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24th Jan 2009, 16:36
I know ill probably get some stupid comments for this but was wondering if people film there lessons whilst doing the ppl, where do you mount the camera? is there anything you can buy to get the radio onto the video also? im wanting to keep a video diary/blog of my progress, cheers

24th Jan 2009, 17:45
May be worth posting on the Private Flying forum.

Certainly, the concept of recording RT has been covered, (a while ago), think someone suggested some sort of two way adapter. Otherwise, you could switch the overhead speaker on, but I suspect your vocalisations will be drowned out.

24th Jan 2009, 17:49
Perhaps deserves a mention that, in Australia at least, the telecommunications act forbids the recording of radio telecommunications without the correct authority. Not that anyone would prosecute for your purpose.

24th Jan 2009, 19:52
Hopefully not too stupid...

If you look on You Tube you'll find all kinds of in flight PPL videos, but to my mind, many of them exude a certain "poseur" quality that you may not wish to have associated with your flying efforts.

And of course on You Tube, you can also find all kinds of "gotcha" moments like the guys shooting the breeze on short final while the camera catches their wheels up landing. I can just imagine the insurance company falling about laughing at the claim for a new prop and engine from this tosser when that video showed up.

Notice too, how many of the You Tube videos are shot by passengers or via other hand held devices, because if you want to "physically attach" a camera to the aircraft, you may need some sort of technical certification or approvals for the installation.

As Checkboard points out, there could also be a number of legal issues with your flight school or instructor or their insurance company. After all, you might make a pigs ear of something and its hopefully just an embarrassment, but your instructor is still technically the aircraft commander and thus the one with his hat on explaining it all away when the CAA sees it on the Internet.

Don't forget the cameras not only recording your performance, but also your instructors teaching performance, and that makes every ride a check ride for them once you post the videos. For many that will be a non issue, but for some it might not be.

Good luck and I hope these comments provide some perspective.

PS - With my landings/ controlled crashes /arrivals I would never have dreamed of having a camera on board, so hats off to you!

24th Jan 2009, 20:11
It's not clear from your post whether you have had any lessons yet, but learning to fly is a serious business and not a joyride. You will find that before, during and after each lesson you will be fully occupied and engaged with the plane and the instructor. If you want to take time out to fit and control a camera I would question whether you are in the right frame of mind for learning, and I suspect that a good instructor would have nothing to do with such distractions.
Save it until you are qualified.

24th Jan 2009, 20:52
How about asking Brady where he's put the camera.....

Earning My Wings: a video blog about learning to fly (http://www.eaa.org/apps/blog/learntofly/Default.aspx)

And Brady most certainly is "in the right frame of mind", he's loving his flying and having a blast with all the training :ok:

24th Jan 2009, 21:01
As a holder of a German radio licence I am "...required to preserve the secrecy of telecommunications." It says so right there on the back of the licence!

I guess that means that if I made a video of a flight I wouldn't be able to have ATC transmissions on it and I think the British rule is about the same. (Lots of folks aren't aware of this rule but it exists!)

When it comes to learning to fly you are going to have enough to pay attention to without worrying about catching all those magic moments on a video for the folks back home or your mates at work. "Here's me using a barf bag for the very first time, 'Bleeaaargh!'" or "Here's my very first attempt at a landing, 'Pieeep! Kerrunch!'"

Anyway a lot of learning to fly, unless you are Charles Augustus Lindbergh the Second, simply consists of making mistakes and who needs a record of those?

Just relax and concentrate on the learning. Later, after you have the licence then get your passenger to tape a flight for you, perhaps.

Mind how you go, though: some nudniks thought it would be clever to document some of their line flying in far-off and exotic Nigeria in a Dash 8 and were pretty thoroughly flamed over that. Too, a lot of accidents are prefaced by the deadly phrase, "Hey! Watch this!"