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23rd Jan 2009, 10:47

Sounds to me like there's a gate agent who's perhaps overstepping his level of authority --- or --- a flight attendant who missed her assignment and is looking to place the blame on someone besides herself.

Just when you thought there were enough lawyers to go around, it's litigation such as this that keeps the law schools busy churning out more and more attorneys . . .

ONTPax :ugh:


Hot or not? JetBlue decides for flight attendant
by Tom Johansmeyer Jan 20th 2009 @ 6:00PM

JetBlue may not comment on litigation, as it told USA Today, but clearly flight attendant attire is fair game. The airline is being sued by Karin Keegan. In what appears to be the friendly skies' version of "put out or get out," Keegan was not allowed to board a JetBlue flight because she wasn't dressed provocatively enough. After ditching her threads for something she felt would be more consistent with JetBlue's unusual "standards," Keegan was told that she had missed her flight ... and that she should have dressed the part of a sexy flight attendant from the start.

Keegan was flying JetBlue because of an agreement the airline has with her employer (Delta), under which Delta employees are ferried among locations. The altercation occurred in October 2007. The flight attendant complained to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, which gave her a "right to sue" letter late last year. Though not an employee of JetBlue, the law gives her the right "sue over workplace harassment even when they are not directly employed by the alleged harasser," according to reporting by USA Today.

JetBlue's recent spanking in Connecticut small claims court is nothing compared to this debacle, which is headed for federal court. If the airline is looking for some form of precedent to cite, it may want to consider France's advances in attire and accommodation.

Maybe a scantily clad workforce is JetBlue's way of making a nine-hour stint on the runway more bearable for passengers, but c'mon guys, there has to be a better way.

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Pa. flight attendant sues airlines over sexy dress
By Joe Mandak, Associated Press Writer

PITTSBURGH A flight attendant is suing JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines, saying a male employee denied her a work-related flight because she wasn't dressed provocatively enough.
The flight attendant, 37-year-old Karin Keegan of Pittsburgh, works for Delta. The airline has an agreement for JetBlue to ferry Delta flight attendants to job assignments on a standby basis.

Keegan's lawsuit said a male JetBlue worker wouldn't let her on a flight in October 2007 because she wasn't dressed provocatively enough, then allowed other flight attendants with less seniority to board the plane.

"Keegan changed into more provocative clothes, but (the employee) told her she was too late to board the plane and should have dressed like that before," said the lawsuit, which was filed Friday in Pittsburgh federal court.

"He wanted her to change to a lower-cut shirt and tighter pants, and wear more makeup before letting her on the plane," Keegan's attorney, Samuel Cordes, said Monday. Delta and JetBlue officials refused to intercede when she complained, the lawsuit said.

Cordes said Keegan is losing income, though he wouldn't specify how much, because she has stopped taking JetBlue flights to job assignments so she can avoid harassment by the male employee.

Media relations officials at Atlanta-based Delta did not answer the phone Monday. Bryan Baldwin, a spokesman for JetBlue of Forest Hills, N.Y., said the airline doesn't comment on litigation.

Keegan sued after complaining to the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. The agency gave Keegan right-to-sue letters late last year.

Cordes said JetBlue told the commission it is not liable because Keegan is not an employee. But federal law enables employees to sue over workplace harassment even when they are not directly employed by the alleged harasser, Cordes said.

Similar suits are often filed by nurses against doctors when harassment occurs in a hospital, he said. Courts have found nurses can sue doctors for workplace harassment, even though the nurses are employed by the hospital, Cordes said.

Pa. flight attendant sues airlines over sexy dress - USATODAY.com (http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/2009-01-19-flight-attendant-sexy-dress_N.htm)