View Full Version : BA to Buy A330s ?

2nd Mar 2001, 00:54
Today I heard a good rumour form two unconnected sources that BA may end up with A330s to replace the 767.

Story goes that last week a BA 767 flew to the US for wake vortex trials with a view to having them converted to refuelling tankers for the RAF. Apparently Marshalls of Cambridge are lined up to do the conversion with Airbus paying for it as part of the deal.

Can anyone substantiate this?

The Guvnor
2nd Mar 2001, 01:01
As Airbus are rather keen to get their own A330s in as strategic tankers, I'd doubt it!!

Still, stranger things have happened - such as Boeing flogging A340s (SQ trade-ins)...

2nd Mar 2001, 02:07
I have also heard this rumour. Having a fleet mostly made up of Airbuses would mean fleet consolidation and therefore lower training costs and more efficient utilisation of both flight and cabin crew.

2nd Mar 2001, 02:44
50ftqueenie or can I call you 50'

You are right but about six months late on the 767 story. Our flight tech manager did in fact take a 767 to Patuxent River last year - the photo's of a BA 767 with two F-18 Hornets tucked in close were published in our Fleet mag. One was even computer enhanced to add hose and drogue equipement for realism. These tests were sponsored by Boeing and the firm that would undertake any conversions. For their efforts the the BA crew were rewarded with a full tank of "gas" to get home. (pity it was wide-cut kerosene!!)

As for A330's it would be logical given the recent shift to Airbus but I am busily promoting the 767-400 counter rumour......

4th Mar 2001, 01:03
If BA bought the A330, would it be the -200 or -300? What kind of routes would it serve? Would there be many longhaul routes or high density shorthaul?
Can someone actually tell me something better about the 767-400 than the A330 that BA would take into account, such as the A330 has the same flight deck as the A320 and there are going to be lower training costs.
As the 767 is retiring from BA, when will a decision be made about an airliner to replace it? Surely not the 767 -400, its not much smaller than the 777.

4th Mar 2001, 08:08
At last BA is waking up and smelling the coffee.

28th Apr 2001, 16:01
Any news on Rod considering the Airbus 330-200 to join BA's fleet?

28th Apr 2001, 17:54
What a load of rubbish. Where does this rumour keep coming from. I'll believe it when I see it. Tell me what exactly it will replace with so many baby airbuses and more 777s replacing slot space from the older 75s and 76s.