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28th Jan 2009, 09:37
I guess it depends on your criteria.

(For overseas readers, number of Guns means as in huntin, shootin, fishin, not Chavs with MAC-10s).

Country Life discloses the best place in England to live - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/4359168/Country-Life-discloses-the-best-place-in-England-to-live.html)

28th Jan 2009, 09:41
Evidence of a north south divide!

28th Jan 2009, 09:45
I feel certain that there are several hundred people living in Somerstown in Portsmouth, who would violently disagree with the notion that it's the 2nd best place to live in England. These lists are utterly meaningless outside of the G&T set.

28th Jan 2009, 09:46

I was always told that Cheshire had more millionaires per square mile than any other county in England.

Maybe that's why it didn't make the top 10. :E

tony draper
28th Jan 2009, 10:50
Arts? West Bloody Yorkshire? they's jokin int they.:uhoh::rolleyes:

28th Jan 2009, 10:58
Wot no 'happy Hertfordshire'

28th Jan 2009, 12:11
might have had Cumbria in the top ten.

Hat, coat, exit!


28th Jan 2009, 12:59

CAT III (Ich ben ine Brummie - I know a **le when I see one.)

The Real Slim Shady
28th Jan 2009, 15:21
Least at risk from floods - Rutland

Most of it is already flooded!

Krystal n chips
28th Jan 2009, 16:59
Clearly, geography was not included in the 1hr per week the "ever so slightly biased" f£$kwit who compiled this list attended at school. :E

28th Jan 2009, 19:46
Best place 'The Highwayman Inn' in Sourton Devon, Google it. Best boozer by far:ok:

G&T ice n slice
28th Jan 2009, 20:41

wots rong with Cumbria then ??

it's quite nice if you slice off "The Lake District"

ahhhhh.. sorrry right....

Yep Cumbria's awful, it rains all the time, you'd hate to live here and it's not worth visiting - just stay on the M6 & keep going

Standard Noise
28th Jan 2009, 23:06
Zummersett came fourth, well bugger me with a mangelwurzel. Came top in the 'most inhabitants with six toes' category no doubt.:}

28th Jan 2009, 23:17
You sure about that Stannard? Been to Norfolk recently (no.8 in the list, up 4 points from 2003). Incomers are still welcome in Norfolk; they realise they need new folk to dilute the gene pool.



galaxy flyer
28th Jan 2009, 23:17
Just some Yank comments:

Rutland: didn't they already flood it?

Why not Essex? The ladies, by repute, are all rounded in heels.

Norfolk? I suppose they gotten over looking up and pointing as planes go by.

Isn't Hampshire a bit too populated for all that gunnery?

Hat, coat, out the door!

28th Jan 2009, 23:39
Norfolk? I suppose they gotten over looking up and pointing as planes go by.
No, we've progressed to looking up and pointing at helicopters as they go by :ok:



29th Jan 2009, 02:26
is that because you can also use your toes to count with as they fly slower ?

29th Jan 2009, 06:42
My toes ( 10 no. ) don't fly any slower than the rest of me :}



29th Jan 2009, 06:45
I thought they still pointed at cars...:E

29th Jan 2009, 07:26
"Tranquility - Northumberland"

After all those years on the front line, keeping the barbarians out of England, Northumberland deserves a bit of peace and quiet.

Of course, the Queen's writ does not properly extend to the Palatinate of Northumberland and Durham, so the Best Counties aren't properly described as being in England. Long live the Prince Bishops!

29th Jan 2009, 09:16
Parapunter. Perhaps that “guns” accolade for Hampshire was won by Somerstown!

Norfolk? I suppose they gotten over looking up and pointing as planes go by.

They have stopped pointing but a good many still fall over as they watch them.

TURIN. I was always told that about the Cheshire millionaire density, too. I expect all us peasants in Stockport, Birkenhead and Crewe diluted it too much.

Effluent Man
29th Jan 2009, 14:53
Some of us have "gotten" over butchering the English language.

29th Jan 2009, 15:35
yes its much more nicerer that way

29th Jan 2009, 17:41
For a county to vote for as "Worst in England" look no further than Surrey.

Leafy and green in parts, sure, but too built over, too full of pretentious snobs, too many very deprived areas, the most corrupt Local Government and MPs in the whole of Britain, and that's saying a lot. Solid Tory from the neck down, most of them, solid shysters from the neck up. Or workshy layabouts.

A natural home for the thieves and con-men who work in the finance and legal industries, once they steal enough of their clients' money to break out of Essex.

All of Surrey north of the M25 is a dump; a quasi-suburban mess with no coherence or attraction, the septic tank of London.

They are the worst drivers in the world there, including Beirut. You cannot prise them out of the fast lane on the motorways in their souped-up deathtraps, even when that's the only lane that's not moving.

The same people flock to Surrey's town centres in the evening to drink themselves into pathetic aggression followed by oblivion.

Yes, Surrey has my vote for worst county; I was there yesterday. What a dump.

(happily back in sunny Devon)

tony draper
29th Jan 2009, 17:57
Interesting word "Gotten".some words on it here.
Gotten vs. Got (http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jlawler/aue/gotten.html)
The Bard was happy to butcher the English language with same apparently.
s first appeared in English in 1519 in the form 'Evil gotten riches will never prove long', and Shakespeare has it in the form 'Didst thou never hear / That things ill got had ever bad success (Henry VI, part 3, II.ii). Ill-gotten gains

29th Jan 2009, 18:07
Though it may be in the nice link, (didn't see it though).

"They've gotten to leave"; As in, were allowed to leave.

"They've gotten to attend"; again, with permission.

"He got new shoes"; He received, or was given new shoes, Which infers possession.

When can we do Ebonics.

29th Jan 2009, 18:49
Arts? West Bloody Yorkshire? they's jokin int they.http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/worry.gif:rolleyes:

Not all West Yorkshire but....

Brian Blessed
Ian Carmichael
Tom Courtenay
Dame Judi Dench
Michael Palin
Diana Rigg
Patrick Stewart
Ben Kingsley
Henry Moore
David Hockney
WH Auden
Ted Hughes
Alan Bennett
J.B. Priestley
William Congreve
Charles Laughton
Andrew Marvell
Frederick Delius
John Barry....

One could go on.

Newcastle - I thought Sting was brilliant in Stormy Monday and Michael Caine was awesome in Get Carter.

29th Jan 2009, 18:52
Oh....and Catherine Cookson will blow away the Bronte sisters anyday.

Ballcocks, I didn't mention Anne, Charlotte and Emily....

29th Jan 2009, 21:33
Erm.....Stormy Monday...the lead character was one Sean Bean who hails from Yorkshire.

Any chance Toady Draper will embellish his erudite and witty comment on West Yorkshire "arts" please?

(Now that there much vaunted Opera North - is that based in Leeds or Newcastle - hmmm............)

30th Jan 2009, 03:00
...and who can forget Charlie Williams from Barnsley (Sarf Yorksha).

Isn't Parky from around there also ?

Aye up.

"Vitnery, al bet thaz never pulled a cricket ball outta cows ar$e afore"

30th Jan 2009, 21:07
Strangely, Bedfordshire hasn't had a mention yet.

Let me think....

Still thinking....

OK, perhaps not just at the moment.

22 Degree Halo
30th Jan 2009, 21:21
Top Ten English Counties?


Only because many do actually think Scotland is a suburb of London:rolleyes:

2nd Feb 2009, 01:02
Hmmm, no answer, the gobshite Yank-arse-licking Geordie picks and chooses his debates.

Can give but can't take.

2nd Feb 2009, 08:42
Ahh, Wilshyre - God's county (excluding Swindon that is)

I wonder which counties were at the bottom of the list? My vote goes to Northamptonshire or Leicestershire. They have all the allure of a nuclear test site.


2nd Feb 2009, 08:55
Having been born in Lancashire, about 300 yds away from
Cheshire, I have to say that SUSSEX is the BEST county
in the U.K. :ok: (West Sussex that is. Away from the Posey
prats in East Sussex.)