View Full Version : Legal advice pls?

24th Jan 2009, 16:17
Anyone out there know what the score is about making a public website, and publishing on there some emails that were written to me, and tell the story of how I was conned by an ex? Can I be sued? Left devil says do it, right angel says move on! :=

24th Jan 2009, 16:41
As the publisher, you are liable if you libel someone. The laws for libel are different, depending on jurisdiction.

Generally, as I understand it, the burden of proof is on you, if you are challenged. In some jurisdictions, it is a complete defence if what you say can be proven to be true. In others, you must prove what you said is both true, AND that it was in the public interest to disclose it.

Loose rivets
24th Jan 2009, 16:50
My advice is move on.

The world is full of injustices and you're not going to beat the system. Mind you, if there was a chance that you could gain financially from such an exercise, there would be an argument for a fight. But, if it's all about revenge - justice - or even just the absence of fair play, forget it, an prepare yourself for the next brick-bat.

24th Jan 2009, 16:51
All I would be doing is naming him and telling my story, and publishing emails he has sent me, as a warning to others on the internet to keep away from the snake, and also where do I stand publishing photos I took of him? He lives in a backward country and does not have much money, unless he cons another woman soon, so unlikely to be able to fund a full slander case against me, also I am a citizen of another country and dont live in his country, although he is trying to scare me by saying he will involve interpol etc...lol.:mad: