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20th Jan 2009, 20:22
And with the immortal words " step aboard a Boeing going high" we welcome back Air Scotia on BBC 4 Tuesdays at 9.00, got to be one of the funniest Scottish based airline comedy series ever.

20th Jan 2009, 20:35
And the other Scottish based airline comedy series are...?:confused:

20th Jan 2009, 20:39
Whoops, sorry, a bit of comedy irony that obviously missed the mark ha!:)

Richard Taylor
20th Jan 2009, 21:06
How about Air Scotland & Flyglobespan for starters...:}:E

(joking, honest!! :eek:)

21st Jan 2009, 11:15
Brilliant piece of writing, has to be one of the funniest things I've every seen on TV. Got the DVD last year, all six episodes plus the original pilot show. Episode five 'Dug' or Roster Manager is a classic with the Eurovision Song entry attempt 'Pif Paf Pof', priceless:D
One of Allan Cummings earliest and funniest appearances on the wee screen. I believe he 'gathered material and inspiration' for the series from his experiences travelling by air between Glasgow and London during his early TV career.
I was lucky enough to read the script for the original pilot show before it was filmed I laughed so hard I ended up in pain:) When I eventually saw it on the TV I wasn't dissapointed, brilliant:ok:

Deary, deary me!

21st Jan 2009, 19:48
Blade Pilot

Yes, I don't know why it struck a chord with me straight away, but as soon as I caught the line in the title sequence "step aboard a Boeing going high" I knew it had me hook line and sinkered. I don't have any experience of life as cabin crew ( just SLF with 10 hours towards my PPL) and I wonder what CC make of it all?. Good fun though, and as for Captain Duff perleeze, I just hope there is sombody out there who knows a Captain like him.

B Fraser
21st Jan 2009, 21:49
I was at school with Forbes Masson (the ginger one). A genuinely nice guy. He had to change his surname from Robertson as there was already someone of that name in Equity.

Shona McSpirtle (Hitler in tights) is a stoater..... oh dearie me !

22nd Jan 2009, 00:27
Second only to Southwest

Straps over your laps, give your buddy a huggy, we're cleared for take off and this Boeing is going! FLL January last year!

On landing - to the sound of a galloping horse coming back to a canter - Whoa big boy ..... Whoa!!!

I was told its a Rock n' Roll airline - and it was!

22nd Jan 2009, 17:18
Way back then I knew a lot of BA crew who came into contact with Alan on an almost daily basis as he travelled between Glasgow and London they were addicted to the series and often boasted that they'd given him some ideas for the show.
I was lucky enough to meet Alan once at a TV awards function and took the opportunity to congratulate him on the success of The High Life, he replied that those involved were amazed at how popular it had become said it was was of the most enjoyable series he'd worked on.

I dug out the DVD last night and watched a couple of episodes, deary me I laughed so loud the neighbours could hear me:)

Capt Duff is a Hero:D

22nd Jan 2009, 17:37
Will have to watch it again, it's pure dead brilliant. :ok:

22nd Jan 2009, 18:17
The deranged pilot, Captain Duff, played by Patrick Ryecart, would need to be frequently reminded who he was, where the cockpit was and where he was flying to.

:uhoh: This they call "deranged?"

23rd Jan 2009, 22:02
This does remind me of when I was in Highland Express. Are there any others out there that joined them.????????

Lon More
24th Jan 2009, 01:01

andFWIW Scotland the What? used to relate the fortunes of Air Buckie

Lon More
24th Jan 2009, 14:58
Just remembered I have it on CD, more than 10 minutes long.

Colin Campbell also did Balinaheuchter Air Traffic Control, "Those are not penguins on the runway, they are Free Church Ministers"