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28th Jan 2009, 20:20
Anyone seen these?

YouTube - Airline - Jet Jockeys (Part 1 of 5) (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=N_ri4_DcfD4)

Futher parts to be found down the right hand side

30th Jan 2009, 09:55
I've still got this on VHS when it orginally came out!
I love the bitter and twisted aussie ATC!

30th Jan 2009, 10:34

ATC: 'Speedbird nine, right turn, charlie, india stand 32.

BAW9: ok so thats stand 22...thats left turn here....

BAW9: 'Confirm stand 22?'

ATC: 'Negative...Charlie, india, stand 32.'

BAW9: well he gave us the wrong one didnt he??!

30th Jan 2009, 11:54
That's an OLD bit of coverage.
Still got a Flt Eng, and Concorde taxying in the background!
Good stuff though.

30th Jan 2009, 14:15
Old footage it may be, but I'm sure that missrubytuesday from the "My Hero" thread would be interested in clip 2 of 5, an inflight interview with F/O Lynn Barton (as she then was, in 1990).

Geezers of Nazareth
30th Jan 2009, 17:02
I've just been watching 'part 1', and have a few comments ...

obviously before the 'elf and safety loonies', as during the push-back the ground engineer was not wearing a hi-viz.

From T4, cleared to 27L, but went up 05R, started it's take-off roll on 28R and finally rotated off 10R ... most impressive.

On a Brookmans Park 2F departure off 10R the aircraft would turn left, but 'our one' turns right.

Sorry, I'm being anal.

30th Jan 2009, 20:47
Noted, the trolley dollys very insipid ...hulloo.. to the FO. :hmm: