View Full Version : New Series of 24-anyone else going nuts with it's inacuracies?!

20th Jan 2009, 15:10
OH MY GOD!!! only seen the first two hours...but my god! Did the priducers maybe not think to hire either a pilot or ATCO to maybe give them a hint about what actually hapens? I mean i know there has to be a certain amount of poetic licence...but this is ridiculous!

Obviously caution as will have spoilers.....

Area controllers landing planes?:}

'pull up!' :\

Is anyone else share my geeky anger??? :D

20th Jan 2009, 15:20
No, but have you ever thought of using this? (http://www.iespell.com/)


20th Jan 2009, 15:21
im two agnry to spill corertcly!!

20th Jan 2009, 15:35
Well calm your self down and try to get out a bit more as I suspect that will help :ok:

20th Jan 2009, 15:43
Yes! This also incensed me! Pull up Pull up safety alert, ha, tosh! Surely Jack Bauer is a valid ACC/TWR/APC controller as well as ATPL holder so I find it strange he wasn't consulted.

The Real Slim Shady
20th Jan 2009, 15:44
Area controllers landing planes?


A plane removes slivers of wood from a larger piece of wood!!

20th Jan 2009, 15:46
For the record i dont need to get out more...i have all my friends i ever need on the internet *re-adjusts specs on nose*, i just thought id share my opinions, which everyone has the right to hear :8

Kirby...well said.

Also...when going around...do all pilots pull the throttle back to idle??

And no pilot would query the 'descend to 1500'....:*

20th Jan 2009, 15:47
I'm sure Area Controllers could land an aircraft as well as
anyone else, given the proper training.
That was a very hurtful assumption to make.

20th Jan 2009, 15:50
thats very true....my heartfelt apologies!

he didnt even give a surface wind check...shocking! I was once told that passing wind was the most important job of a controller!

20th Jan 2009, 15:52
Cockpit was the size of a house as well. And thank god my radar screen never "goes out of sync". I think its time for me to find something more important to worry about...

20th Jan 2009, 16:04
FFFffffaaaaaarrrrrrrrt ! Ah, that's better.

20th Jan 2009, 16:42
The best thing that has happened to me today is that I don't have a clue as to what this is about.


20th Jan 2009, 16:53

A plane removes slivers of wood from a larger piece of wood!!

Nonsense! A plane is any form of flat surface.

It is applied to an aircraft wing because of its flat surface, and by extension to the whole vehicle.

It is also applied to various tools employed to make a flat surface on any material. Your example is just one variety of such a tool.

Edit for MadsDad:
Yes, sometimes it can be spelled 'plain'

20th Jan 2009, 17:53
Er you lot, what the **** are you on about, numpties:E

20th Jan 2009, 19:51
A plane is any form of flat surface

Not in the Mid-West or in Spain it isn't. A flat surface in the Mid-West is a Plain. The Spanish equivalent is both flat and soggy.

(Incidentally had the controller in question merely picked a bad day to give up smoking/drinking/sniffing glue/heroin so was feeling a little out of sorts?)

Beatriz Fontana
20th Jan 2009, 20:39
Oh FFS, it's an entertainment programme, a piece of fiction, made up, not real. If 24 was a documentary, then complain away. But it's not.

Have another beer and chill, or stop watching the ruddy thing.

20th Jan 2009, 21:44
I posted a thread during the show, pointing out the same rubish scenes, e.g. 757 outside, twin aisle inside. Power levers advanced at top of descent and so on but it was deleted by a Mod.
Preumably he she or it thought it unsuitable for JB!

20th Jan 2009, 23:36
I posted a thread during the show, pointing out the same rubish scenes, e.g. 757 outside, twin aisle inside. Power levers advanced at top of descent and so on but it was deleted by a Mod.
Preumably he she or it thought it unsuitable for JB!

Clearly you are ust not as COOOOOOOOL as me....clearly.

Beatriz...another beer sounds good idea :ok:

21st Jan 2009, 07:55
Did you manage to venture out at all yesterday, I guarantee it will help :ok:

21st Jan 2009, 09:39
Outside?? Pish!

no, i spent my evening on World of Warcraft where i woo'd a woman by slaying my enemy. I rock.

Beatriz Fontana
21st Jan 2009, 10:02
Are you sure it was a woman? :}

Never can tell on this Internet thingy...

21st Jan 2009, 10:17
are you flirting with me?

Beatriz Fontana
21st Jan 2009, 13:00
There are far more experienced flirting fillies on this site :}

I am a mere novice. And anyway, you ducked the question... How did you know she was female...? ;)

21st Jan 2009, 20:39
Wouldn't the TCAS have warned the pilot of the other aircraft landing on 4R ?

And they pushed the throttles forward when commencing the descent :rolleyes:

And how come the US government and FBI are always full of spies for the baddies :eek:, don't they vet their staff :ugh::ugh:

21st Jan 2009, 22:13
I used to love 24 and we'd wait until it came out on DVD and have marathon TV watching. The set up of the series was clever. But I got to the point where I couldn't stand listening to Jack Bauer's whispering voice ALL THE TIME and the plots more ridiculous. We bailed.

Paradise Lost
21st Jan 2009, 22:43
Quote:"......voice ALL THE TIME and the plots more ridiculous. We bailed."

CofF, was that a typo meant to say "....and the pilots more ridiculous."?

21st Jan 2009, 22:45
No, but it that applies as well! :ok:

22nd Jan 2009, 08:44
I thought that...but i think that TCAS RA's are ignored below a certain height (cant remember which), s it may not have been an unusual thing for TCAS to pick another a/c up fairly close on landing....not sure.

City of flight: comletely agree, he whispers far too much...and its always the same plot:

Jack in trouble...but he is so magmanimous and confident he is right he is willing to take any punishment before saved by another agency needing him...what a hero.

New team invariably have a leak...

The person you think is the enemy in the first episode is, actually the good guy, but hes working for the good guys of another agency...but if you knew that it would sabotage the whole mission, so even jack had to be duped....

Jack' former lover/wife or family member will be targated...

Aforementioned bad guy who really turned out to be the good guy will ctually then turn out to be the bad guy again....where the character who has been annoying and hates jack coz he 'doesnt play by the book' and seems to scupper jacks plans by being too self-righteous...actually ends up saving the day (see new sarcastic guy who looks like sylar from heroes).

Jack has to go 'under the radar' and do things which make the white house/CTU thinnk he has gone bad...but really hes just taking things into his own hands because he is the only one who knows how and to involve anyone else would jeapordise the mission...

Ancient Mariner
22nd Jan 2009, 08:48
TV? 24? I'm Lost.