View Full Version : Mr. Winner's cockpit visit?

26th Jan 2009, 18:01
Did Michael Winner write that he had visited the cockpit of his airline of choice on his latest trip over the pond?
If so, I wonder if the Captain still has a job?

Captain Stable
26th Jan 2009, 19:06
Did Mr. Winner have Charles Bronson as a travelling companion? If so, he would never have been allowed within 200 metres of a flight deck. If not, then there wasn't much danger apart from the cigar smoke.

Kelly Hopper
26th Jan 2009, 19:52
I used to fly Mr Winner!
Mr Bronson was never present.
He never paid me a visit in the flightdeck; on the contary; he couldn't get out of the bathroom!!!! :ok:

Captain Stable
27th Jan 2009, 08:59
Because he needed to slim, or because he was - er - occupied in entertaining himself in there? :ooh:

27th Jan 2009, 09:05
I have met the aforementioned 'gentleman' a couple of times.

He is a complete and utter tosser who has made money out of peddling tripe and is incredibly rude and obnoxious to those not as fortunate as he has been.

He no doubt thinks highly of me as well, but at least I have my dignity.

27th Jan 2009, 13:01
Thanks for confirming my opinion of him, angels. Fortunately, mine was formed at a distance.

27th Jan 2009, 13:05
mine was formed at a distance.

Keep him there!! :yuk:

27th Jan 2009, 13:06
Friend of my dad met Michael Winner at a party. Friend was deemed to have upset Mr Winner who declaimed loudly and at length that he would never work in showbusiness again (Dad's friend was a chauffeur and very popular with his clients).

Fast forward three weeks, another do, Mr. Winner & dad's mate meet again, whereupon Mr. Winner comes on thus: My dear boy, how wonderful to see you etc etc.

A copper bottomed grade one arse one thinks.

27th Jan 2009, 14:09
Calm down dears, its only JB

Not met him personally but I actually have some respect for the old f*rt. Saw him on the telly a few years back commendably tearing in to Richard Littlejohn, who was being his usual tw*tty self. Also impressed by his wish to divide his wealth equally amongst his 'partners' on his death - some compensation for humping the ol' walrus.

Low Flier
27th Jan 2009, 19:00
Mr W***erhttp://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c105/The_Forester/Toer.gif is a complete To$$er (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/eating_out/winners_dinners/article648411.ece).

27th Jan 2009, 19:59
A certain celebrity, certainly NOT Mr Winner oh no sir not at all ever, was being flown in a KingAir once. Arrived, boarded, pilot does one last walkround while the passenger is seating himself inside. On mounting the steps the pilot finds a fiver. "Excuse me Mr NotWinner, is this yours?". The fiver was snatched and grudgingly pocketed.

Upon return to base the refueller approached the pilot and told him that he'd seen the passenger, NOT Mr Winner you understand, carefully place the fiver on the step as he boarded.

A grade 'A' f*ckwit.

(Parts of this post may have been written to protect the guilty. Dear.)