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19th Jan 2009, 09:57
Who is The Stig? Top Gear's The Stig identified - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/4285245/Who-is-The-Stig-Top-Gears-The-Stig-identified.html)

If you don't want to know, don't follow the link at the bottom of the page.

19th Jan 2009, 10:32
WTH is *** ******* from ****** then, and what makes him such a star?

19th Jan 2009, 11:35
The m************* of the m******

19th Jan 2009, 13:02
i have to say that if it's all true he is an amazingly talented and skilled driver, except for when he span off in the koenigsegg and into the tyre wall.

YouTube - crash koenigsegg ccx (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=q2xROVQhYrE)

I believe if my memory serves me right he put down a quicker time than Lewis Hamilton on the formula 1 lap time.

19th Jan 2009, 13:16
hes talented indeed.. the keoniggsegg crash was because the aft tires .. or may i say rear tires have little grip ... thats why they asked koeniggsegg to install a spoiler..

and after that ... he came up with one of the fastest laps on TopGear.. well yeah it helps if your using a supercar .. hahah :}

19th Jan 2009, 13:53
I thought it was common knowledge that The Stig is Ben Collins......a pro rally driver I think.

19th Jan 2009, 16:15
That's a prat thing to do. Some people may not want to know.

Desert Diner
19th Jan 2009, 16:26
How about if you really don't care to know?

19th Jan 2009, 16:27
I agree, no interest whatsoever. Wonder who will replace the recently unveiled.

19th Jan 2009, 16:35
Ben who........?

19th Jan 2009, 16:39
Ben Dover???????????????

mr fish
19th Jan 2009, 16:54
which NASCAR events then???
please not the rockingham series:yuk:

Jelly Baby Freak
19th Jan 2009, 17:05
It appears that the name the Stig was from Clarkson's days at Repton school, where students where known as 'stig'.
Has anyone thought to point out to him that Stig, is Gits spelled backwards?
Probably answers a few questions about him then? :hmm:

Flap 5
19th Jan 2009, 17:34
This has already been put forward on pprune:


Posts number 22 and 23.

The Telegraph article is not proof as anyone can go into a shop and say they are the stig. In fact there are many T-shirts with 'I am the Stig' on them.

However there was a TV programme recently, I am not quite sure what it was called, but it showed someone being shown how to drive a high powered car around Dunsfold. The instructor was Ben Collins. Clearly he knew the track very well.

Dr Jekyll
19th Jan 2009, 18:09
Apparently at the Top Gear stage show (MPH) Clarkson introduced the Stig with 'all we know is, he's called Collins.'
Anyway, the whole point of the Stig is that it doesn't always have to be the same person.

19th Jan 2009, 20:38
When I first saw a show featuring The Stig, I honestly thought it was a reference to Stig Blomqvist, the 1984 World Rally Champion, in his fire-breathing Audi Quattro (video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se3iKUeU9e0)).

Beatriz Fontana
19th Jan 2009, 22:11
So who is American Stig, then?

tony draper
19th Jan 2009, 22:27
Sound a bit like Blue Mask a famous wrestler up here,he always said if he was ever beaten he would remove his mask and reveal his true identity,of course he was never beaten,the biggest mystery was how come some Saturdays he was 6'3" next week he would be 5'8* ans the next?,well you get the picture, nowt new under the sun is there?

19th Jan 2009, 22:33
We never comment on speculation as to who or what The Stig is

That would be because not enough people really care that much, as long as he's a better driver than Clarkson, Mays and Hammond.

Hmmm, perhaps I'm the Stig and just hadn't noticed?

(OK, maybe Blue Monday got to me more than I first thought)

Beatriz Fontana
19th Jan 2009, 22:42
It's OK Stockpicker, it's purple Tuesday tomorrow.

(Not quite as blue as Monday, but it's still not bright yellow Friday)

19th Jan 2009, 22:54
Set me thinking, though, Beatriz - I would quite happily go up against the presenters as a group of gender-challenged opponents on the TG track, as long as I was allowed a few goes around to make up for the number of times they've done it first. The odd bit of input from the incumbent Stig would be gratefully taken as well. Any other girlies want to come too? Obviously everybody has to do the circuit on the same day in the same conditions and the same car (or equivalent once Clarkson's managed to trash a few because they didn't have the right aircon or whatever :rolleyes: ).

20th Jan 2009, 08:30
Will they fire him off an aircraft carrier now, then? Can we all watch?

20th Jan 2009, 08:51
Who is this Ben bloke? I am the Stig. I fly over every couple of weeks and tape four shows. I live out west merely to hideout.

20th Jan 2009, 09:11
The Stig's build and height vary quite considerably. Either he is addicted to pies or he is a them?

20th Jan 2009, 10:52
I'm there Stockie, let's get onto the BBC and arrange it. I reckon Whirls would be interested too. :ok:

Buster Hyman
20th Jan 2009, 11:07
Bit big for a Rally driver...


20th Jan 2009, 11:33
Why would anyone care who the Stig is outside the ragged comet trail of middle-aged, Brit male groupies the show seems to drag around? Hate to break this to you guys, but the whole "Unmasked!" thing went out at least a quarter century ago when some out-of-touch record company exec was trying to breathe a bit of life into KISS's struggling corpse, and it wasn't a successful gambit. Beavis and Butthead wouldnt' even take that bait and they...if they were real, of course... are about as target-audience pubescent as it gets.

These Top Gear-related threads always give me the heebie-jeebies...there is WAY too much palpitating manlove floating around on a creepy, hero-worship undercurrent for my taste. Even the title of this thread contains it.

See ya!

compressor stall
20th Jan 2009, 16:21
His identity was revealed into the official report into the Hammond jetpowered car crash. Old news.

jez d
20th Jan 2009, 16:42
I am the Stig. I fly over every couple of weeks and tape four shows.

No you're not, I am. And so's my wife.