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23rd Jan 2009, 10:49
http://www.independent.ie/national-n...s-1608266.html (http://www.independent.ie/national-news/reprimand--for-wannabe-miss-ireland-who-lied-to-army-bosses-1608266.html)

23rd Jan 2009, 11:17
Where do I join? :ooh:

23rd Jan 2009, 12:55
Go and join - she's not a patch on Michelle Goodman - who doesn't shy away from her duty.

23rd Jan 2009, 23:01
Totally agree. From the report she should have been run out of the force at the earliest opportunity. Integrity? I don't think so. And, in pic 2 of the More Photos she looks like a bag of s***e in uniform. (Check out the Sam Browne).

23rd Jan 2009, 23:52
What exactly does one have to do to get kicked out of the IDF?
The article does them no justice whatsoever.
In fact it makes them look like a laughing stock.

24th Jan 2009, 00:01
Oh come on - what exactly do the IDF do, apart from go on holiday( sorry UN peacekeeping - but only if it's somewhere sunny and they can try to compete with the Italians for looking the part but doing nothing) and escort high value cash deliveries to banks at Xmas time?
Mind you the way this country is going it won't be long before their airforce has more serviceable aircraft than ours!

24th Jan 2009, 10:48
The IDF? The old one about a Hoover and the Swiss Navy springs to mind...

24th Jan 2009, 15:53
About 50 court martials take place each year

Are they the same as the UK's Courts martial....????? Only the Oirish

24th Jan 2009, 16:31
Oh to be perfect, tell us about it chaps, step forward the VCs.

eurocopter beans
24th Jan 2009, 17:11
'Only the Oirish'

Want to elaborate?

Liffy 1M
25th Jan 2009, 12:06
Regarding the IDF - you do have to wonder what they're defending against. I think the neighbours lost interest in the early twenties.

Surely if you apply this test to most countries' armed forces you would have to conclude that they are not needed? None of the UK's neighbours have hostile intent either, as far as I am aware.

25th Jan 2009, 15:22
eurocopter beans & Liffy 1M,

Too much logic there for the majority of posters contributing up to now.


A and C
25th Jan 2009, 15:53
All very well for people this side of the irish sea to snigger but the IDF has a reputation for robust peace keeping. A lot of it very low key due to the high profile players who have been put back in the box.

eurocopter beans
25th Jan 2009, 16:40
There was a reasoned and fair thread on this site recently about irish neutrality during WW2. There were good points made on both sides and no resorting to paddy-whackery and middle england, daily mail style irish bashing. It was good to see, cut to a month later and cue 'oirish' comments and associated remarks. Why cant we all just get along;)

Desert Diner
26th Jan 2009, 13:27
when it could, for example, have free healthcare for all?

It does!

Free healthcare of sorts. And even that for how long?

26th Jan 2009, 14:23
We don't. A Doctor's visit costs about 55 unless you have a medical card. Then there's prescription charges. A visit to casualty will net you another bill. Then there's dentists. A lot of hospital treatment is free nevertheless most working people have health insurance. It's a shambolic system in need of reform.

But back to the point of the story. First off that photo of her in uniform has been messed with. That Sam Browne belt has been badly photoshopped. It looks like they got a faded original photo somewhere. The real uniform is green not some sort of khaki.

It's a surprising story in many ways as in fact it's quite difficult to become an Officer in the army, somewhat akin to getting into Westpoint. So the standards are high and competition is fierce. In fact many Irish people desiring a military career as an Officer find it a lot easier to get into Sandhurst. Make of that what you will!

She's killed her career that's for sure. They won't forget this issue in a hurry.

As for the comments on the usefulness of the Irish Army, well that's arguable. But it has it's role, many would argue it deserves a greater role but this isn't allowed by the government. That's not the army's fault. As for the Air Corps that's a different story. Most of it's work could easily be done by civilians more cheaply. There is no air defence capability. The helicopters are simply civvie types painted green and are not deployable away from their base let alone overseas. That Corps is ripe for money saving.

Liffy 1M
26th Jan 2009, 23:21
If it's logic you're after, why does a small nation that has neutrality enshrined in its constitution and an economy that has historically lacked strength and diversity, feel the need to spend taxpayers' money on expensive military hardware when it could, for example, have free healthcare for all?

To be strictly accurate, neutrality is not enshrined in the Irish Constitution at all. It was a pragmatic decision taken by the de Valera government in 1939/40 and has since attained the status of a "sacred cow" which no political party dare seriously challenge. Since the end of the Cold War it is something of an academic issue anyway; nonetheless there is no question, I'd have thought, of anyone in Ireland suggesting seriously that the country should align itself with a military bloc such as NATO.

Desert Diner
27th Jan 2009, 02:42
Also keep in mind that the population of Ireland is about the same as that of Manchester. Yet the Dail try to run government about the size of the UKs

The Irish army is relatively large on a per capita basis.

For its size, the Irish army has made big commitment to UN missions over the years.