View Full Version : Mattews & Donovan

23rd Jan 2009, 17:18
These 2 dirtbags have been sentenced to 8 years in the slammer.

With any luck they'll get singled out for "special treatment".

23rd Jan 2009, 20:20
Read the small print. They will only serve 3 years.

Lon More
23rd Jan 2009, 20:21
who dey?

he asked politely in order to get the number of whotsits above the minimum allowed to post

23rd Jan 2009, 20:22
Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan. Shannon Matthews Mother and Kidnapper.

23rd Jan 2009, 20:51
People like them make me think there should be a verdict of 'Surplus to requirements' available.

Lon More
23rd Jan 2009, 21:31
Ahh. How quickly we forget

Don't know if it made the British news. Two toddlers and a nursery worker stabbed to death in Dendermonde Belgium. A number more stabbed but not life threatening injuries, The 20 year old who did it, now in custody, seems to have been made up as a clown. Not showing any remorse, cracking jokes to the investigators.

Seems like a good old fashioned falling down the cell steps is called for.

23rd Jan 2009, 23:46
May we now expect a knife ban from the Belgian authorities?

24th Jan 2009, 11:18
It did Lon. Sick, sick, sick.

24th Jan 2009, 11:29
I hope that they have to serve it under the bed.


24th Jan 2009, 14:17
"Read the small print. They will only serve 3 years."

Yes, I know. It's par for the course here. The lags get a 50% reduction just for starters.