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Richard Taylor
28th Jan 2009, 20:34
Whatever happened to good old fashioned S&V?

In the never-ending search to tempt our taste buds, Wa*kers have some new flavoured limited edition crisps on sale - saw them in town today:

Fish n Chips
Onion Baji
Builders Breakfast
Chili n Chocolate
Cajun Squirrel

There may be one more, can't recall.

First three OK, but SQUIRREL? Don't fancy the thought of Tufty's fur in my teeth...:rolleyes:

tony draper
28th Jan 2009, 20:48
Walkers Ready Salted man meself, :ok:

Standard Noise
28th Jan 2009, 23:56
Thought you'd have been a Salt'n'Shake man, Mr D.

One imports one's crisps from home, good old Tayto cheese'n'onion, no need for fancy new fangled flavours.

Solid Rust Twotter
29th Jan 2009, 06:47
Walker's Marmite. Wish I could convince the local folks to chuck in a Marmite flavour along with their bleedin' awful sweet chili/chutney crap. If I wanted sugar on my crisps I'd lobotomise myself and do it on my own.:*

29th Jan 2009, 08:56
If you saw 'em being made you wouldn't be so keen. Biggest regret of my life was going on a tour of a crisp factory.:yuk:

Captain Stable
29th Jan 2009, 09:06
Walkers do a really good Lime and Thai spices flavour - one of the best. Otherwise I'm a C&O man.

29th Jan 2009, 13:11
I have largely gone off crisps lately, in no small part due to the inappropriate taste of some, given what was on the label.

Put me in mind of the cartoon some decades ago, where the barman enquires of a customer "Plain or tainted?"

Hooked on cheesy Wotsits though.....

Lon More
29th Jan 2009, 13:19
There's a crisp factory next to the E40 on the Ffrench/Belgian border. The stench is unbelievable. You are advised to hold your breath whilst driving past it.

Marmite is bad enough on it's own. Looks and smellls like something that has rapidly passed through the digestive system, a close relative of cow pats http://smileys.sur-la-toile.com/repository/Grands_Smileys/emoticone-msn-pas-cool.gif

29th Jan 2009, 16:44
Cajun Squirrel sounds posh for Spiced Rat....

A bag full of naturally prepared Inuit seal with lucky eyeball might turn a few stomachs....on the other hand this is probably healthier than crisps.

29th Jan 2009, 16:54
Farmer I used to help out always had a really good fry-up
the day after we'd castrated the new piglets.
Pity you can't buy 'em in Tesco's.

Pork sweetmeat flavour anyone?

29th Jan 2009, 17:02
In my youth I was hooked on Sausage & Tomato flavoured crisps (can't remember who made them, might have been Smiths).

Can't get them anywhere these days........

29th Jan 2009, 17:13
"I was pleasantly surprised the other day to discover that Walkers have now got a Sausage and Heinz Tomato Sauce flavour crisp on the market."

From a crisps reviews site.

29th Jan 2009, 17:29
If you saw 'em being made you wouldn't be so keen. Biggest regret of my life was going on a tour of a crisp factory.http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/pukey.gif

Please tell us more.

29th Jan 2009, 17:48
Had a pack of Tyrrell's last year which exhibited way too much in the way of green bits. Better half wrote a polite letter expressing disappointment. A box with 4 :) replacements arrived very shortly thereafter. Contents of one bag were soft :(

No, we didn't complain again!

29th Jan 2009, 20:57
As you command sir.

Years back, I went to an upmarket crisp manufacturers. I won't mention them by name, but let's just say if you were near Medomsley Road in Consett, you'd find it easy enough...

Anyhoo, The production process is impressive, highly mechanised, lot's of big noisy equipment, something akin to a meccano fan's dream. I really do think being a production engineer is a vocation I missed, being paid to solve the great egg race. Fab.

I digress, this place made what were marketed as top of the line crisps, they were the first to turn the marketing wisdom that you have to let the consumer see the product on it's head, so you had these posh silver lined bags etc. Unusual flavours & chunky crisps - you get the idea.

The factory had a rodent problem. This is common of course to food premises, but the way the lines were set up meant that rat droppings could and did get into the product, but worst of all was the oil. Great big open fryers with hundreds of litres of oil, all evaporating and congealing on the ceiling throughout the place. Big gobs & little flakes dropping back onto the line:yuk:

The guys were very open and honest about the problems and all in fairness they were just that - problems to be fixed but seeing it at first hand was an eye opener.

A couple of points of interest, they made own label for M&S at that time & part of the spec in the contract was that there were double the amount of qc people on the line picking out the blobs of fat & dud greeny crisps. Also, if you've ever wondered how they're flavoured, then let me enlighten you...

The fried crisps are passed into what amounts to a huge tumble dryer, which has a lance poking into it, not unlike a pressure washer. The lance has about a gazillion volts going through it & the flavouring powder is pumped in, electrostatically charged as it leaves the nozzle & thus sticks to the crisps. Apparently it is possible to be killed by cheese & chive, since we were kept 20 feet away from it.

Very interesting day, but like those who like sausages & respect the law, it pays to watch neither being made:uhoh:

Richard Taylor
29th Jan 2009, 21:14
In the same shop today, Cajun Squirrel ain't selling. Punters are trying to get their hands on them, but they keep scurrying up the magazine racks & out of reach...

The other flavour is some sort of Duck thing apparently.

There may be a Ltd Edition Lineker line soon. Extremely cheesy, very bad taste & probably past it's sell by date...:rolleyes:

tony draper
29th Jan 2009, 21:39
Installed a background music/PA system at Tudor Foods Crisp factory at Washington once, working above the conveyor belt with lasses sitting either side picking out the grotty and faulty crisp and discarding same before said crisps were packed onto their bags by a large machine,anyway dropped a large black plastic cable wrap about two foot long onto this belt from above ,watched in horror as it sailed undetected past all these ladies,someone would have got a interesting bag of crisps that week.
The other thing about the place was as with all blokes who work with tools one tends to keep things like terminal screwdrivers in ones teeth until required thus leaving both hands free,depending upon which flavoured crisp part of the factory one was working one would have cheese and onion flavored screw driver chicken or worcestershire sauce flavored screwdriver.

29th Jan 2009, 23:39
Parapunter, thanks; but I wish I hadn't asked!

Low Flier
29th Jan 2009, 23:54
Can any of our Murricane chums please enlighten one as to how to cook squirrel?

One has a plentiful supply of treerats and can easily obtain four or five in a single morning with the air rifle, but cooking the wretched things is quite beyond one.

One tried to treat a couple of said rats as if they were rabbit, but the result was quite inedible.

How do the coonasses deal with squirrel (other than drowning them in tabasco).