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21st Jan 2009, 16:58
'To award 10% bonus to its staff'

According to the BBC

BBC NEWS | Politics | Rock staff bonus 'indefensible' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7843124.stm)


tony draper
21st Jan 2009, 17:03
According to the news it will be about two grand for the spear carriers,what those on the top floor are getting is being kept secret.

21st Jan 2009, 17:08
On this shore the drill is: "It's bad, but it 'could have been worse', and since we were present when it 'wasn't worse' we are entitled to pie for being present, if not actual applause."

Most of the Sheeple are buyin' it, Sir......

May I be "Commenter on Notions" to the Leader??


Vankem Spankfaart
21st Jan 2009, 17:15
And don't forget that despite all this hububb (how spell?) about bonuses how can any public servant get 80,000 - 90,000 per month?????

Oh, that'll be the Northern Rock chairman then....

New chairman says Northern Rock to remain open for business - MarketWatch (http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/new-chairman-says-northern-rock/story.aspx?guid={5FA3D082-7876-462D-A56C-F399ADA6D439})


21st Jan 2009, 17:28
Hope they do stay in business. Son has a Mega mortgage
with them!

21st Jan 2009, 17:30
Stormin - I have a mortgage with them - that's not the point.

They have not been lending to existing customers, i.e. they have turned them away once their mortgage has finished...

I find it very galling especially when just 2 days ago, NR were instructed that they must start lending again. i.e. they are not fulfilling the function they should be, despite getting public money.