View Full Version : "Why's our plane late?" "The dog ate it."

24th Jan 2009, 12:11
Escaped dog grounds jet after eating aircraft interior | The Courier-Mail (http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,24949619-952,00.html)

AN international Qantas jet was grounded after a dog in the cargo hold escaped from its cage and began snacking on parts of the aircraft's interior.
An aviation engineering source said: "The dog ripped out several wires which set off the cockpit warning and then it had a go at a number of electrical units in the rear of the plane.

"Under duress the animal obviously went nuts biting through anything that it came across.

"I do not know the breed but the dog had to be fairly big with a big bite to damage cargo hold panels that are as tough as billy goat boots - it is difficult to even cut through this material with a knife."

24th Jan 2009, 14:50

Scroll down to page 6 to see the outcome of a fight between a pitbull and an aircraft cargo hold.
I pity the poor lekkie who had to fix that lot.

DX Wombat
24th Jan 2009, 15:04
It wasn't Bryn, he was nowhere near the aircraft. He was too busy chomping his way through a seatbelt in my car. :*

24th Jan 2009, 15:09
It's obviously the work of terrierists.

24th Jan 2009, 15:12
The dog's side of it: "I was trapped in this little container. Felt really agitated. Couldn't find the button to press for FA attention. So got out and tried to raise attention the only way I knew how".

PS. I'm sure there were a couple of pudicats in the hold with me too. As well as what appeared to be elephant (or walrus) tusks - I think you call that ivory, but I can't be sure, they might have been the ribs of the aircraft superstructure itself for all I know. I've watched TV. Whatever, I don't believe that I'd have (over)-reacted in such an obnoxious way had it not been for the remnants of the multiple kilo haul of (I'm supposing) heroine or cocaine (or was it simply US dollar bills) during a previous International journey, that I'd consumed during my sniffing about after having found liberation that lead up to these events. I'm, like, really sorry and I'd be glad to testify. ("Woof = No. Woof-woof = yes, OK?!") BTW, someone should throw me a bone about now or else the next time, I'll take over the airplane and fly it straight into a very tall-building (ie. something higher than a lamp-post). When my wolfull and woe-begotten cries of "ouuuurrrroooough allahhhhhhaaaaahhuuuuaakkkkbbbbbarrr" are simply ignored, for what they really are...?!

Whoa, whoa. Is that bacon I smell? Gimme some, puhleese (I'm just a dog) after all...miserable Ozzies, let me out when we get to Dubai?! ;)

DX Wombat
24th Jan 2009, 15:21
Airship, - priceless. :D :D :D

24th Jan 2009, 15:39
Mate of mine is a truck driver, several years ago his company provided him with the latest Volvo, with all mod cons. Day 2 he parked up at his usual cafe for breakfast, about 45min later returned to find cab totally trashed (padding ripped out, components dangling by wires or on cab floor etc) by his Jack Russell "Spanner" who had always been OK in the old truck but apparently didn't like the smell of the new one. Several thousand to repair, mate lucky to keep job and given oldest clunker on the fleet.

Ken Wells
24th Jan 2009, 16:35
was it an AIRDALE?:confused:

Loose rivets
24th Jan 2009, 16:58
Obviously deceased Buddhist aircraft mechanic, who'd come back as a dog and knew what wires to short out to set off cockpit warnings.

24th Jan 2009, 21:09
was it an AIRDALE?:confused:
Nah - I think they'd like flying, just like the Sky(e) Terrier does. I suspect the Dingo did it.