View Full Version : Ppruning. Number of words, came as a bit of a shock.

Loose rivets
22nd Jan 2009, 03:30
Just done a word count on me posts. Rather more than 11,000. I know why I Pprune, heavy stuff this escapism, but that's what it is. Pub replacement, yes, but that's just the same thing but with low beams and a log fire.

That 11,000 words by the way, is from the beginning of the year.

It doesn't stretch the imagination to suppose I'll pass the ten year mark. Ten years of escaping. Mmmm...decent into old age with a drip feed of cyber-comfort. Never thought that would happen.

I've 2000 posts to look at, and given that I've posted over 4,000 times, there must be quite a lot that's gone into the flip-top filing cabinet. One will never know the word count on what's gone down the pan.

The pub has a major difference. When someone else is telling a tale or two, I'm content to listen. It's nice to laugh with the gang. Here, the replies flow in 24/7, and they're there, ready waiting, when the huge body-magnet pulls me to the screen. Boiling in the attic today. Cool drink and 'Just check me e-mails.' Yeh, right. Bloody Viagra...more Viagra, Valium and even more Viagra. Oh, one from the Rivetess, but she's only in the other room. Silly girl, probably thinks I'm lonely.

Anyone else quantified their Ppruning, and analyzed their motives?

Buster Hyman
22nd Jan 2009, 03:33
I'll let my therapist answer that question...

22nd Jan 2009, 04:14
Anyone else quantified their Ppruning, and analyzed their motives?

Did too much of that stuff at work. Now can just coast and not worry about reasons or analysis..

Howard Hughes
22nd Jan 2009, 04:20
Count one's words? How? Surely not manually?:ooh:

Anyway that settles it, I ain't never retiring...;)

Buster Hyman
22nd Jan 2009, 04:27
There you go...

Howard Hughes
22nd Jan 2009, 04:37
I see even more reason now for keeping ones replies short...:ok: