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24th Jan 2009, 18:40
I sent this today by email to those useless f**kers at the RBS - I think I'm worth it.


As a new shareholder in your bank, you might recall me and millions like me bailed you out recently, I'd like some hospitality tickets for the Six Nations at Twickers and a pit tour of the Williams garage at Silverstone for this years British Grand Prix. If you can afford to sponsor them with my dosh then you can afford to send me a ticket or two.

Look forward to receiving my freebies ASAP, after all it's the least you can do.



24th Jan 2009, 18:52
They got bailed out? Can't tell from looking at the share price (http://markets.ft.com/tearsheets/performance.asp?s=RBS&vsc_appId=ts&ftsite=FTCOM&searchtype=equity&searchOption=equity) over the last week. Are there sharks in the Forth of Firth? :uhoh:

24th Jan 2009, 19:50
Fred Goodwin (http://www.slate.com/id/2205753/)

European Banker of the Year 2003
World's Worst Banker of 2008

The higher you fly...

Beatriz Fontana
24th Jan 2009, 19:52
Yep, bnt, and you thought all those fins belonged to dolphins!

24th Jan 2009, 22:20
Maybe, the useless f:mad:kers at the Royal Bank of Scotland aren't so useless? Maybe the continued sponsoring of the six nations is quite a shrewd move. What would the press have made of RBS, an already
beleaguered institution ending the sponsorship? This shows that there is some hope that RBS has some faith in itself to be successful in the future. If this is the case then it has to be money well spent, hopefully increasing confidence in the bank, when every penny counts in share prices. I have looked at the RBS in detail and total nationalisation is far from certain. The bank doesn't want it, the FSA doesn't think it's a good idea and the Government is doing everything possible to avoid it. If shareholders are not confident in there own investment then share prices will fall further and Nationalisation will be inevitable. Please, please, please get behind the bank for all our sakes. We can stick the knife in when our shares are worth more than the paper they are written on! :ok:

24th Jan 2009, 22:39
So, if I bail them a bit more, say to a grand's worth of shares (are they still trading), and forget it 'till retirement, what's the chances of a profit? Serious question.


25th Jan 2009, 11:12
CG. I'm an ex-empoloyee with a LOT of shares. I bought more in the first rights issue for 2/share. I didn't bail them out at 40p / share as I'd had enough. It's fundamentally a good business trading in a market with very bad sentiment. I didn't think the shares wold sink below 2, then 1, then 50p etc... prooved wrong every time. I think they will probably be nationalised in the next few months, so you would just be throwing your grand away. However if they survive then shares at 10p will look like a bargain in a few years time if they start to trade at 6quid each....

25th Jan 2009, 11:48
Never liked RBS since they turned me down for a loan!
Was that 6quid? or sick squid?

25th Jan 2009, 19:51
Got an email back telling me to foxtrot oscar.

Stupid fockers.