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26th Jan 2009, 19:20
and found,

a bunch of Clarnico cream mints,

a large sealed package of Brazil nuts,

one Original Omnibus Company model - Leyland PD3 / East Lancashire - Ramsbottom U.D.C. model.....and very nice it is.

one EFE model - Cobham 2004 Open Day A.E.C. Regal 10T10. No 29901A...quite rare it is.

one TRUX diecast model -1939 Albion Venturer double-decker in war camouflage. Route 150 destination "Palm Beach". Made in Australia. Quite rare as well.

one book...TRENT Part One 1905 - 1945 by David Beam.

one book... A History of Manchester by Stuart Hylton

one scarf....M&S Italian Yarn...super fine Merino Wool.

one can of Axe.

Like Christmas all over again.


26th Jan 2009, 20:29
aren't you going to tell us about the drugs legal or otherwise?

and what about the dated money in the side pockets

any visa photos when you had hair on both ends of your body?

27th Jan 2009, 02:45
Just checked Sydney buses website. No route 150 currently. For Palm Beach you need the 190.

27th Jan 2009, 02:52
Aye, was then and a two hour slog from Circular Quay it was at 26 mph.

I understand things have gone downhill since there was the New South Wales Department of Government Transport. what a mouthful.


Descending Spit Hill in Spit Road, Mosman, Sydney on 27 July 1968 is DGT 1899, now undergoing major restoration in the ownership of Robert Hood of Goulburn

Lon More
27th Jan 2009, 10:07
Rollingthunder Similar in preservation at Lothalmond (http://www.busweb.co.uk/Svbm/Australian%20Albion.htm)


27th Jan 2009, 12:00
Albions - Biggar's gift to the world

My mate Maurice, known as "King Albion" over here, is never without an example of the breed, and we have worked with him on several runs - the most notable being a Park Royal to Scotstoun way back in 99.

We dropped Lexxy and JGS off at Thiefrow for their honeymoon and got on with some serious fun ourselves!

We took a week to drive from London to Glasgow with a motley crew of vehicles who came and went along the way with just a hard core doing the whole journey.

What a great way to spend a week - about eighty miles a day with great scenery, great mates and nice motors.

We were in the car - Thunderbirding the run - with a mobile phone on the dash, and cameras to hand!

We did a Bristol to Glasgow in 02 and a third was promised but we have somehow never got round to it!

One of those classy deckers would have been nice to have along - shame they are all upside down!

And Lathalmond - that's what I call a museum site!

Lon More
27th Jan 2009, 12:39
Every time i've tried to visit the Albion Museum it's shut.
Used to visit there a lot when a kid with my dad or one of his drivers in Bedford OYs or later Thames Traders like this; ours were Dumfries based. VUS 49 was the only reg. I can remember

27th Jan 2009, 13:59

Great Brit vehicles......what the hell happened?

Lon More
27th Jan 2009, 15:50
When DAF took over the Leyland truck Plant near Glasgow many of the locals correctly reckoned that the name would soon be "Leyd af":ugh:

27th Jan 2009, 18:02
Just tried out the scarf. Works very well. Damn fine technology is a scarf.


27th Jan 2009, 20:04