-warn. Weren't they going to dine tonight? Why are they shoveling chips into their bloated faces...little wooden shovels into the down turned mouths...eyes focused on nothing. I was ahead of the game there.

In fact I was way ahead of the game and I hadn't even left our shores. What would I get next time? Well, if there's a lesson to be learned, I wouldn't have the advantages I had this time round.

Our house at Walton only had one tap, an outside loo and a couple of light fittings. It was one of the oldest red-brick houses on the Naze. No cavity. I thought we could have done better. But compared to the majority of human beings on the planet, I was way ahead of the game. Lovely garden. Wonderful beach just 500 yards away. Good friends. Looking back, it was heaven. Waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the game.

G-C once protested there was an advantage in being tall. I don't know about that. One of the most successful pilots I ever knew was a pal that was nearly a foot shorter than me. Streaked ahead of others into an early command. Given that our boss was not much different, and it was his show, he'd done alright too. Judo, my tallness meant I fell further...it was a sure-fire reason that a 5' 10" opponent would get under and have me airborne in no time. Yet, G-C is not the only one to think being tall is an advantage. Not so sure about that...especially when I've just damaged the pub beams for the umpteenth time. A not so certain advantage...but the odds of being as tall again would be minimal.

Healthy? Mmm...managed to fool the system with a Class I for 40+ years. The chances of this happening again are not all that good. So many possibilities for problems...no idea of the odds, but I'd have to be lucky to be as lucky.:confused:

Wealth. Never had enough. Never content. Always wanted something just out of reach. Given a huge melting pot up there, I'd stand almost no chance of having anything like the wealth I've not enjoyed down here during this life.:rolleyes: Thousands to one against.

It's getting to look a bit bleak, this re-incarnation thing.

Wife? Ooooooooh, there's a question. Recite after me..." I would never, ever, be as lucky again...I would never, ever, be as lucky again" Keep that up until the gynecologist's light is again warming One's scalp.

Gynecologist? Odds are that I'm probably not going to have one of those in attendance next time round.

I'm beguing to believe that it might be better to believe that we come back as any creature...Ant. Okay, so organized, such a sense of purpose. Dog? Very nice if One can get a caring owner. Shark? I'd only eat nasty people. But the mind rolls on to other possibilities....like being a Penguin. Oh, Fcuk THAT! I'm better orf now than being a Penguin.:uhoh:

Standard Noise
31st Jan 2009, 18:02
I haven't got a problem pruning in the nip.
Neighbours aren't best pleased though!

And you need to watch what yer thinking about. Well you do if yer pruning the roses!

Funny though, had a hostipal appointment today and on the way SWMMEB and I fell into a discussion about what we want to happen when either of us knobs off this mortal coil. I told her I want to be burnt and the ashes scattered either in the Guinness brewery in Dublin (preferably into the water source that they use) or into the river that supplies the Bushmills Distillery. Then at least I'll come back as something I like.