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21st Jan 2009, 05:12
Play With Spider - Flash 3D - OneMotion.com (http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider/)

Loose rivets
21st Jan 2009, 05:43
That is incredible!

One sensed more arachnophobia when the legs were skinny. I wonder why. Must be deeply programmed in us for survival.

21st Jan 2009, 07:46
Er .... some blokes are scared of spiders as well y'know :} And some women are not scared of spiders :confused:

Thanks Loose for the clue; I'm not opening it - I'll get me Mum to vet the link for me - she likes 'em :ok:




21st Jan 2009, 08:44
where's the function for removing its legs one at a time ?

Howard Hughes
21st Jan 2009, 08:49
I'll get Mrs Hughes, she'll take care of it!;)

23rd Jan 2009, 01:51
Good game. I love spiders!:ok:

Loose rivets
23rd Jan 2009, 04:26
Hee hee...If you don't like spiddys, don't read - or re read this old post of mine.

EDIT And definitely do not page down to the picture:ooh:


23rd Jan 2009, 20:30
is there a guy out there as cute as that spider? .. xxxx

23rd Jan 2009, 21:05
is there a guy out there as cute as that spider? .. xxxx

Shouldn't think so :sad:

24th Jan 2009, 05:41
Moving to Oz has nearly cured my arachnophobia, I can usually summon up the courage to remove a spider from the living room wall whilst my husband and kids cower in the background, whereas a long time ago in England I used to be incapable of going near housespiders.

The first time I encountered a huntsman in Sydney it was above my kitchen door, so I ran around outside the house, opened the door carefully, fetched the broom and went back into the kitchen to knock it off the wall and brush it out of the door at arms length (I thought). On nudging it with the broom it decided to climb nonchalently onto it and begin advancing towards the handle. In my panic I shook the broom violently and it fell off onto the back doormat. The distinctly audible 'whump' it made as it hit the mat (somewhat akin to what I would expect to hear on dropping a full-grown mouse from the same height) is etched forever on my memory....:\

And now, just this afternoon, I have discovered the laundry (inside, next to the kitchen) has suddenly been overrun with miniature versions about 1cm across and able to move surprisingly fast.

I do try to be benevolent to house invaders and simply remove them to the garden if I can but, in this case,

Help, where's the Mortein............:eek:

24th Jan 2009, 10:41
You've just reminded me of why I decided not to live in OZ. And Huntsmen are the least of your problems esp. in SYD!!
Easy. Just get out of the house and go for a walk in the bush. Oh! I forgot about the Brown or Tiger snakes that wait for you around the corner. Or the deadly toads!!
No, Don't do that. Go down to the beach but just be careful of those sandflies. Best to stay in the Ocean if you want to avoid them. Oh! I forgot about the box jellyfish that can disable and kill a man within minutes, or the deadly lion fish or stonefish or the SHARKS!
No best to stay in the house, lock all the doors and windows, put the a/c on full so you don't de-hydrate to death in that heat and play "hunt the 4" cockroach!" :O

24th Jan 2009, 12:31
A couple of years ago I was with my father in New South Wales.

We'd had a convivial and bibulous evening, and retired to the veranda. He had a large wooden table, which he'd protected with a tarpaulin. I lifted it, whereupon I found that it was infested with redback spiders, one of whom saw fit to bite me thrice.

I applied a compression bandage and invoked the great God of Mortein on the colony of redbacks. Woe was upon their houses.

The next morning, my hand was very swollen. My father said: "I know what you're thinking"
"And what's that?" I replied.
"You wish he'd stung your knob".

He was right. I miss my father.

(I was stung on the knob by a bee once, but there was no swelling. I was on my motorcycle, and the blighter went straight into the crotch of my jeans. With considerable urgency, I drove to the nearest pharmacy and had to describe the nature of my injury to the staff, who were female and in their late fifties. They allowed me to use their anteroom to apply the antihistamines to the affected parts. It was exquisitely painful.)

24th Jan 2009, 13:59
My mother in law, in Sydney, had a free calender on her fridge helpfully provided by the local real estate agent. Normally these calenders have a string of local business advertisements around the edge in boxes, however, this one had "Sydney's 10 most deadly spiders" as an identification chart in case of spider bite! Had to laugh about that.

24th Jan 2009, 14:06

It's not a calendar. In the UK the real estate agents hand out calendars, in Sydney, they hand out spider identification charts.

Mum's got a few of those including a pet huntsman. :ok:

24th Jan 2009, 17:09
Thanks Reddo, you have brought back the nightmares. I still have a male atrax robustus entombed in perspex as a paperweight, from when I was doing analysis for Merlin's team.

This is why many people find this anecdote apocryphal. It sound too much like the joke which ends thus:
"What can you give me for this?"
"I spoke with my sister and we can give you $500"

I can only imagine what they must have thought seeing a relatively big man with very long hair, wearing a leather jacket and boots come bursting in crushing his fist into his crotch and moaning a bit.